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Shannon opened the door and forced Dan inside. A bell rang and all the women in the shop turned to look. Dan stood motionless infront of the door while his girlfriend went to talk to the receptionist. The two women in the waiting area and the two getting rollers put in, were both giving him odd smiles and giggling. “Sit down dear.” Shannon ordered. He followed her to one of the black chairs a few seats down from two ladies waiting for their turn in the chair as well. There were only two hairdressers working so it might take awhile. Looking around the salon/barbershop he saw the shiny black and white checkerboard floor. There were two sides to the shop, this must be where the name comes from. The shop had 6 chairs total, 3 black salon chairs and 3 large chromed red barber chairs. They were lined up on opposite walls of the shop. Two women were having their hair set in rollers on the salon side. That woman Dan had seen through the window was on of the hair dressers. The back wall had 3 black dryer chairs that one of the women, a brunette, was getting into. Dan saw she was being taken care of by the woman in the black latex uniform that all the workers were wearing. After getting her client situated under the dryer hood she headed over the one of the barber chairs. She grabbed a pinstriped cape off of the big red chair and made eye contact with Dan. He stared at her and after a few seconds she turned the chair towards him. Shaking the cape out with a loud clap she yelled, “Next!”

“What did she say?” I thought. “Next!” she loudly said. “Go on honey, it’s your turn.” Shannon said to me. I reluctantly stand up, still cuffed and walk over to the short haired lady waiting for me. My feet felt so heavy and time seemed to slow down, every step lasting what felt like minutes. When I finally reached the red barber chair smiling the woman said, “Hi I’m Michelle, welcome to the Two Way Street we are all certified hairstylists and barberettes. Why don’t you sit down for me and we’ll get that pretty hair taken care of.” I hopped in the chair, the red leather was surprisingly comfortable. She called herself a barberette, that could mean trouble seeing as how I’m in a barber’s chair.

Michelle began by brushing out my brown waist length hair which she wrapped into a top knot afterwards. She walked over to the mirror and pulled a paper of from a dispenser on the wall. This tissue was wrapped around my neck tightly and the cape was snapped around my neck practically choking me. Wow, this cape was huge. As if the chair wasn’t big enough my whole body was engulfed by the cape. I saw myself in the mirror. The caped reached a bit past my knees. I glanced at the top knot and nervously wait for what is in store for me.

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