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I am currently in class 12th. I want to share my story when i was in class 9th.

Unlike most of the boys i had long hair. I always had a fear of getting haircut and it was almost 4 months i had a haircut. My school teachers did not allowed to have long hairstyles for boys. My father was consistently saying me to get my haircut. I always said i will get tomorrow surely.

One day my class teacher called my father and told him that my hair has to be shorten within few days. My dad was very angry with me.

He said me that now you will always get your haircut on time. He asked my mom to bring a dark red lipistik. He applied it to my lips. And then he wore me a salwar suit of my mother ! And then told me that you want to have hair like a girl na then i will make you full girl ! He said that i will never forget this lesson in my life. After making me look like a girl he took me to a barbershop. He told the barber to make me sit their till evening so that everyone notices me. I sat there for 4 hours ! After that my dad told the barber to give me a haircut.

Barber asked how much hair has to be cut. My father said him to give me a very short mushroom haircut. I was crying like hell.

Barber took a cape and covered me ! Then with the scissors he took of the long hair from the back.

Then he took zero guard clippers and starting shaving my head from back. There was no hair left in my back. Then he did the same on right and left side. And then finlly shortened my front hair. I was looking like a mushroom.

My dad paid the money and we went back to our home. Now everyone teases me ! And my father always give me haircut after 2 weeks.



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