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Regina was brushing her long dark hair in her room. Her hair reached past her knees and it was her best feature. Many people complemented her on it, everyone but her own mother.


Her mother had always hated her hair and wanted it gone but so far Regina could always talk her out of it. However, ever since her father died, things had drastically changed. She had always been a good girl and a straight A student but now that her beloved father was gone she skipped school and went out with her friends, drinking and smoking.

So far her mother hadn’t found out about the skipping but Regina was sure that would change soon. She felt bad about it but she just couldn’t help it. She needed to rebel in order to get past her father’s death.



“Regina!” her mother screamed and the teenager immediatly knew she was in for a lot of trouble.

She slowly went downstairs with a heavy heart. She knew she couldn’t avoid it though. When the brunette entered the kitchen she was surprised to see her older sister Zelena. Zelena was five years older than her and worked as a hairdresser. Regina was confused. What was she doing here?

“What is it, Mom?” She asked nervously, completely ignoring her sister. Zelena and her didn’t really get along and the red head had always been their mother’s favourite.

“You know what, Regina? Your school called me in my office today to ask me about your whereabouts. Aparently, you’ve been skipping school quite often lately. Care to explain?” Her mother explained in a low voice, Regina knew that her mother was extremly angry. There was nothing Regina could say to calm her down.

“I’m sorry, Mother. It’s just, ever since dad died, I haven’t had the muse to go to school. Everyone is staring at me and I just miss him so much.” She sobbed and felt a hard slap to her cheek. She cried out in pain and rubbed her burning flesh.

“Don’t bring your father into this! You drinking and smoking and skipping school has nothing to do with him. You are just trying to make me mad. I won’t stand for it. That’s why your sister is here, she will see to your punishment.” her mother smirked and Regina gulped, eyeing her sister carefully.


Zelena smirked as well. She was happy to finally get a hold of her little sister. She had always been jealous of her and now she would get revenge.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Regina demanded, flicking her long hair over her shoulder.

“As you well know, Zelena is a hairdresser and I told her to do whatever she wants with your hair.” Cora explained. Regina couldn’t believe this.

Her mother grabbed her arm and forced her to sit in a kitchen chair and held her in place. As Zelena pulled something out of a box and plugged it in. Suddenly the room was filled with a low humming noise and Regina knew immediatly what it was. Clippers!

She would get her head shaved just for a bit of school skipping. Tears ran down her cheeks as her sister pushed her head down, so her chin was touching her breasts and started shaving the hair at the nape.

Regina sobbed as she felt her hair sliding down her shoulders and onto the floor. She couldn’t believe her mother was actually doing this to her. She turned her head and looked at her mother furiously. The older woman was smirking at her the whole time.

More and more curls fell to the floor and Regina felt her head getting lighter and lighter. Cold air hit her neck and she shivered at revealation that she would be completely bald.

Zelena worked her way through her sister’s thick hair in slow motion, wanting to hurt her sister as much as possible. She was so happy to get rid of all that hair.


When ┬áthe back was completely bare she started at the right, removing the hair over her right ear very slowly and carefully. Regina cried and cried, she just couldn’t stop. It was all too much for her. Her daddy had loved her hair so much and now she would lose it all. She wouldn’t be the beautiful brunette anymore. She would look like a freak with her long hair completely gone.

The hair at the right was gone now too. Zelena moved the clippers to the left side and started over her sister’s ear again. The floor around Regina was completely covered in chocolate brown curls, taunting her. Now there was only the hair on top of her head left.

Zelena stopped for a moment and rubbed her sister’s bald sides, before she started at the front, right at the middle of her head. Long pieces of hair rained into her lap and she gripped the locks tightly, trying to make sense of the whole situation. Why was her family so cruel?

The last locks fell to the floor and when Zelena was finished she again rubbed Regina’s head and took great pleasure in her sister’s baldness. Cora joined her daughter and rubbed Regina’s head as well.


“Perfect,Zelena. I hope you learned your lesson now, Regina. Don’t ever disobey me again.” Regina nodded silently and stood up from the chair, picking her hair up and then running to her room, hiding the cut off hair in her room.

She couldn’t believe what her mother had done.

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