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Me and my wife settle in Europe….We both are hair fetish.so,that we cut our hair each other .This my revenge buzzcut.

She had her hair up buttocks and wavy and she coloured it in blue.Before 18 month.She put a bet in that I lost it.We bet if it rain will come are not.I said rain will come but I lost .She said me to don’t cut u r hair 1year .First I accept after 6 month my hair touch my shoulder.I feel so shy.she try to make of me ,she put me a ponytail .After another 6months.The 1 Year was completed now my hair is below my shoulder.She again did a bet,She said if lost I will my head.If u lost u had 2 surprise options.While watching TV she said she favorite cricket team will win .And my team is lost.Again I lost he bring me to the bathroom and said u have options 1.another 6 month u should grow u r hair and 2.Now, I will buzz u r head number 1 guad.so,I said u r wish,Then she began to comb my hair and began to gather my hair in her left and and in right she pop the cillper.She put through in my forehead . I can see in mirror my looses.She do in side and back and give a crew cut.

Then I wait for my revenge.Now,I turn to put bet.then told new bet if the rain is come I will wht u want. Then if it not I will wht I like in u r head.she accept.The rain didn’t come.I won I told her go and sit in front of mirror she no idea I wht I am going to do.I told her sit and said u have .U have 5 options 1.I will shave u r head bald. 2.I will do a ultra short cut. 3.I will do shave half u r head. 4.suprise summer cut by me. 5.you suggest any but no sissors.

She choose options 4.Then I told it’s side sides and back.she accept.Then I began to comb the wavy hair.Then slowly enjoy the revenge. First I spereate the top section.And leave the side’s and back hanging behind her.I clip the top section and turn on the cillper .I bend her head in left side and start shave right side  with 0guad.The cillper touch her head and the blue hair start to fall in her lap and floor.The Right side competed .Now told her to bend in right side.And start to shave left side .The cillper touch the head the hair fell in her face and she also enjoy it .Now left and right are bald .Then I moved to back with cillper .Then I moved the cillper up the hair falls alike rain fall in my feet.Now her head is sides and back shaved.Then I unclip the center and I made a mowk braid  high ponytail.This is alike, The many  small braid in center and put in ponytail in back.Then try new styles everyday

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