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Hi…Guys and girls. This a true story.Me and my sister had 0guad buzzcut by my husband .I enterduce myself I am 35 Indian women .I am had waith-length hair shiny and silky . I married in when I was in age 19.

We are middle class family.And I hand two daughters.there 16age.there hair untill knees.We never go to parlour for trim. My husband is hair fetish .After my marriage I got lot spilt ends due to I didn’t trim for a year.I asked my husband for money for trim.He shout at me and slap me in the head .Then after some time he come near me ask sorry.And he said Don’t worry you are trim will me done.I simle and ask him are you giving me money for trim .He said he will do trim for me .I asked him nervously​ .Then Told me to sit in plastic chair in kitchen.Then he comb my hair for 30min and he said he had hair festish he said it was normal.And he he love long hair he said it while combing my hair.After combing he didn’t ask me anything .He simply told I am going to chopp off the hair .I scared what he going to do.That time I am 19age and my hair up buttocks .We don’t had scissors he said .I told him we will do another day.He drag me down to the and said sit down and wait. He’s was voice rasied. Suddenly I saw a knife on kitchen table.he pick up .And told me to change the position . Knee down in the chair .Then gather my hair in his hand .The knife was so shape .He put knife in the wait-length. He wipe my hair off that more than the trim .Then he comb hair again.He said “If you are going for trim ,I only do it”.And I will Do Your​ hai r here after .On the next I wear 2 braid . Suddenly,he came near me and unbraid me and he redo it.My husband hair fetish was growing everyday.

In age of 20, I am pegranent.my hair start to fall and lost of dandruff .That time my sister also pegranent .She came to my home.her hair longer than me.My husband told me to come to the bathroom.My sister interpret and she said you here to grow her hair.My husband told me cut my hair short or head shave .I had lots is hair fall.My had a bag that had something inside. I thought its gift.I ask him it’s a gift for me ,he said yes it’s.And told my sister also kitchen.I asked Why?

If for your hairfall curue.Then he unwrapped the box the box was named cillper.Then arrange an chair told me to sit .And he said ready for your head shaved for both of and, we both shocked.my sister why?He told my sister husband told my husband to shave her head .And my husband said he is going to shave my head.

Now,we both argue we him, he is not compermied .I fight a while then I accept it .Me and sister had a recipe for farst hair growth our mother teach us how to make it.It will work I will the hair mass higer than this in next year.my sister was crying.So I sit in the chair first. He didn’t put any cape or proper cut.near there is plug point he plug the cillper in that.That I put my hair in center clip .He took the clip put in dustbin .My hair hanging back at the chair.He told to my sister to ready for yourself your next.He comb my hair last time. And He gather my hair.He siad it can’t fit in my hand then it can’t fit in dustbin.He gather all my hair and he began.I can hear a sound buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..He came front of me . He’s left hand hold my hair like rabbits ears.and his right hand hand the cillper. The sound increase .He put in right in my forehead.He do it like a animals.HE drag me hair so hard when the cillper touch the head the sound change to shshsshhhshshshsgshshgs…….He drew the cillper in my head .Now my head half head .I can in mirror and sister in toching her hair and crying.No hair fell in my lap .Now I am quiet enjoy it .When he done,he lift is left hand and it whole my hair .Then he though the hair in lap.And tell me put in the Conner.He evil and my sister .She is sitting in the chair and she wear a braid and begging him to don’t do it .He said me um braid her.And he told me to put high ponytail .I did high ponytail very tight.He asked how it’s experience, I said it was nice then gave me the cillper in my hand and told me shave her head in back .I shaved her untill the highponytail then He do the fornt .Now we both bald.Then talk the shaved hair and sold it in market.



To be counties …….



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