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She was the dream. She was everything a guy wanted. Pretty, nice, sexy, and of course, a hairdresser. A little over 5 feet tall, blonde, blue eyes, athletic, sexy, everything a guy could ever ask for.

I had seen her at one of my brother’s baseball games, as her son played on the same team, and her husband was one of the coaches. I had seen her around, and she was nice to me. Since she lived literally 2 seconds from me, she used to cut my hair. She has a salon in her house, that her husband built.

One day at the field, I ran into her. I said “hey, what’s up?” She asked me how I was and we had a small conversation. I had asked her if she was still doing hair (which I knew she was) and she said yes, and asked me why I was asking. I said because I was looking for somewhere new to cut my hair, and she stopped me in my tracks. She said say no more, because she said she would do it for me. I asked what time I should be in, and she said Saturday at 8pm. I thanked her, and we parted ways.

Saturday night came, and I walked down to her house and salon. I knocked on the door, and was greeted by her. I walked in, and sat down in the salon chair. I get really nervous when women cut my hair as I enjoy it, but get overcome with excitement when a cute woman like herself does it. She asked me what I wanted done, and I didn’t know. What did I want? I had somewhat long hair, and asked to go shorter, I said I usually do clippers on the sides, and a short, scissor style on top. But I said I wanted change. I said I wanted to try a buzzcut, but I didn’t’t know how short I wanted to go. She agreed to do a #4 all over, and I got real nervous. She said she had to grab a clipper guard she left somewhere else.

So there I was, caped, and sitting there helpless in a salon chair. Then I heard the door open. In stepped a smoke-show hairdresser. In the tightest lingerie, and handcuffs for me. I was handcuffed to the chair, and she immediately ripped the cape off to assess my raging hard noticeably showing in my jeans. Those came off, and she jumped up into my lap, and fired up the Wahl clippers. I saw her snap on the guard, and the front strip of my hair was gone, and then, she she shushed, me, as I was trying to stop her. I was 18, so it was legal for her to do what she wanted to me. Although she was gonna cheat on her husband.

She wanted to shave all my hair off, and I let her, so that was that. I had to sit there, with a sexy blonde in my lap, shaving every last inch of hair off of my head. I let her do whatever she wanted, as she was the one with the clippers, and it was her salon.

With my newly bald head, she lead me up to her bedroom, and as you could guess, the rest is history… 😉

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