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They had been running together for quite a few years and they loved taking short sprints to see who would be fastest. Today, however, they had decided to go for a long endurance run of 25k. So they were running somewhat slower than their usual routine. Diane had tied her long brown hair in high ponytail that swung from left to right with every step she took. It seemed that every tree was greeted as she ran them by. Tim enjoyed running behind her. Her slender body and her beautiful hair always aroused him during the run. After a run they would sit in their garden to cool down a bit and then they’d take a shower together. She knew he had ‘a thing with hair’ and she let him wash and brush it. He enjoyed her warm body and her long hair under the shower. She was grateful for ‘his thing with hair’, as without the brushing her hair was a bit wavy and she would have a massive amount of hair and she wouldn’t look very sophisticated.

Today was a hot day and perhaps they should have picked another day for the endurance run. Half way, she waved at him that she was slowing down and they walked side by side through the forest. Diane removed the rubber band that was holding her hair back in a ponytail. A massive amount of hair was now over her shoulders, half way to her elbows. She grabbed her hair with her hands, pulled it forward and asked him if he would mind if she’d take it a bit shorter. Tim couldn’t believe his ears. For so long he had hoped she’d take it shorter, but never dared to asked her. He had always kept her hair trimmed nicely to the current length. Tim replied: “What did you have in mind?” He tried to speak normally, but his heart was pounding from enthusiasm, not from the running now. “I love my long hair, but with this heat and the running, I just need something shorter, perhaps a bob that is long in the front and goes to the hairline in the back”, she replied. They stopped walking and sat down on a fallen tree. Tim loved the idea, and fancied an even shorter bob even more. He was afraid to push it, if he would ask her if she would go even shorter and thus he answered in a very conservative manner: “You’d look great, it will be lighter and less warm and brushing it after you wash it will be much easier. You should definitely give it a try.” Diane played with her hair as he spoke, was quiet for a second and said: “I know a short route home, if we go back a little bit, we can take it left and we’d be home in no time. Then you can cut it immediately after the shower. Or would you prefer to finish the 25k?” She smiled as she spoke, she knew him well and she knew he’d love to cut it.

On the way back to the house, Tim was trying to think of anything that would make her ask for an even shorter bob. Once back home in the garden, cooling down, they continued their conversation. “I am ready to loose all this hair. With my hair just longer than my chin in front and to the hairline in the back, I can put it out of my face with a clip and it will be much nicer when we’re running”, Diane spoke. It wasn’t clear whether it was to re-assure herself or to tell Tim. Tim couldn’t care less. He was ready for the shower and to give her a cut. As they took their shower, Tim stood behind her and pressed her back against his chest. He gently pushed her head forward and lifted her hair over her right shoulder. He kissed her neck, while his hands massaged her body softly. Slowly she turned around and told him that she was ready.

They left the shower and she sat on a high bar stool in the kitchen. Except for a panty and a bra she was naked. Through the window you could see the garden. Tim was quick to prepare everything he’d need. Diane was getting somewhat nervous now. She never had her hair cut this short and wasn’t completely sure that Tim would cut it well. But then, Tim had been cutting her hair for so long that he knew what he was doing. To be sure, Diane said to Tim: “Do you dare to cut it? You will make sure it looks nice? … In front I want to keep it just below my jaw and in the back not shorter than the hairline.” Tim replied: “You’ll be perfect in a little while!” He started to section the hair and pin it up. He started with the nape and combed about a 2 cm section down. He placed the closed scissors against the wet hair, to push the hair against the skin. Then he pulled back the scissors and cut this strand of hair short. He was now completely aroused, as about 40 cm of hair was sliding over her back onto the floor. He unpinned section by section and cut them all to the same length. Then he sat next to her and let all her hair fall loose. He wanted to see the angle he had to cut, but instead he was focusing on the long hair in front that seemed to caress her breasts. He lifted her hair, to see her jawline. Considering her hair was naturally wavy, he decided to leave it a lot longer in front and again he pinned the hair in sections. Then section by section and strand by strand, he started to cut her left side. Gosh, she was absolutely beautiful, he thought to himself. He quickly turned her around and cut the right side to the same length. She now had a short bob, exposing her neck beautifully and her hair angled down to the front. He took the hairdryer and gave her a blowdry and straightened the hair nicely. When he was done, she walked to the bathroom and checked her cut in the mirror. She loved it! It was so much lighter, it moved as she walked, and she was much less warm.

