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Part II ….. Mom

By JimB                  ©opyright April 2016


“OK Jackie”, Dee said to me as she held the cape in her left hand. “All done …..

“All done for now …..”

I stepped off the footrest.

“All done for now …..’, what did Dee mean by that, I thought to my self.

I turned and looked at my self in the mirror behind Dee’s counter. I looked the shape of my face, how is showed my eyes. My ears were not sticking out. A little make-up would show my shaved, my hair, cut off more.

“Mom”, I called to her, not noticing she had walked up behind me. I felt her fingers brush over my shaven head.

“Mom”, I said to her, “Did not see you standing behind me.”

She smiled, “I take it you like the head shaving”?

I turned to her and for some reason, I told her, “LOVE IT”.

She smiled and inquired, “What were you saying”?

“I was just looking how my face looks and thought maybe …..

“Maybe I could get my ears pierced two more times …..

“And, maybe my nose ….. On the left side”!

“That sound great, dear”, mom told me. “I was thinking the same thing after Dee cut my hair last week.

“How about we do it together. There is a little shop where we can purchase some rings and studs.

“Maybe I will get my ears pierced a second time, too …..

“Hummmm ….. the nose piercing sound great too …..”.

I through my arms around mom’s neck and gave her a hug and small kiss on the cheek.

“Well”, Dee interrupted as she held the cape out, “Glenda …..”?

Mom looked at me.

“Jackie, why don’t you have a sit”, she told me, “while Dee give me a hair cut …..”

“And, the next step …..”.

As mom sat in the barber chair, I walked to the waiting chairs.

She had gotten her hair cut, by Dee, less than a week. Now she was getting her hair cut again.

I wondered what this “next step” was!

Why was mom going to do it today, after her hair cut!

Why did Dee asked her, “if she thought I was ready for the “next step””!

What was this “next step”!

I watched, in the large mirror, as Dee tossed the cape across mom, then putting the little tissue around her neck and pin the cape in place

“Hair cut first”, Dee said to mom as they winked at each other, “then, the NEXT step”!

“Mom looked at me as I sat in a waiting chair, then at Dee, “Yes, hair cut first then the “next” step”.

I watched as Dee, standing by the counter, went about cleans her tools.

I looked at mom. Her hair was cut shorter than I have, in my twelve years, ever seen her get it cut. I mean the back and sides were almost buzzed like Dee did my hair, before shaving my head.

The top was about three inches in length in the front but going shorter toward the back.

“Jackie”, mom said to me, “I was thinking maybe we could get you a new dress ……

“Maybe a skit and blouse ……

“How does the four inch stilettos shoes you asked about for last Christmas”!

I surprisingly looked at mom. She told me I could not get the shoes for a few more years.

Why was she saying I could get them now!

“Sure mom”, I told her, surprisingly, “I would love to get the shoes …..

“Maybe one pair for the dress and one for the skirt and blouse”!

“Let’s do this”, mom said, with a smile, as Dee went about doing her thing. “We both get a nice skirt and blouse …..

“And, the stilettos …..,

“Then, we will go have something to eat …..

“It has been a few years since we did that”.

I smiled a her.


I looked up at mom just as Dee pushed her head down. I know that sound.

I had heard the same sound just a little while ago. It buzzed all my hair off and my head was shaved.

Dee walked to the right side of the chair, as she brushed her left hand up the back of mom’s head.

Her head rose as Dee did it. Her eyes slowly opened, she smiled and winked at me.

She shook her head “yes”.

Was she!

Before I could wonder any more, Dee was buzzing the right side of mom’s head.

Mom sat there smiling.

Closing and opening her eyes ever so often and slowly.

As Dee moved the little clippers over the top of her head, mom uncrossed and crossed her legs.

Her body moved a little.

Dee whispered something to her. Mom smiled and shook her head “yes”.

Dee patted her left shoulder and mom’s head rocked backward some.

Dee brushed her right hand up the back on mom’s head as she walked to the left side of the chair.

