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Story by nistha choubey.                    Surprise mother daughter haircut.

Story type- true


I am a 16 year old girl. I have a boy cut and have to get it trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks. One day I quarrel with my mom because I wanted to grow my hair long .

She didn’t allow me and said I will have to get it trimmed as usual.

I was very angry and said why don’t you cut your hair short.

My mom has very beautiful thick and silky black hair up to her shoulder.

We went to the salon next day for our usual haircut. Mom had already booked an appointment.

Our hairdresser Sue escorted us to her station. I sat on the chair first as usual while Sue was talking to mom about my haircut. I couldn’t hear there conversation.

Sue took a large black cape and put on me. She took the clipped and put a guard on it.

I wasn’t surprised to see the clipper and they were used to trim my hair.

Sue started the clipper  pop zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzand put them on the back of my head and raised them higher and higher.

Now I realised that my hair is going to be cut really short.Although I was scared the clipper gave me a really good feeling. As if I wanted them to run all over my head.

I sat there helpless and saw moms reflection in the mirror who was watching this destruction.

The back was done and sue started with sides only then I realised how short it was.

My hair  was 2 inches long after the clipper passed any place.

Why mom was doing this I thought only because I told her to cut her hair short.

Either way my hair was very short on the sides and on the back . Now sue switched the clippers off changed the guard and put it one the front of my head.

I now realised I was getting a mens crew cut with sides 2 and top 4.As massive hair chunks fell inn the cape and the ground.

The clippers stopped and the cape was removed my head was feeling a lot lighter.

I got off  from the chair and sat in the waiting area as my mom got on the chair for a haircut.

I was happy with my haircut but still angry on mom who still had long beautiful hair.

Sue caped mom and started conversation about the haircut she wanted I again couldn’t hear them them. The only thing I heared was sue saying “are you sure” to my mom to which my mom replied yes.

Sue took the large black clipper form the self and removed the guard. I tried not to look at them.

She switched them on pop zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She put it on her head long black hair fell on the ground I tried not to see it but couldn’t.

The clippers continued to leave a clean shaved path. My mom was about to become bald.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz was the only sound that was heared as my mom was sheared and I sat there watching this .

Large chunks of hair fell on the ground and on the floor also.

Sue shaved the sides and top until mom was completely bald.

I had wetted my panties.

Sue took out a small clipper and started running it all over the head to clear small pieces of hair.

When that was done she kept the clipper . As mom and I was sitting staring the large chunks of shaved hair.

Mom was clean shaved.

Sue removed the cape and we paid and left.

On the road everyone was watching us.

Mom had not said a word after her headshave.

To be continued…..


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