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Scarlett Becomes Moon Dragon

It was a warm June day in LA. Scarlett Johansson had just received a unique offer for a role. She was meeting Jennifer Lawrence for lunch. It was the first person she’d be seeing so she decided to break the news to her. Both women were dressed casually – jeans, sweatshirts, and Scarlett was wearing sunglasses. The two women hugged upon seeing each other.

“So how have you been, Scarlett?” Jen asked.

“Well, I just a very weird offer from Marvel.”

“Let me guess – They already have you slated to play Black Widow as an old lady.” Jennifer Lawrence joked.

“They must really like me in that part because they want me for someone else.” Scarlett was dancing around the issue because she didn’t really want to admit it.

“Oh really, who? Is there anyone even left to play?”

Scarlett decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag: “They want me to play Moondragon.”

“That would be cool,” Jennifer replied, not knowing a whole lot about the character. “So who’s Moondragon?”

Scarlett smirked, but not in a good way. “Oh, what are the important details, she’s psychic… she’s bi.”

“So, this part calls or kissing some girls, huh?”

“That I can handle. It’s the other part I’m worried about.” Scarlett kept Jen in suspense for a few seconds. “Moondragon is bald – and they want me to shave my head.”

Ms. Lawrence took a moment to process that. She knew how important hair was – and to a woman, a woman recognized across the world like Scarlett Johansson – trading in her trademark locks, possibly not being considered less beautiful. But Jennifer also had to be honest: “I think you could pull it off.”

Scarlett almost spit up her drink. “Excuse me!”

“Don’t kid yourself, you’re a very good-looking woman. You got those big doughy eyes, those pillowy lips.”

Scarlett blushed with the kind of smile Jennifer was talking about. “You’re sweet.”

“Think about all the other women who took a trip to the barbers for a part. Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Karen Gillan – they all got buzzed and they still looked sooo good – and you’re hotter than any of them.”

Scarlett smiled at this – flattered by her pretty friend’s compliments. An idea crossed her mind. “You know what – Maybe it could work.” Scarlett completely locked eyes with her friend as she started running a finger across Jen’s arm. “I’ll do it if you do it.”

Jennifer laughed at this. “You want me to do it.” Jennifer was trying to be supportive of her friend, but didn’t want to go under the clippers. “I’m not even needed for a part!”

“Oh, you can get a wig. Besides, you’re sexy. You have pretty eyes. You have sexy lips. Remember all those sexy women you were talking about? Wouldn’t you love to show how sexy you are without those locks?”

Now JLaw was the one blushing. She was starting to regret being so supportive. After all, what would happen if she didn’t? Scarlett just wouldn’t take this part, and both of them would continue their lives with long luscious locks – or Scarlett would talk some other actress into taking a trip to the barbers. Scarlett could be pretty persuasive that way. And that was problem. After only talking about it briefly, Jennifer was kind of interested in the idea. She had already experimented with different hair – going between blonde and brunette, lopping off her locks once to rock a pixie. Maybe bald would suit her.

Jen smiled at Scarlett – “Alright, I’ll do it! I think it could be fun. Besides, I’d LOVE to see you with a shaved head!” Jennifer’s eyes widened as she said that last part with a bit devilishness.

“You said it yourself – I can pull it off,” Scarlett replied with a wry smile.

“So do you know of any hair salons that will shave us smooth?” Jennifer asked.

“Noooo,” Scarlett said slyly. “I was thinking of taking you back to my place. We go in like this, we come out bald.”

Jennifer had a feeling that Scarlett meant a little more than the haircuts. That whole tension was already building up between them. But the idea was also becoming increasingly tantalizing to Jen. “Alright, let’s do it.”

Scarlett stood up and offered her hand out to Jen. “My lady?”

Jennifer knew it was getting a little more serious but still thought it was a sweet gesture. Jennifer took her friend’s hand and walked away. The two held hands all the way on the walk. Jennifer liked it but wondered if there was some deeper meaning to it. Then again, it hadn’t escaped her that maybe Scarlett was trying to prevent her from escaping. The two walked in relative silence on the way there, only occasionally exchanging smiles.