Mom turned and looked Dee in the eyes. She winked at Dee as she uncrossed her legs at the knee and cross them at her ankles. Her feet starched out then relaxed.

Dee placed the little clippers in front of her left ear and began buzzing the left side of mom’s head.

Finally, Dee began the final four passes over the top of mom’s head.

When she was finished buzzing, mom’s head was shorter than I ever thought she would cut her hair.

Dee hung the little clippers under the shelf, with the other clippers.

She took a towel from the pile and tossed it in the sink and started the warm water flowing.

I took a deep breath.

She was doing it. She was letting Dee shave her head.

We were going to have “mother and daughter” hair cuts. We were both going to walking around with our head shaved.

For some strange, some crazy, reason that sounded “great”.

I raised my fingers to my head and slowly, genteelly, stroked my finger tips over my shaved hair cut.

I got a warm feeling.

I looked at mom.

She smiled and shook her head “yes”. She brought her hand from under the cape and brushed them over her head and winked.

I did not know how to feel.

Should I feel upset because I was not the one who told Dee to shave her head, as she had told Dee to shave my head!

Should I feel upset with her for letting Dee shave her head, because I would not be the only one, as I was thinking, to have her head shaved.

NO ……

I felt happy. Happy for her, for me.

To my surprise Dee undid the cape and took it off, hanging behind the chair.

Then, began tucking a large white towel in mom’s blouse and spreading it out over mom’s shoulders.

I looked up as Dee wrapped the warm towel around her head. Her head rocked backwards to meet the warm towel.

Dee pressed on it around her head. She slowly unwrapped it and began wiping mom’s head, as she did mine.

Dee tossed the towel back in the sink and turned the hot water on, again.

There was a winding sound. Dee was standing by something on the shelf.

When she turned and walked to the right side of the chair, I saw a small pile of warm white shaving lather in her left hand.

She removed the warm towel from mom’s head and began lathering her head.

First, she spread a small amount of lather over mom’s head. She rubbed it genteelly then applied more lather, covering mom’s head.

Mom looked at me, “See, I’m getting my head shaved, too”.

Dee stepped to the right side of the barber chair, took hold of the leather strap, and began sharping the straight razor, like she did before shaving my head.

As she raised the straight razor to mom’s head, she winked at me and told mom, “Then, the “next thing”!

What was this “next thing”!

As Dee placed the edge of the straight razor to her head, mom closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

With the first shaving she opened her eyes with a big smile and let the breath out slowly. She moved a little in the chair as Dee raised the straight razor to her head.

Dee whispered something in mom’s ear, again, and mom smiled and shook her head “yes”.

Dee shaved mom’s head slowly, much slower than she did shaving my head. She paused ever so often checking where she shaved, with her finger tips. Mom would smile and her body would move some.

“Why was her body moving so much”, I wondered to my self!

Dee continued shaving her head, around the back, tilting her head back and shaving from the front of her head to the back of her head.

Checking with her fingertips for smoothness.

Mom just sat there. Smiling and turning her body this way and that way.

With the last shaving stroke, Dee put the blade of the straight razor under the warm water.

Washing off any lather on the blade. Dried, she place it back in the glass cabinet.

Wiping her hands dry, she took another large white towel from the pile. She shook it out and walked to the right side of the barber chair.

She extended it across mom’s chest and began tucking it in her blouse.


Mom sat still.

Then, Dee took something from behind the barber chair and pushed in place behind mom’s head.

It was a headrest of some kind. It had white tissue like paper folded over it.

Dee took hold of the handle on the right side, of the barber chair. She pushed it forward at little, then outward a little ……

The back of the barber chair, and mom, went down as the footrest came up meeting mom’s feet, which she quickly crossed at the ankles.

I thought back to visits to Mrs. Stanley’s Beauty Salon.

They would do this when they shampooed your hair, which was every visit.

Then, there was the day Candy, who worked for Mrs. Stanley, did the same thing for Aunt Mary, mom’s older sister, and gave her a facial. I remember how Aunt Mary said it was “nice to get a facial every now and then”.

