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Hi…guys i am a hair fetisher in adulthood i lover short hair girl very much.

When i was in 2 year i love a girl and we both lover eachother and she had a beautiful wavy hair up to mid back.And she a mad about here hair and she experiment with here hair like radom hair colour and she will ask me suggestion.

After final year…we both tell to our parents and they accpeted. And i had a own bussiens. She is rich take over is dad company.After final year finish .With in 6 month we got marrige.I forget my hair fetisher habbit. I Remeber after marrige we brought a own house in .

In sunday moring .i get up and she came near the bed and hand over the comb and ask me to comb her.I think i got a chance finally to comb a girl hair and she colour her hair that time new colour skyblue,coabltblueand navyblue colour only in the end of hair alike highlight due to this colour she choose becauae of she is die hard fan of vida vox that reason she colour her like that .

I attach a pic that how she look alike. She ask me put her hair wht you like so that hair style she asked.Then i gather the hair .the was wavy untill midback it was hard to comb .I finished the combing and put here hair in normal braid.Then she nice work…and she asked can do my hair because u r doing better than me.I replied with ok..I do my best darling.Then i go for my work and came back to home in eveing .She said you the my hair very tight braid.she then told due to hot outside i felt like irretting.Again she asked me to do her hair like free. Then comb her hair and put center clip hair style.She said it lot better.While we sitting in the sofa she laid down on my chest and asked honey u like my hair and haircolour.If u like any other style i can change like u r wish.I told ,i am now satified with u r style and By the flow i asked when did u last trim because it had lot of split end and it will cause hair fall.She then replied i foget to trim my last trim is 6 month back she said and i am watching tv and She ask me can u trim my hair .I am react with puzzled in face.She said y u thinging i am trust u .you can trim my hair i saw u r work it was nice.

I its u r wish..I tell her to sit in the compterchair.She and said cut 2inch. And then i start my work i warined her and asked her are sure about .she replied it will be fine.Then i combing her hair so had its to wavy that y the is get straighted.Agian i comb her hair.And begun to cut but now another problem her hair is to long .Then i told her to stand near the mirror.I dont any proper tools ex(cape,sparybottle) so i am randomly stich a cellotape in back of her.Above 2inch of hair the i begun to cut slowly.Then i finished told her to check .She u cut corrtely well done.Then after she said honey i know u have hair fetish.she said find it yesterday in hostel .i watched u starring at the long girls.then i said sorry i cant control it honey really sorry.

She repiled i forgive with a smile.And she said u can do any style u like in my hair.And ur going to my comb and trim her after.I said thx .she repiled with i am also had a hair fetish for my childhood.Then we both went to bed in the tomorrow in bathroom whlie trimming my bread then i watch video in youtube then gaving my self a haircut with the cillper.I finish my bread i cant do my back side my head.then i asked help woth her. She came asked i want to do.i tell yesterday i cut u r hair u r going to cut my hair.she said ok and tell guide me. She know how to do my hair ia bit long .she do in funny way. She section my hair and put hair clip in my head leaving side alone then o told her attack 1/2 guad do in back and 1guad in sides.Fist she buzz in right side than left side last back .And she ask wht want to so in middle i said reduce a bit.than she comb my center hair to left side.my hair is so long that hair reach untill my ear.she finish my haircut.Then asked can u buzz my neck not my nape she said there lot uneven hair .Then i tell here to sit in the chair .I comb her hair .It was really very hard, so gather her hair and twist her hair and put top of here head and secure with claw clip .I begun to clip her hair at neck is quiet lot and bit long .After finishing it she said me to do today new hairstyle.I told here to stay and bring a tit tat clip and rubber band and i didnt comb her i do directily do the side braid .This repeat for 2 month and then we move to Europe.

In Europe she asked me to cut her untill breast.Now i had all equimentes .In bathroom i tell her to sid on the chair .In put her hair in front .Then i confirm her hair cut in breast level.And now she said me do layer and long bangs.Then i begaun to comb and took to rubber band and put in my hands .First in drag her hair left side.And my finger slide thouger her hair then..i drag here very tightely and i put rubber band also very tight on left side then o repeated on the other side .that twin tight hig ponytail .It quiet in back up of her head .It was so funny and i told her to get up and we took some pic then .Back work i put the twopony tail in front side .then i move to front knee in fort of here and i cut here at the bra strap level .I start with left side .Her hair was grow from the last cut . Now her hair reaching untill her keens while she is sitting .It was almost 10inchs to 15inchs then i forget the scissors where i kept. Then i had other idea i saw my bread trimmer.Then i remove the guad and put at bra strap.The cillper is harvesting like wheat frammer.I tell her to put her hair on in fornt of her breast and my one hand is placing comb that braest and another useing cillper .I Only hear a sound alike buzzzzzzzzzz.zz……zzzzzand schhhhhhhhhhh.zzzzz.And the hair fall down on her lap .The cillper was accquart i see no hair below the braest. Now i Change the side repeat on another side also.The hair was balck and blue and thick and long .

I asked her to,i can save u r nape.she askwd can u do properly and dont do a mess .She asked wht shape u going to do in back .i said v shape i will suit u if u put highpony tail .She puzzled..and thinging .so with queation her i took the cillper.i forget to tell.I didnt took the rubber band from the twin tail hair style.she was still in the twin tail hair style.I start to process.I can see the center line of her head that sperated the two sides .I first i place the cillper without guad it like blad patch zero guad rest will be no guad.the back left side and i try to half v shape.I felt enjoying I drew a line on two side ofguide by useing the cillper i place her head drag little bit up for half v shape i did it on both sides.Then start cillper the souund come zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.When cillper touch the hair . The sound changes to.Shshshhshshshshahahshshshhshshs.shshhshs…………Then i finished the left side the medium bit of hair haning on the of her head .i did 4inch above her neck .but i told her 2inch above her neck.She told me to hurry up .So i speed my work .now i am randomly place the cillper the right side.
By useing the guide line i buzz taht area .Now i remove the rubber band on two.And i took the comb and comb Lot of hair from her nape falls alike rain fall.Then i collet the hair put it in her lap. Now i move to the bangs .I comb in front side. Now the hair cover her face .I comb untill the her noise and place comb on there i took cillper slowly move the now her bangs done ..Thx for reading it hope u enjoy it


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