Scarlett and Jennifer arrived at Scarlett’s place. Jennifer took a seat. Scarlett exited and came back with two drinks. Trying to break the ice after a long walk, Jennifer said: “You have a lovely place.” Jennifer was about to drink before semi-jokingly asking: “There isn’t anything in this, is there?”

“I already have you in my lair, sweetie. I’m not going to drug you” Scarlett said, placing her hand on Jen’s thigh. Knowing all was safe, Jennifer took a sip – definitely not spiked.

“So I guess it’s fair to ask,” Jennifer said nervously. “Who’s going first?”

Scarlett bit her lip to think about it. Jennifer couldn’t help but admire how cute Scarlett looked with her big eyes bugging out and chewing that thick lip. “I’ll do it!” Scarlett replied. “The whole thing was my idea. I’ll take the plunge. The whole thing was my idea, and I’m the one who actually HAS to do it!”

Scarlett exited again. Jennifer sat for a few moments in suspense. Scarlett returned – only this time instead of a drink, she had a pair of clippers. Suddenly what they were about to do was becoming a reality to both of them. Scarlett handed the clippers over to Jennifer who sat there and stared at them, knowing the job they were destined to do.

Scarlett pulled another surprise. She removed her shirt, leaving herself in nothing but bra and jeans. Jen was shocked: “Whoa! Scarlett, what are you doing?”

“Come on, all this beautiful hair is coming off,” Scarlett said, grabbing her hair. “I don’t want it falling down my shirt and getting me itchy.” Jen chuckled at this. Admittedly, she did enjoy seeing her friend’s slamming body. Scarlett was playing off the building sexual tension by seductively dropping her shirt in front of JLaw.

Scarlett took a seat, awaiting her fate. Jen nervously approached her friend. Maybe it was the budding tension. Maybe it was a stall tactic, but Jennifer decided to kiss Scarlett on the forehead. With a look of genuine confusion, Scarlett turned to Jennifer: “What was that?”

“I kind of wanted to kiss you one time while you still looked like this,” Jen replied sheepishly.

Scarlett flashed another one of those million-dollar smiles: “Aww, you really are sweet.”

“Here goes nothing,” Jennifer said. With a snap of the clippers – that actually startled Jen a bit – the buzzing started. Scarlett was rater nervous, however there would soon be nothing she could do about it. Within seconds that hum turned into a crunch as the clippers cleared a path through Scarlett’s red locks. That crunch was quickly drowned out by a playful squeal from Scarlett.

As the first part of Scarlett’s hair had been denuded, Scarlett was beside herself with excitement: “Oh my God… That was just… Wow!”

“You want to take a few moments to let it all soak in?”

“No, we better keep going,” Scarlett replied. “If we’ve gone this far, I don’t wanna be left with some reverse Mohawk!” Under Scarlett’s instructions, Jennifer kept going, mowing down more and more of Scarlett’s hair. Scarlett caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror. “Oh my God, it looks so weird!”

By this point, half of Scarlett’s head was buzzed while the other half still had a full mane of hair. It was a weird contrast. Jen decided to have some fun with her friend and rubbed both sides – feeling the peach fuzz of one side contrasted with the silky smooth locks of the other. Scarlett didn’t have anything to say to this, she was just reveling in the feeling of her friend’s touch.

“I think I’ll let you have a go at it,” Jennifer said. “It is your head after all.” Scarlett spent a little while rubbing the two sides of her head – reveling in the velvety smoothness of her head, contrasted with the remaining hair on the other side. It felt so weird, but Scarlett loved it. JLaw knelt close to Scarlett’s ear. “If you think that feels good, let’s even it out.”

Good to her word, Jen took the clippers back to Scarlett’s head, slowly running them over the remaining side of Scarlett’s head. Jen took her time, letting Scarlett revel in every second of the slow pass of the clippers as they buzzed across Scarlett’s scalp – almost like a massage that was denuding her scalp. And it was only a matter of moments before the clippers’ job had been completed. The once beautiful redhead was now a gorgeous buzzed babe.

Scarlett sat up and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her new look. Her head was the perfect shape. The lack of hair brought out all the great features Jennifer was talking about earlier – her big eyes, her pillowy lips. “Oh my God, I love it!” Scarlett interjected. Jen decided that the reflection in the TV wasn’t good enough for Scarlett to admire her new look. So Jen quickly dashed to the bathroom and came back with a hand mirror.

