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Poornima and Kruti are very close friends from childhood. They were neighbours, from respectable middle class families, studied together in school and college and coincidentally got married into families living fairly close to each other. Kruti is an extrovert, given to constant chatter, uses base language quite openly but had no inclination towards modern ways from childhood. Poorni, as she was called, was highly traditional but in private with Kruti her language also used to slip into base for a good giggle. But both were very good girls and of helping nature. Because of their closeness, their in-laws families also became close to each other. Kruti and her husband Vishwa are employed in IT Sector. Poorni is in a Bank while her husband Arun is in a CPSU.

Kruti’s husband and in-laws are of upper middle class and are inclined towards modern ways of life though religious also. They all wanted Kruti to be more modern in practice and looks. Though initially she resisted this demand, Poorni advised her that having married Vishwa, if she could not correct them it would be imperative to go along with their demand to some extent for the sake of family happiness. So while Kruti started wearing trendy and revealing clothes most of the time, she refused to cut her waist long hair short as demanded by her bob-cut m-i-l. She went on giving one excuse or another to escape from a guillotine on her braid. Like this, 5 years passed after marriage and two kids – a girl and a boy – had popped out of her. The demand of her husband and in-laws that she take drinks once in a while in parties to buttress the family’s modernity also had been cleverly deflected citing birth of children. Now that excuse had outlived its utility. So finally she gave up resisting after she stopped suckling her son and started taking a little beer every weekend. Her in-laws and husband were happy with her change. In about a year she graduated to herself relishing beer, brandy, wine and even whisky almost every weekend. Poorni however kept reminding her that she should keep drinks in limits.

So now only her long hair remained a sore point against the modern ways expected by her in-laws. Kruti had run out of excuses to avoid cutting her hair short. Her m-i-l gave her an ultimatum that if she did not cut her hair short within a month, she would cut off her braid during her sleep. Kruti sensed that she meant it. She discussed with Poorni as to what to do. Poorni asked her that if she could take drinks regularly what was the big deal in cutting off her hair short. Kruti said that she loved her long hair very much. Finally as per Poorni’s suggestion, Kruti told her m-i-l that she would like first to tonsure off her head in a religious place since she never had cut her hair in her life so far barring the childhood tonsure. Kruti thought that her m-i-l would back off since it was known that she considered female tonsure a village practice and certainly not modern.

But this also did not work out. Her m-i-l initially reacted negatively on tonsure as expected but added she would not allow it but still would cut off her silly pigtail the coming Sunday. But Vishwa somehow convinced her that tonsuring of Kruti’s head was the best route to get her into short hair mode. His mom reluctantly agreed but said that she would not be a witness to such a retrograde practice. No more leeway for Kruti to hang on to her braid, said her m-i-l. Vishwa had to plead with her to allow himself and the two kids also to get tonsured along with Kruti. For this also finally his mom relented and finally allowed the tonsuring of all the four. Kruti had lost her battle to retain her long hair. She again sat with Poorni and said the she had lost the battle and her long hair is doomed. But she was nervous to go bald alone. “Could you give me company in this? After all it is religious tonsure and you could grow it back fully while I will keep it a boy cut” Kruti pleaded with Poorni within the earshot of Poorni’s amiable m-i-l.

Poorni’s m-i-l was a deeply religious and traditional person. Though she did not like some of the ways of Kruti, she liked her boldness, talkativeness and helping nature. When she overheard Kruti’s plea, she told Poorni “Why not dear? What Kruti says has meaning. You also have never cut your hair so far. It is good to get tonsured occasionally in a place like Tirupati. I do not mind at all. You will have each other’s company as baldies. So I suggest you accept Kruti’s suggestion. As for Arun, I will make him agree.”

Poorni was flabbergasted at her m-i-l’s suggestion. She always trusted her m-i-l’s judgement. So it was difficult for her to say no. The same night the issue was discussed with Arun and his father. Both happily agreed for a junior family tonsure – Arun, Poorni, their two kids – a son and a daughter. The problem was Poorni was carrying her third child. But her f-i-l said that that should not be a problem at all since she had just entered fourth month and this was not her first pregnancy. So she could get tonsured even though pregnant. Poorni finally came around and happily agreed to get tonsured along with Kruti. She was bold enough to face her bank colleagues with a bald head and that would not be a problem at all. The two families would go to Tirupati the following Saturday. Kruti jumped with joy to hear that Poorni had agreed to tonsure. While Kruti did not give a damn as to what her colleagues would say, Poorni informed some of her colleagues who brightly welcomed it and started teasing her straightaway. They only warned her that she should come to office showing off her bald head and if she came with a covered head, she would have hell to pay. Poorni anyway had resolved to enjoy going around bald and so simply giggled at the affectionate chiding. Three days before the D Day, she politely suggested that both m-i-l and f-i-l also could get tonsured and make it a family tonsure. Her m-i-l thought and discussed with her husband and with a bright smile agreed. Poorni was very happy.