“It made her feel good and alive”.

Mom came one day and said she had one.

“Was this, the facial, the “next step””, I wondered to my self.

Why did mom tell Dee “maybe”!

I would have loved to get one. Just to see if it felt as good as mom and Aunt Mary said.

My attention was back to Dee. She was standing by the sink.

She opened the glass cabinet and removed another straight razor. She moved it under the hot water a few seconds, then wiped it off and placed on the shelf next to the shaving mug.

Then, she took hold of the shaving mug and let some hot water flow into it. She reached for the shaving brush and began moving it around in the mug.

She put it next to the straight razor.

She turned to the barber chair and took hold of the towel.

Slowly she pulled it back off mom’s face, folding it over her forehead and eyes brows.

Letting it lay there, Dee softly said to mom, “Then, the “next step”, too”.

I heard mom tell Dee, “Yes’, then the “next step, too””.

Dee turned and took hold of the shaving mug. Taking the shaving brush with lather on it, Dee began lathering mom’s neck, under her chin, then her face.

It was then I knew …..

Dad had come home from a week on a fishing trip with his friends. He face was all sticky and mom told him “all this has to come off”.

Dad told “yes”.

Then, he and I went to his barber, Mr. Brian, his barber.

He did the same thing to dad. When he was finished all the sticky was gone.

Dee was going to shave mom’s face!


Was this the “next thing”!

It must be. But, what was this “Then, the “next thing””?

What was the “next thing”?

How many “next thing” were there?

Dee stropped the straight razor over the leather strap a few times.

Then, she turned mom’s head to the right a little. She placed the blade on mom’s face and started shaving her face. Shaving just as slow as she shaved mom’s head.

After a few minutes Dee was closing the straight razor and putting it on the shelf.

She took hold of the warm towel, still on mom’s face, and wipe the excess lather off.

Then, she tossed it in the pile of towel she used shaving my head.

She reached for the shaving brush. Wet it under the warm water.

Holding the shaving mug, she worked the shaving brush around gathering some lather.

Turning back to the barber chair she began dapping, at first, the shaving brush over mom’s

eyebrows. Then, she worked the lather in between mom’s eye brows.

Mom never plucked her eyebrows like other women. She would get them done at Mrs. Stanley’s Beauty Salon. They would wax them, she said.

Dee slowly shaved the left eyebrows off, then the right eyebrows.

As Dee was wiping the excess lather from mom’s eyebrows, I got up and walked to the barber chair. I looked at mom.

Her face look bare.

“Don’t worry Jackie”, mom told me, “I am going to freshen my make-up when Dee is finished”.

I stood there as Dee began giving mom a facial.

I could tell she was enjoying this. I wish I could get a facial.

Dee pushed on the handle and the back, and mom, of the chair came upward.

I stepped toward the chair and raised my right hand to her head.

“Smooth”, I told her as if brushed the fingertip over her head. “Just like mine”.

Then, I moved my fingertips to her face and it felt smooth and soft. I smiled at mom.

Mom looked at me, then at Dee.

“Dee”, mom began as she looked at me, “I think Jackie is ready for the “next step”.

I smiled and told her, and Dee, “Yes, I am ready for the “next step””.

Mom stepped from the chair. She pointed to the chair and I sat in it.

Jackie sat in the chair. Dee tucked a large white towel in her collar and spread it over her shoulders.

A second large white towel was spread across her chest and tucked into her over size shirt.

Dee took hold of the handle pushing it forward a little then outward some. The back of the chair lowered backward. Coming to a rest, Jackie’s head laid on the headrest. The heel of her feet rested on the footrest.

Dee walked to the sink, as mom took a seat in the waiting area.

With the towel wet and warm Dee turned and began wrapping Jackie’s face. Starting at her lower neck, slowly she laid over her neck, under her chin, then around her face.

Then, she laid it over her forehead and eyes. Leaving her nose exposed to breath.

Dee flowed warm water into the shaving mug and took the shaving brush and worked up some warm shaving lather.

