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It was a hot summer day and I walked out of my apartment into the blazing Florida heat. I was having to deal with the humidity messing up my long hair. After I walked down the street for a little bit I saw a sign for a salon it said “open” on the front and I thought to myself “I can no longer stand my long hair, I need to get some of it chopped off. Maybe to my bra” I thought. “Or a bob if I’m really daring” I ponder looking at the sign for a moment before deciding that I need a haircut and walk in.

  When I walk in I’m greeted by beautiful white marble floors with posh red leather chairs and very luxurious stylist stations. I walk up to the counter where a dark haired girl with a long bob was sitting looking at her computer. “Hello” she says, “how may I help you?” She asks. I look at her and ask nervously “Do you… Do you take walk ins?”. “Why yes we do” she says as she smiles at me, “However I have an appointment in 5 minutes so you are welcome to come sit back at one of my waiting chairs in my station, since I’m the only one working currently.” She says. “That sounds great!” I say.

    She looks at me “So Hun what’s your name and your contact info?”. I give her all of my contact info and just as I finish this gorgeous looking girl walks in. She had amazing platinum blonde hair cut into a long bob. She goes up and talks to the stylist and checks in. The stylist looks at me “Jessica this is Madie” she points to the girl who walked in “now both of you follow me back to my work area”. We follow her back into the back of the salon hearing the stylist’s heels click along the marble floor. We reach the back where there is the salon chair. The mirror which has a vanity covered in shears and clippers and clipper attachments. The stylist motions Madie into the styling chair and me into one of the waiting chairs. I sit and observe. Madie gets in the chair and the stylist grabs a black cape from one of her drawers and unfolds it and wraps it around her neck and buttons in up in the back. “So Madie what will it be?” The stylist asks. “Well I want you to cut it to about my chin, I want it blunt and to have a slight a-line going towards my nape” Madie says. “Ok then Madie you know what I’ll have to use then?” The stylist jokingly asks. “Yes I do. I’m okay with it” Madie responds with. A moment of silence occurs while the stylist pictures what is going to happen.

 The stylist goes over to the counter and picks up the medium sized clippers. I think to myself “clippers? Why those?” I was very intrigued by them. I’ve never seen them in action before. The stylist also grabs a comb and starts by combing out her bob. The comb effortlessly moves through Madies bob. Then POP! The clippers come to life filling the salon with a nice soothing buzzing sound. The stylist walks to the back of Madie blocking my view. The stylist bends over and the pitch of the buzzing changes for several seconds before returning to the normal pitch. The stylist combs out the part she cut and what I saw was a clipper wide chunk of hair about 6 inches long fell to the ground and came to a rest on the mat on the floor. The stylist moved to the left revealing the back of Madie’s hair and now the back of her neck is visible the stylist combs out the left of the first cut then pressed the clippers into the hair 6 inches from the ends and the pitch changes again and I see the clippers eat away her hair. The pitch returns to normal. The stylist then starts talking with Madie and I tune out and watch as the stylist combs out the remaining hair on the left side and mowing the clippers through the rest of her hair. Now its at her chin and the other half is still long.


The stylist then moves to the right side and the clippers keep mowing away at her hair. The blonde locks slide onto the cape and on to the floor. I watch further as the stylists combs and clippers the right side of her head into a blunt clippered bob. The clippers turn off and the stylist puts them back on the counter then looks at Madie. “Do you want bangs?” She asks. Madie responds  “Sure, why not?”. The Stylist grabs her scissors and comb and begins to comb hair down in front of Maddie’s face. The Stylist then takes her shears and crunch crunch crunch. Long platinum blonde tresses fall down the cape and onto the floor. “Wow Madie you look really good with bangs” The stylist says as she unbutton the cape. During this all of the hair on the cape now slides onto the floor. There are now 3 distinct piles of her hair on the floor. Madie gets up out of the chair and looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. The stylist then turns to me and says “Jessica you can go ahead and come take a seat while I go finish up front?”. I nod in agreement Madie and the Stylist walk back to the front to pay and you hear the clacking of heels as they walk. I get up and nervously walk towards the chair and slide carefully into the chair.