Scarlett got a better look at her new image in the mirror. “Mirror, mirror…” Scarlett joked before marveling at herself, trying to adjust the mirror to admire every curve and contour of her head. “Wow… I love how sharp it is.”

Jen chimed in, “It really does suit you.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, sweetie,” Scarlett said with a sly grin. “Because now it’s your turn.”

Jennifer gulped as she remembered it was her part of the bargain. Releasing she had no stall tactics, Jennifer decided there was nothing left to do but take a seat and accept her fate. “Promise you’ll go easy on me.” Jen joked. Although she couldn’t see it, Scarlett devilishly grinned behind her.

While Scarlett accepted her fate, Jennifer was a little more reluctant. She winced as the clippers met with her hair, separating it from her scalp. Jennifer closed her eyes. She did kind of like the vibrations on her scalp, but wasn’t quite so thrilled with what they were doing. Jen was trying to hold back tears as she lost more and more of her hair. At the same time, Jen couldn’t help but notice that there wasn’t as much air on her head in some areas.

“Hey, Jen, why don’t you open your eyes?” Scarlett cooed. “I left something for you.” Jen opened up her eyes and screamed in excitement at seeing that Scarlett shaved her head into a mohawk.

“Ow wow! I love it! I love my hair – what’s left of it anyway!” Jennifer joked.

“Well, I think it’s time I clean it up a little.” Scarlett joked back. And clean it up she did. With a few passes of the clippers, Jennifer was now just as buzzed as Scarlett. Jennifer wanted to take a few moments to admire her new look.

“It’s so sleek and sharp,” Jen said, maintaining a girlish smile all along. “I’m more aerodynamic now!” JLaw ran her hands across the velvety smoothness of her scalp, adoring the feeling. “It feels so weird, but so good at the same time.”

Scarlett knelt in closer so she and Jennifer could admire their smoother heads, rubbing the soft, sand-papery scalps against each other. Blonde, brunette, redhead – none of that mattered. With their heads buzzed, they were equalized and both still unbelievably beautiful. They almost looked like sisters. Scarlett leaned in, “You know what’s next, right?”

Without needing to say anything else, Scarlett ran off to the bathroom. She returned with a can of lather. She sprayed a dollop of gel into her hand before handing the can to her friend. Jen figured out what Scarlett was doing. She sprayed her own dollop of gel into her hand. The two buzzed beauties exchanged their gel, rubbing it into each other’s heads until it was a soft, white foam across each their buzzed domes. They continued rubbing even after it was necessary for either of them. The rising tension was so palpable both of them could taste it – so they decided to.

“Hey, Jen, there’s one more thing I need to do to get into character.”

“What’s that?”

Scarlett decided to cut to the chase and plant a kiss on Jen’s lips. Jlaw offered no resistance, melting into Scarlett’s kiss. She loved the soft warm touch of Scarlett’s trademark pillowy lips against her own. Jennifer was so taken aback by everything that was going on, but still tried to return the favor. The two seemingly lost track of time, enjoying their magical kiss – almost forgetting they still had foam on their heads. This despite both rubbing each other’s heads and still feeling plenty of it.

Scarlett finally broke from the smooch: “What do you say we clean this up.” Being out of breath from kissing Scarlett, Jen could only sheepishly grin and nod. Scarlett pulled out her razor and shaved Jennifer smooth. Next was the reason of the season, as Jennifer shaved Scarlett smooth. Jen and Scarlett held each other’s hips and smiled at each other before diving into another sensual kissing session. Jen ran her tongue around Scarlett’s famous lips.

Scarlett smiled, “I think we’re both overdressed. What do you say we see even more skin?”

Jen laughed at this. She raised her arms and let Scarlett peel off her shirt. Without wasting too much time, Jen’s bra was the next to go. The site of Jen’s soft, lovely female curves in all their glory was too much for Scarlett to ignore. She ran her tongue up Jennifer’s nipple all the way up her neck. Scarlett titled Jennifer’s head and started planting soft, loving kisses all over Jennifer’s freshly shaved head. This was an entirely new experience for the former blonde, and Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh.