Stepping to the head of the chair, Dee slowly moved the warm towel upward laying it over Jackie’s forehead and eye.

She started lathering Jackie’s face from the neck upward, under the chin, and over her cheeks.

She placed the shaving mug, with the shaving brush in it, on the shelf and took hold of the straight razor.

Stropping it on the leather strap a few time, to sharpen it more.

As she moved it to below Jackie’s left ear, Jackie smiled at her. They winked.

Dee began slowly shaving strokes. Checking the skin for smoothness after a few strokes.

Glenda sat watching Dee shave her daughter’s face, as she had watched Dee shave hers’.

Finished, Dee turned and place the straight razor next to the shaving mug.

Turning back to the chair she took hold of the warm towel, over Jackie’s forehead, and began wiping the excess lather from her face.

Then, she removed the towel from her forehead and eyebrows.

Tossing the towel in the pile under the sink. She reached for the shaving brush and worked up a small amount of lather.

Turing back to Jackie, she looked at Glenda. She smiled.

She looked down at Jackie smiling up at her. She smiled, then began spread the shaving lather over Jackie’s eyebrows.

After she spread the lather over and into her eyebrows Dee reached for the straight razor.

Not need to be sharpened; Dee quickly, but slowly, shaved Jackie’s eyebrows.

Finished she began giving Jackie a facial massage. Jackie had wanted this for years, since she saw her Aunt get one.

Done, Dee raised the chair. Mom was standing at the foot of the barber chair.

Dee handed her a hand mirror to see her shaving.

She was stun how she looked with no hair on her head nor eyebrows. Her face, head, looked “bare” like when she saw her mom’s face.

Her mom saw this and reached out and gently smoothed her fingertips over Jackie’s shaved eyebrows.

“A little make-up will take care of this”, mom told her.

“Well, Dee”, her mom asked Dee, as she sat in a waiting chair, “how much do I owe you for out hair cuts and face and eyebrow shavings”?

“Twenty”, Dee replied.

“None sense”, Glenda answered. “Here ….. It is for forty. You deserve it”.

Handing Dee the check, she turned to Jackie and began applying a little make-up to her face.

“There”, she told Jackie and applied some to her face.

“Better”, she asked Jackie. Who shook her head “yes” and hugged her mom.

“Now Dee”, Glenda asked, “when did you say you can take us for the “next step”?

“Well, that depends”, Dee answered and getting a questioning look from Glenda.

“If you only want the “next step” …..

“Then, any time next Wednesday morning after nine a.m. But, not in the afternoon.

“I get busy then.

“But, if you want the “next step” and the “next step” you will have to come for seven a.m., when I open.

“That way I can close the shop”.

“Hummmm, Let’s say seven a.m.” Glenda told her as they stood up to leave.

“That way you can take your time”.

Jackie walked to Dee and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you ….. I love the hair cut ……

“And, the shaving.”

As they reached the door Glenda turned to Dee, “Seven a.m. Wednesday for the “next step.

“But, I do not think we will be doing the “next Step”.

“We, both, already do it”.

Jackie turned to Dee, again, but she was surprised.

There stood Dee …..

Her head shaved and no eyebrows.

Mom whispered in her ear, “Now you know why I wanted Dee to cut your hair”.

Jackie walked up to Dee, again, and gave her another hug and kiss, “Thank you”.

“Come on”, Glenda called to Jackie, “we have to go to the shoe store and get our four inch stilettos shoes

Then, to Progressive Clothing for our skirt and blouse. We will wear them out the store.

“And, have lunch at “Window to the Lake””!

As they walked out Dee’s Barber Shop Jackie put her right arm around her mom, “Thank you”.

Then, she stopped and turned back to Dee’s Barber Shop, to waive to Dee.

She saw Dee standing by her barber chair, the wig on. Then, noticed a mother, with her hair cut something close to what her mom had, pushing her daughter, a little older than she was, into Dee’s Barber Shop.

Dee waived and blew a kiss to her.

“Come on Jackie”, her mom called to her “We not …….



The END ……          JimB ©opyright April 2016

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