The D-day came. Six from Poorni’s family and four from Kruti’s family went to Tirupati in a Tempo Traveller. They all went to Kalyanakatta under Poorni’s insistence. First the four kids, then the three gents were tonsured off. Next Poorni’s m-i-l was rendered bald. She looked pretty in her bald head and was were happy. Kruti who was reluctant to cut her hair all these days was mesmerised by the emerging bald pates of various young happy ladies in the tonsure hall. She now was actually longing for the blade to scrape her wet hair off. Poorni was a notch happier to get tonsured what with the participation of her in-laws and Arun. Now Kruti and Poorni sat for their tonsures watched by the other eight baldies of their families.

After thoroughly wetting their heads, Kruti’s barber scraped her hair from her forehead towards her crown in one swift stroke leaving a bald strip in the middle of head. Others giggled. For Poorni, her barber started at her crown going towards her nape. In a minute the entire back of Poorni was bald. By this time Kruti’s top portion had become bald and she looked like a man having male pattern baldness with long hair at back and sides. Some more giggles followed. In another minute, while the left side of Poorni became fully bald with the barber bending her left ear and scraping behind it, Kruti got similar treatment on her right side. In the next minute the two lasses became fully bald after all their hair fell down from their cute heads. The barbers ran their razors all over their heads making them smoothly bald. The two friends rose up together caressing their bald heads.

While Poorni hugged her m-i-l with joys of tears, Kruti hugged her husband with a shy smile. For Poorni, it was one of the most joyful experiences. She was very thankful to Kruti and her own m-i-l for opening the door to this divine experience of a religious tonsure. She mentally vowed to do it once in a while. The baldies returned home on Sunday morning.

Both Arun and Vishwa found their bald wives highly desirable. Arun fucked a pregnant Poorni in the afternoon with great gusto though with caution as she was in her fourth month. Poorni enjoyed greatly the bald sex over the next two weeks. In Kruti’s case, she was so happy with her bald head that she and Vishwa had a happy afternoon fuck session. Later in the night each had an extra dose of whisky at home along with the in-laws to enjoy the rare happiness of a bald head. Afterwards, Kruti forced a bald Vishwa to fuck her repeatedly which both immensely enjoyed. Kruti had discovered the beauty of a bald head and resolved to do it more often. A blad Poorni attended her bank with bare bald head, saree, sleeved blouse, bindi, nose stud, small ear rings and bangles and of course a protruding belly. She looked an exquisite bald beauty in this traditional dress.

Being a pregnant girl, Poorni’s hair grew very fast and in four months she had grown about five inches while for Kruti it was about three inches and enough to get a nice boy cut. She invited Poorni to accompany her to the beauty parlour to watch her boy cut. The styling girl told Kruti that since her hair was short, she would give her a clipper boy cut. Would it be okay? After seeing some photos, Kruti gave her the green signal. The stylist bent her head forward and with 00 clippers shaved off the back and side hair to skin to an inch above the ears. The remaining hair was neatly trimmed to give an exquisite clipper boy cut. Kruti’s m-i-l was extremely happy to see such a nice and mod hair cut on her d-i-l. She complimented her and said that she could keep this cut for ever. ‘At least that ugly pig tail and uglier bald head is a thing of the past’ she remarked. Kruti’s modernisation was complete to the satisfaction of her in-laws.

Poorni also thought that her friend’s hair cut was looking extremely beautiful. But when her m-i-l saw Kruti’s haircut, she was very much attracted and suggested to Poorni that if she wished she also could get such a cut for some time. Poorni, who was in her eighth month, was very glad to hear that and the next day took Kruti to the same parlour and got a similar beautiful clipper boy cut. Poorni thought that the clipper feeling was too good to miss and thought that if m-i-l permitted she would keep it longer. Poorni was so beautiful in this style that Arun could not take his eyes or hands off her head. Since sex was permitted by the gynaec till almost the delivery day he fucked his beautiful boy cut wife almost every day with passion in the permitted positions till she delivered – a female baby.

When the girl completed 10 months, Poorni and family went to Tirupati again and the junior family – Arun, Poorni and the three kids – got happily mottaied again.

Now it is a year since Poorni’s second tonsure. Poorni’s m-i-l advised her to continue her clipper boy cut since it looks so beautiful on her. Poorni accepted the elder’s advice. Now both the dearest friends Poorni and Kruti happily visit a barber shop once a month and get identical clipper cuts. Poorni plans to get a Tirupati tonsure once in three years and keep a clipper boy cut at other times. The beautiful long hair of both the girls has gone for good being replaced by beautiful and sensuous clipper boy cut. The difference is that while Kruti has happily become mod – boy cut, revealing and skimpy clothes, no nose stud or bangles, weekly alcohol and openly base language, Poorni continues to be traditional – saree, sleeved blouse, bindi, nose stud, ear rings, bangles and no alcohol.

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