She went back to Tim to thank him. Her almost naked body was now rubbed against his and he put his hands in her hair on the back of her head. He lifted her to bed and they skipped the foreplay completely. Both of them were so completely aroused, there was no need for that this time. After they both relaxed, Diane went back to the bathroom and checked her hair again. The wild sex with Tim had messed up hair perfectly straight hair already and she brushed it back down. She called Tim and asked him: “I love this cut, it short and sexy, but hard to control. What should I do?” This was the open door that Tim had been waiting for. “Your hair is very thick, it has a lot of volume and with the waves it wants to go back up. If you would cut layers in your hair, it would make it worse. It’s a better idea to do an undercut. I can cut the bottom few centimetres of your hair very short and that will make the hair fall back in nicely.” “OK”, she said, “can you do that?” All his equipment was still in the kitchen and she jumped back onto the bar stool.

He knew she had completely surrendered herself to him. She didn’t question whether he’d do it well and how high the undercut would be. She didn’t ask how short of a cut it would be. Tim parted her hair again and made a horizontal section from the ear to ear. In the middle it was a bit higher than on the sides to create a bit of an inverted “V”. Just the thought of cutting off all this hair completely turned him on. He fantasized he would take his clippers and shave all her hair off that was now hanging down and make it completely smooth by following it up with a wet razor shave. He knew he shouldn’t push his luck, or she would never want this type of a cut again. He put a guard #4 on his clippers and asked her whether she was sure. “Yes, I love this cut, but I want it lighter.” She was very confident, so he switched the clippers on. The vibrating machine send a shiver through his arm and body. Carefully, he pushed her head a bit forward and placed the machine at the bottom of her neck. Then he pushed the clippers up slowly. She had no clue how high he was going to shave it and how short he was cutting it. She enjoyed the touch of his gentle hands on her neck and she felt the locks of hair falling down her back. Tim shaved her nape quite high, although the 12mm length was very conservative. It didn’t take long or she had lost almost all her hair on the back of her head. Because her hair was so thick and dense, you still couldn’t see the skin, so it looked normal. When Tim was done, he removed the clips from her hair and brushed it back down. Her hair fell really nicely inward, and Diane could feel how much lighter it was. She felt the difference with her hands and gave him a big smile. “Thank you, wow, this feels great! Let me have a look in the mirror.” She went to the bathroom and checked the back of her hair with a hand-held mirror. It felt so nicely and it fell down so lovely! She was completely happy with her new cut! She took a bowl of ice-tea from the fridge and a few glasses and they went outside.

As they sat in the shadow, Tim couldn’t keep his eyes of her. She looked so completely different. She had always been beautiful, but his new look was really the best ever. He leaned forward to kiss her and she kissed him back. He placed his right hand around her neck and could feel the short stumbles in her neck. Just one hour ago, that hair was down to her elbows. Now reduced to 12 mm. Diane played with her hair a bit and then said: “You know, I had never thought I would love this cut. I always had very long hair and now I’ve fallen in love with this shortcut.” For Diane a bob haircut with a shaved nape felt like a shortcut. She continued: “… and I think I’d like to try and cut it even shorter.” Tim couldn’t believe his ears and responded: ”I’ve always thought you’d look great with short hair. What type of cut did you have in mind?” “Well”, she replied, “to start, the undercut needs to be shorter. I could try a much shorter bob, or a fringe, but perhaps a really short cut would be the best option. I mean, so much hair came off today and I love the result. It’s time to go very short. Can you shave my nape to just a few millimetres?” While she spoke, her fingers had taken his hands and she led him back to the kitchen where all his scissors and clippers were still prepared. She sat down and told him: “Can you make the undercut much shorter and then we’ll see what we’ll do?” Tim wanted to do nothing better than to shave her head with the clippers, but wanted to make sure that if she’d opt for a very shortcut, the neck wasn’t cut too short. “I can do that”, he said, “but if you want a real shor….” Diane interrupted him: “Honey, this cut you gave me was the best thing that happened to me in years. I had no clue I’d enjoy it so much and that it would look so good. Also, I can tell you are completely turned on with my new look.” She teased him as much as she could, and she played her game well. He switched the guard from #4 to #2, didn’t even bother the comb to long hair out of the way anymore and slowly pushed up the clippers through the hair on the back of her neck. Diane quickly followed with her own fingers. She loved the touch, it was soft and hard at the same time and she wondered how it’d feel if it was even shorter.

