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Shannon was brushing his hair. As she brushed she noticed all of the split ends on Dan’s waist length brown hair. “I’m going to make an appointment for you to get a trim”. “Can’t you just cut it?”, Dan asked. “Come on, it’s about time you get in the chair. Your hair is in bad condition”. He felt a knot in his stomache as he heard his girlfriend’s orders. Shannon finished brushing his hair and rose from the couch. Dan looked at her gorgeous blonde hair hanging past her ass. He watched it bounce off her large round ass as she walked to the kitchen. She reached in her purse and grabbed her phone and started to go through her contacts. Shannon pressed the phone against her ear waiting for someome to answer. *Click* “Hello, welcome to Two Way Street, this is Michelle speaking how may I help you?”, “Hey, it’s Shannon.” she replied. “Hey honey, you need a trim?”, “No, I want to make an appointment for my boyfriend.” When Dan heard her say those words he felt his cock start to harden. “Oh, an appointment for Dan. Do you want what we talked about?”, “Yea, he needs it. His hair is in really bad condition, there are so many split ends”. Shannon glanced over at her boyfriend taking note of the large bulge in his pants. “Is 9:00 am good?”, “Yes, that’s perfect. Thanks Michelle.”, “Sure thing hun, this is gonna be fun. See you tomorrow.” Michelle replied before she hung up. “Go to bed baby, your appointment is for tomorrow”. Dan’s face nervously turned from white to red. He was unsure of what to expect tomorrow and felt so powerless to his girlfriend forcing him to get a trim. “No sex tonight either, I see your cock. You don’t deserve it though.” Shannon walked over to the couch and got on top of her boyfriend. She sat down on the hard pole on his lap and smothered his face with her large double D breasts. He felt her get a tight grip on his long hair and pulled his head back. She then proceeded to press his lips to hers and plunged her tounge down his throat. After what felt like hours Shannon got up and said, “Time for bed baby”.

Shannon walked into the living room, “How do I look?”, Dan looked over her short black skirt and black tube top. She was also wearing black stockings and a pair of black 6 inch heels. “You look gorgeous”. Her dark mascara and eyeliner contrasted well with her long blonde mane. “Alright lets go”. They got in the car and Shannon began to drive them to the Salon. Or atleast what Dan assumed would be a salon, his girlfriend had hardly told him anything which worried him. After about fifteen minutes Shannon pulled the car into a large parking lot. She drove up to a building with large open windows. As they got closer to the building Dan was able to make out the sign. It said, Two Way Street, Salon and Barbershop. Shannon parked the car. Dan looked in the large windows of the shop and saw and tall olive skinned woman with a short black bob wearing a skirted latex uniform that hardly covered her chest. “Time to go in.”, “I don’t want to go here Shannon.”, “What? I made you an appointment, your are going in there now.” she sternly said. Dan looked into the shop again and became mesmerised by the spinning barber pole. He then felt Shannon grab his wrists and slap a pair of handcuffs on him. “What are you doing!” Dan yelled. “Giving you what you derserve”. Shannon got out of the car and came around to the passanger side to get her helpless victim. She grabbed him by his arm and pulled him out of the car. “Let’s go.” she said while dragging him towards the large shop.

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