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Shannon dragged her helpless boyfriend up to the shop. As they got closer he could see the barber pole and looking through the window, he noticied the large amount of women in the shop. A bell rang when they walked through the door. Almost all of the ladies in the shop were staring at them. Shannon sat him down in a waiting chair and went to talk to the receptionist.

The waiting area was filled with young women while the ones in the chairs all had rollers in their hair and were older. The whole shop from the checkered floor to the barber chairs, was black and pink. It had both barber and salon equipment. Looking around the shop more, he noticied the women in the back sitting in chairs with domes over their heads. He also spotted the short black haired woman he saw from outside. She was taking big rollers out of a womans hair. Each roller was slowly unrolled, each curl was teased up and sprayed with hairsrpay. Dan sat mesmerized by this girl working. He watched as she created a large, almost beehive hairstyle with the woman’s shoulder length bottle blonde hair. Shannon sat next to her boyfriend and watched Michelle finish up her client.

I watched the girl give a final coat of hairspray and she uncaped the woman. She shook the cape off and looked into the waiting room. I noticed she gave a glance at Shannon before looking at me and loudly yelling, “Next!”. “Your turn babe, hurry up.” Shit, that girl is Michelle. The olive skinned girl stared at me and ran her hand through her short black hair. It was lip length and she had long straight bangs that nearly covered he eyes. “Next please!” she yelled giving me an angry look. I quickly got up and hurried to the chair, hands still cuffed infront of me.

I approached the chair, it was large and pink. What an odd color for a barber chair. I saw that while I was rushing up here, the women in the shop began staring again. Michelle, standing like an executioner, motioned to the chair. Nervously I climbed in and sat down in the throne. Wow, this chair is so comfortable. The pink leather isn’t quite my style but I don’t have much of a choice. “So, what are we doing today hun”? What is she talking about? I thought her and Shannon planned something. “Uhhmm, just trim the ends a bit.”, “I can definitely do that. Let me get you caped and get that mane washed. She pulled my hair up and clipped it. Then a white strip was tightly wrapped around my neck like a collar. I’m already Shannon’s dog, is Michelle making me her’s too? The large black cape was placed over me. There were even pink pinstripes on it. The cape was pulled around my neck and with a large metallic click, was very tightly secured. I felt like I was her prisoner now, along with being Shannon’s.

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