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This is based on a true expirience with my first wife.

Trudy was a sexy woman for sure but a little frustrating at times. I never liked going to the barbers mainly because they never did your hair how you wanted. In the end Trudy bought a pair of clippers and started cutting it for me. She all ways ut it on a number 8 though she wanted to cut it shorter. Left to her own tastes it would have all been clipped off but I was never that keen. I all ways wanted to shave her pussy bare but she wouldnt do that. Every spring she would just trim it back and shave the sides so it didnt show outside her bikini. I kept asking her to shave it but no chance.
One evening I had been out training and when I got home I could see no lights on downstairs but the bedroom light was on. I went in and up the stairs to our bedroom. As I went through the bedroom door a big suprise was waiting. Trudy was standing on a towel totally naked with the hair clippers in her hand. As I looked in amazement she clicked the clippers into life and started to guide them down through her pussy hair, I was in heaven as I watched her hair disappear.Very soon her pussy was covered only in bristles. I had all ways wanted her to shave mine but she never would. “Will you shave mine aswell?” I asked. “Yes ” she replied. I threw off my clothes as quickly as I could. Trudy stood me on the towel and drove the clipers through my pubic hair and all round my balls. Soon I had nothing but stuble aswell. I felt so horny I just wanted to keep it going. It was at that moment that I decided to make sure Trudy felt really horny, I decided to let her take all of my hair.”Why dont we keep this going , run those clippers through my hair aswell” I said. “But you dont like me cutting your hair to short” Trudy replied. “I know but you wont shave your pussy but you have and its got me so horny. Its my gift to you for doing it” Trudy didnt need asking twice. She put a chair on the towel and I sat on it immedietly. Trudy’s nipples were rock hard. She was going to enjoy this and the thought of her turned on so much got me rock hard too. I took my cock in my hands as I felt the clippers take off my left sideburn. They then continued up and round my ear. Trudy then made another pass slightly higher on my left side followed by another one. Then she moved to my right side and pushed the clippers up through the right sideburn and round my ear, following it with two more strokes. I was now ompletly bald on both sides with just a strip of hair up the middle. Trudy now went behind me and started to push the clippers up the back of my head. I felt so horny. I couldnt stop stroking my cock. Next I felt the clippers glide over the top of my head and in no time I had a complete number 1 cut. “Can I shave it aswell?” asked Trudy. “Yes but you have to do something to your hair aswell” I replied. “What?” she asked looking puzzled. “Let me give you an undershave. It wont show with your hair down but when were in private you can put your hair up and show it off for me” She didnt look to keen on the idea at first. “Ive let you give me the hairstyle you want” I said. “You will look so sexy” I added. A wicked smile came over her face. “Oh go on then lets go really crazy” she said and sent to the draw for some hair grips. She pulled the hair up in a hair tie on top of her head then started to pull bits down above her ears. She pulled me out of the chair and sat down herself. “Ok lets do it” she said. I picked up the clippers and switched them on. I dont think I had ever felt so excited as I pushed the clippers round her ears and across the back of her head. “Lets go and shave all this stubble off both of us ” she said when I had finished. We both jumped in the bath and took it in turns to lather each other up and shave our newly clipped hair to smoothness. I ran my tounge over Trudy’s nice bald pussy. It was lovely having no hair.I let her run her wet pussy all over my bald head. Love making had never been so good.
That night was the start of a real exciting . I let Trudy keep my head shaved for the whole summer. I dont know why I hadnt done it before. I loved it and decided I would try and get Trudy to shave more of her hair for me. But that for another story.

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