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This story was real……..Two hostelgirls in the age of 20.One girl name is Ridhi another girl name is siya.
They two share the room.Ridhi was wavy and untill her buttlocks.siya hair up her midback length and curls.

THE both girls had hair fetish . That they both of they try for a hairstyle change.The two girls studying hair stylesit.
In the hostel room Ridhi cut siya hair while she is sleeping.But siya found.
Two days later…..siya talk about, the summer was very hot.Ridhi told that, we should reduce our length.siya said its a good idea .The next day they playing bet games.Siya told , I bet that foot ball team will if not i will shave my head.Siya said in funny manare.And the team lost the match.Ridhi said its time tp shave.Siya scared and Ridhi said dont panic i will shave u r nape only.Then Ridhi told her to sit the floor and she comb her and and maked a high ponutail And placed a claw clip top of siya head.And then she, which shape u want siya v or u. Siya said v shape. Ridhi placed the cillper at back.And finish the work.Finally she open the claw clip and remove the rubber band from ponytail.The huge mass of blacl curls hair falls and ridhi collect the hair and put in the dustbin.Then the next there friends in hostel doing buzzcut for summer.They walk in the corider. They say there friend sitting the chair another firend is shaveing her head by using cillper.She did a ultra short cut and 6 girls in the quene waiting.This two girls back to there room and dissuse about short.

This time siya place the plasitc chair and told ridhi to sit in chair.Siya palced camera in bacl and she try to cover her full head.Ridhi had losts os dandruff.She told siya to tale it all off .So, siya aaked which u want ? She said 0 guad in nape amd 1/2guad in sides and 4guad on front.
Siya comb her hair sperate in front and put a claw clip and the left,and right side of hair is hanging on back of the chair.siya Tell her bend u r head right side.Then siya began she tool the comb and cillper her hands.She put 1/2guad and put in the left side pf ridhi head.The cillper sound so good that ridhi is enjoy for that.siya move the cillper and the wavy black hair up to buttlock or fallen en left side.Siya finish in left sid that only 1 hair in there 2feet hair in the siya foot.siya repeated on another side.After the both side finished.Siya un clip the hair now ridhi hair is only in center and back.siya grab the hair in the hand and moves cillper in the forehead she is so fast.siya finished ridhi head.almost the room floors is cover with ridhi wavy black hair.Then ridhi drag siya and put her in the chair.Siya in pony tail.Siya asked ridhi can i tale the rubber band from the ponytail.Ridhi said no.And told Your going get buzzcut now siya.Siya cried but she cant walk away.Siya saw ridhi is remove the guad in the cillper it like 0guad.Then ridhi began with the left side .siya hair is loose in the left side she wear very tight ponytail.The moved to right side .She finished both side bald without any hair.now siya is in mowk hair bit the hair still hanging.Ridhi agian without guad placed in the fore head siya was get up and cry in the corener.Ridhi agian repeated in front .now only the back hair holds the ponytail.Ridhi finish the siya head her head is bald in hair.Ridhi took the siya hair and brush to siya.

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