The ritual repeated itself as Diane checked her cut in the bathroom mirror. She couldn’t see a difference since her long hair was falling over it. However, when she’d touch her neck, she could only feel this very short hair. She held her hair in all directions and pulled it out of her face as if she had a fringe. She couldn’t believe that after all these years of having long hair, she just wanted it to have it cut very short now. She wondered if she should ask him again to take it even shorter… How would her friends react? What would they say at work? She sat down on the edge of the bathtub and closed her eyes for a few minutes and thought: “Isn’t it my hair, my life, my decision? She felt she wanted to ask Tim to keep cutting until…” She didn’t quite know, how short she wanted to take it.

After a while, she came out of the bathroom and said to Tim: “Could you keep cutting my hair? Can you cut a short bob, with my earlobes just exposed and then cut a full and short fringe?” She didn’t even wait for his response and jumped back on the stool. Tim knew his day had finally come and quickly got to work. He sprayed her hair wet, sectioned it and repeated the process of taking strands of hair out of the section and cutting them off. Her hair was now on one length all around and Diane’s shaved nape was clearly exposed. He combed a triangle section from the outside of her eyebrows to more or less the centre of the top of her head and pulled the rest of her hair behind her ears. He combed down this section, but it was too much hair to cut in one go. With a clip a separated half the section and combed the rest back down. With the rest of her hair being perfectly cut in one line, he wanted to have a bit movement on the fringe and he started to take small diagonal snips quite close to the hairline, her forehead was now completely exposed too. He combed down the remainder of the section and repeated his diagonal cutting, but even a bit shorter than on the first layer of the fringe. He took his blowdryer and modelled her hair perfectly. Diane loved every minute of it! She loved the feeling of her hair falling over her body, how her head was feeling lighter with every snip he did. She didn’t even bother anymore to go to the bathroom to check her looks and just used the handheld mirror Tim had given her. It turned a big smile on her face. “Wow, I love it!” She went with her fingers through her hair, closed her eyes for a second and then looked up at Tim. “I absolutely love this cut, this short hair. Do you want to do me a favour?” She didn’t even wait for the answer and continued: “Can you cut it completely short? Can you keep more or less the length of the fringe and she short back, but cut all the rest short enough that it blends in well?”

“Diane”, Tim started, “you neck is shaved to a #2, that’s about 6 mm (1/4 inch). If I cut your hair really short and blend the short back with the top and your fringe, it will be extremely short. Is that really what you want? Are you sure?” “Oh yes, I had long hair all my life, and now I love this short look and I just love the feel of it. I feel liberated and I want it all short.” Tim’s smile said enough. “Can you wash your hair quickly again? After the styling and the products I used to keep it straight, it’s better if I start with really clean hair.” Diane knew what he was getting at: “Why don’t you wash it for me? You can use any shampoo and conditioner on me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind… the royal treatment.” She held her face down as she spoke, but kept her big blue eyes focused on his.” Tim couldn’t wait to cut her hair and told her that she’d receive the royal treatment after her cut. They quickly washed Diane’s hair and as she sat on the stool again, he picked up his scissors and comb. He picked small sections from the top of her head and cut them as short as he could without cutting into his own fingers. Like with her fringe, he cut diagonally to create as much texture as he could. The fringe was already so short that only a little bit of hair was coming off, but at he came to the top of her head, long strands of hair started to fall again. It would be for the last time for quite a few years. Tim cut it extremely short and blended the top with the very short sides and back. He picked up his clippers again and put a #1 on. “Honey, I’m going to shave the bottom even shorter, to 3 mm.” She didn’t mind, in fact, she enjoyed every single minute of this session. Diane told him to go as short as he felt was good. He carefully shaved the bottom of her neck and around her ears at #1 and then blended the hairline with the #1 by using the bare clippers over the comb. He used a hairdryer to remove the small hairs and used a bit of wax to model her hair. She now had a vague parting, some hair was so short it stood upright. She looked absolutely great. “Feel it, honey, and have a look in the mirror. It looks really great on you.”, Tim said.

The carefully placed her hands in her back and felt nothing then short stubble as she made her way to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her eyes were big, he had left her hair slightly longer in front of her ears, and other than that it was incredibly short. She went back to Tim and put her left hand around his neck and pulled him towards her. Her right hand went straight into his pants. “Thank you”, Diane said, “Now, I will thank you.” She unbuttoned his pant with her left hand and kept a firm grip with her right. She gently pulled him in to their bedroom…

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