In the chair I look around in the chair examining the chic salon. The huge glass windows give you a look outside and the exposed metal scaffolding gives it a modern feel. I hear the stylist heels clacking again and they get louder with every step. I look in the mirror as the stylists comes back and puts her hands on my shoulders and asks “So what are we doing today?”. I then remember that I never thought of what I wanted, I was to distracted by Madie’s haircut. I embarrassingly respond “I forgot to think of what I want, I was to preoccupied by watching Madie’s haircut, but I was wanting to take some length off. It’s too hot outside for this long of hair.”. The Stylist chuckles and says “Intrigued by the clippers I see” as she takes the same black cape and drapes it over me and buttons it up in the back. I look down and notice tiny individual blonde hairs remaining from Madie’s haircut. The Stylist looks at me for a second thinking. “How much are you willing to chop off?” She asks. “Maybe to my shoulders? Like a Long bob maybe” I respond. She looks at me in the mirror and smiles “Yes a long bob would look perfect on you. Plus it’s long enough to hide my surprise for you”. She says with a wink. She walks over to the counter and picks up a large paddle brush and begins to brushing my long hair out. With each stroke I feel more and more relaxed. She pulls my hair together and puts a ponytail around it forming a loose ponytail.


She walks back over to the counter and grabs her shears grabs my chair and spins me away from the mirror so i’m looking outside through the window my long hair swaying as the chair turns.  I feel her pace her hand at the base of the ponytail. Then I begin to feel a slight tug and the sound schick schick schik. My head keeps being tugged at the same time another schick happens. After several more schicks the pressure is released causing my head to jerk forward slightly and my hair begins to fan back out into its natural resting position. A few seconds pass. Then I hear the stylist’s heels clicking to my right as I see her with a thick 15 inch severed ponytail from my head in her hands. She looks at me and smiles. She walks back to the counter and places it there. From what I can tell my hair is now just below my shoulders. I hear rustling behind me as the Stylist looks for something in one of the drawers of the counter. I hear the drawer close and The stylist take a rattail comb and her clips and begin section my hair and take long chunks twist ehm up and clip them to my head. All hair is clipped up except the hair over my neck. I hear the stylist messing with things on the counter again and she turns around. I begin to grow nervous about what she’s doing.  I feel a comb run through the hair on my neck a few times. Then the Stylist says “Time for your surprise”. POP! A loud buzzing noise fills the room. I feel the Stylists hand force my chin into my chest. The buzzing gets louder and I begin to feel vibrations on the base of my neck then the pitch of the buzzing changes as i feel plastic vibrate up my nape. The pitch returns to normal as long strands of my brown hair fall to the cape. The buzzing noise nears my right ear. Then the pitch changes again and the vibrations run through my hair. The clippers buzz and chomp through my hair. The pitch returns to normal and  more of my hair falls onto the cape. She moves the clippers to the left side and repeats the process. The buzzing stops and she places the clippers back on the counter. Her heels clack on the floor as she walk around to the front of me and she says “Surprise I buzzed your nape”. “How short did you buzz it?” I ask and she responds with “A number 3”.


She then walks over to the counter and picks up her comb and spray bottle and walks back and unclips my hair. It falls with a thud back down and she places the clips back on the counter. She begins to spray my hair wetting it and making it heavy. She then combs it all out making it all straight and damp. She then places the spray bottle down and picks up he shears. She then walks to my left side and runs the comb through my hair then schick schick schick. Several 3 inch wet chunks fall to the cape and stick to it. She combes again and schick schick schick more hair falls. schick schick schick, schick schick schick, schick schick schick. More of my hair falls to the cape and floor as she moves around my head and to the right side. She combs and cuts one final time before setting the shears and comb back on the counter. “Ready to see your cut?” She asks as she begins to turn my chair towards the mirror. As the chair turns I see my hair and begin to smile. The ends are just above the top of my shoulders and the bob is expertly sculpted and looks amazing. “I love it” I say. She smiles as she unbuttons the cape and all of the hairs on the cape fall to the floor joining Madie’s hair. I stand up and look at the massive piles of brown and platinum blonde hair on the ground. I then move my hand to my nape and run my hands through the velvety soft buzzed nape and can’t help but smile. We begin to walk back to the front and My now shorter hair bobs and sways with every step. I pay and leave with a smile.


The end


P.S. Jessica Will return


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