“God, I’m overdressed!” Scarlett joked. As seductively as possible, Scarlett pealed off her blouse. Jennifer had waited too long for this. She didn’t even wait for Scarlett to remove her bra, and started kissing at Scarlett’s nipples through the bra. “Don’t be shy! Let me give you a better taste, sweetie.” Scarlett unhooked her bra giving JLaw a view of Scarlett’s breasts that would be envied by most of the people on the planet. Without the cloth intrusion, Jennifer started fully sucking on Scarlett’s nipple.

Scarlett lifted up Jennifer’s head – “What do you say we finish this up in the shower, sweetie?”

Jen couldn’t help but laugh at that and just replied “Okay.” Scarlett took her friend by the hand and escorted her to the bathroom. The two didn’t need any convincing to strip right then and there. They stood for a few seconds, admiring each other’s beautiful bodies. Though they did notice one thing. “I see we got rid of the drapes, but we still got the carpets,” Jennifer put it in a way that only she would.

“Well I guess we found our next activity,” Scarlett coyly replied.

Scarlett turned on the water and they both hopped in the shower. The two women had obviously taken showers before but with nothing between the water and their scalps but imagination, it was a whole new experience. “Oh my God,” Jen exclaimed. “It’s like I can feel every bead of water on my scalp.”

“If you think that feels good, I got an idea,” Scarlett said with a grin. Scarlett guided Jen down until she was on all fours. Scarlett stepped in between her and started rubbing her pussy on Jen’s bald head. Both girls moaned with pleasure. This was nothing like Jennifer had ever experienced before. Everything else was different and arousing, but this was orgasmic – literally as Scarlett came all over Jen’s bald head.

Both women were getting short on breath, but in between breaths, Jen complimented Scarlett on her moves: “That was just… wow! I don’t know how else to describe that.” Jen returned the favor with a kiss. What was supposed to be a “thank you” peck turned into another make out session. “This is so weird, but so wonderful.”

“I know,” Scarlett replied. “But you look so beautiful. And if anyone says otherwise, I will strike them down with my Moondragon magic.”

Between kisses, Jennifer replied, “And if anyone says you look anything but beautiful, I’ll shoot an arrow into their ass!” The two had a laugh at that as they resumed kissing. That was eventually interrupted by Jennifer saying, “But we still need to fix something.”

Scarlett knew wat Jen meant. She sat down on the seat of her shower. Luckily for Jen, she kept things groomed well enough downstairs that the clippers weren’t necessary. Jen just needed to run a little cream across Scarlett’s sweet spot and start shaving until the carpet matched the drapes. Scarlett turned to Jen with a come hither stare. “Your turn, babe.”

Following Scarlett’s lead, Jen took a seat and allowed Scarlett to shave her pussy. Like Scarlett, Jen kept it simple south of the equator, which made Scarlett’s job a little easier. A few strokes of the razor and Jen was as smooth between her legs as her head. Scarlett and Jen sat in suspense for a few moments as the shower washed away the stray pieces of foam. With those out of the way, it was time for Scarlett to return another favor.

Scarlett plunged her face deep into Jennifer’s pussy and started eating it out. Jen suddenly learned how magnificent it felt to be loved that way by another woman. It was weird for Jen to reach down and find nothing but a perfectly smooth head. Jen moaned more and more in pleasure as she also massaged Scarlett’s chrome dome.

Scarlett sucked and licked until Jennifer blew her load. It was such an amazing experience that Jen thought her head was going to explode too. The two stepped out of the shower. Scarlett had an extra robe which she was kind enough to lend to Jennifer. The two spent the night cuddling and admiring their new smoother looks.

Months later, the Moondragon movie came out. There were plenty of comments on both sides of the fence. Plenty of people acknowledged just how gorgeous Scarlett still looked with her shaved head. Jennifer sneered any time she saw a bunch of dumbass alpha males talk about how gross she looked – as if the lack of hair changed any of those beautiful features. Jennifer also sneered not only because she thought Scarlett was still indescribably beautiful, but she wore a wig and suffered none of the harsh criticism that ScarJo had.

Not needing to keep the look for a film, Jen had let her hair grow to a bit of a peach fuzz. All she could think about was that one magical evening she had with another beautiful woman. She didn’t expect to happen, but she just dreamed of one day Scarlett walking through the door with a pair of razors and clippers, and recreating that wonderful experience.

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