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It was  rare to girls had hair festish right?….Yes, I had very hard hair festish from my age of 14.In that time I had wavy hair up hip.

One day,while going in the side walk I saw a women at the age of 28 is sitting in the chair .I know her..She was my neighbor so, I sat in the chair to see what she doing .She had black hair up here but lock. It was werid to see a women in the baber shop chair.Then I asked why are you sitting in here and I said go to salon.

She replied,wait and watch.so I sat in the near baber chair that was free .She is only the one Customer in the shop.

The baber came after few minutes and asked who Deepak and she said her .Baber said ok to here.Then he turned to me and asked why I want to do for you.And I said no,I am here to watch here.she replied. The girl is come with me .

Now,baber rise the chair level.Then he took the cape and strap in her neck .She wear a ponytail very tightly.Her hair is hanging​ in the back of the chair .Then the baber took of the rubber band from her ponytail and gaved to me and said it will use for you girl.Then he compliment about my hair,he said you have long hair while he saying.She asked the baber to finish quick.so he moved to her and took the comb. And sparyed her hair,her hair was soaked in water. Then asked to her shall .I began lady.she replied with .Yes,you start now.

Then he took a blade and insect in the staright razor. I can’t believe what I see. I asked are you mad you want to shave your head.she simled and tell me sit down.The baber said you have lot of hair and it was going to lot of mess in the ground.Then barber put hair in front side alike in the cape.He put the hair fully in the front side. She hold her hair ,Her hand is inside of the cape and hair is out side of the cape so she hold like that.

The baber put Razer in the crow area and silde it downwards. I see a pale skin in the crow area the hair was not fall down she hold it down and she let it go the huge mass of black hair fall down in the ground.he finish the back now her nape and crow was shaved .Then he put Razer in the forehead and shhhhhh. Sound the hair falls down .That she was like a bald uncle.Now the baber smooth her head redo the shave with shaving cream.now her head was bald completely,The baber un cape her . She was in t-shirt and long lock stick in her dress.The baber brush her and put the powder and she told the baber to shave my head I was shocked and then she said, just kidding go and sit the chair .Then the baber Took the rubber band from my hand and told me sit now, so sat and down he caped me and asked what I want to do with her hair?

I began to beg and told her to stop . Nothing like,she replied .He caped me and comb my wavy hair and he sprayed water . Then he put the rubber band in the table and smile at me.I was in the center clip I like a lot and .The he comb at the end .She said him to trim my hair .Now I’m relax ,then  he took 2inch and said it’s enough and took scissor and he trimmed​ the ends and, I try to get up ,she press my shoulder and push be down and said wait it’s not done yet.

Then she roll my hair and put claw clip on the center of my head then he on the electric cillper and she told him to shave the exes hair that grown unwanted. Then shaved the unwanted hair.Uncaped me and while I was standing the baber comb my hair and put twin barid and wet the braid,and told me it will increase the wavy hair volume .He said un braid it tomorrow.

Deepak and me leaveing the shop and she told me she had the hair festish and she want to change. I asked wht was that .She said soon you will get it.Days past the I can’t sleep the hair cut was wake me always.And then I was started to read stories and see videos of women headshaveing and short hair.

Few years later mother divorce my father and she not notice me and she hangs with her new husband.

The hair festish triggered me only again, My mom was sit in the plastic chair in the living room in front of mirror.She asked me to come over her and she said you want to do me a favor.So I accept and she show me a picture and asked do me this. The picture was a girl was in chin length Bob and with long bangs.

I waited it for long .She have long hair up to her breast level with curls. Then she gave me the comb and I comb.we don’t have any proper tools. So,I bring the  scissor in that cut clothes. I put the scissor in chin .The scissor to big in one snip her chin to her back the curl hair began to fall the floor now one side completely she do it on another side and she level it and the I snip the hair in the back Chuck of curl hair began to fall.then I moved to bangs the and cut correct. After finishing it I moved to my room .

After my step dad came he said ,he didn’t like that hairstyle   for her.she began to cry. After few day still she hate it .In Sunday her husband and I was watching TV. He moved his hand to my hair and told you have lots hair you need series trim ,If you  don’t mind I Will suggest you some hair style then he send me the picture to my email.And suddenly she him told to take all off.He asked wht I want to take it off.She told ,To take off her hair.He was happy to hear it I also a hair festish.In the hall me and him was sitting in the sofa .And he told her to bring the cillper he used trim is bread.I told to sat in the small table in front of the sofa.She sat and I bring the cillper and gave to him, she pulged in the electric socket near the sofa.She was crying and said curly hair is not suit for Bob.he then say I will fix it up.

He gave the cillper and told me the back. So I started to comb her curly locks with the cillper guad 1 it was very short I can see her sclap. I shave her head crown to nape now she was half shave ball .He drew the cillper in she forehead and he do it so quickly that her hair cover the table .Now she was get up and dust her body in that time my other sister name siya and Ramya came him there age was 20,and 22 . They are really not my sister there are my step dad exwife daughters.He told both girl to come.Siya have she hair in shoulder length Bob and Ramya was had her below  shoulder.

He said to them,Your asking me for a summer cut right they both of get excited and said right dad and he now only u r mom was done your turn girls.They happy

He first said siya to sit in same table. And asked her did you choose the hairstyle siya said,yes and show him mowk hairstyle that mean the hair in the forehead up crown area only have hair other side are buzzcut .Siya is bit open hair.He bring the comb and he serach something I asked what he then took my one braid that time I was in the twin braid .He pick one braid and pick the rubber band told me you don’t needed it now .then separate the top hair secure with claw clip in the center if her head.The put the cillper in 1/2guad and began with left side.now her hair rains down the floor . After he completed the left side .Now siya had hair in center and other side are buzzcut.The rubber band that he took from me, he used to put a mowk ponytail on her.

He then said Ramya now is u r turn he asked wht style you want.She told ,dad summer was so hot you do anything that reduces the heat.He said then bowl cut is perfect for you.She sit in the same table in front of sofa and the table is full of hair.Then told me to bring a small bowl from the kitchen,so I bring that,then he placed it in her head.He took the cillper again and on it. Told her to stay still. He work with the hair that was out of the bowl . After cut that hair he reduce the bang length above her eyebrows.And he shave the nape.

Then he told me sit in the table.I was said I don’t need a haircut.He said come girl it is summer you need a cut.
After he try to convince me and my sister also try to convince me.but I didn’t not accept.Then tell me your will grow quick .And he explained me ,that he had a important lotion that help the hair grow fast.And he show the picture of my sister in last summer the two had completed buzz cut.And he was so rich he buy the lotion from the France .

I accept and sat in the table.I think it just a hair I and like cut it.

He unbraid, my braids.my hair is reach below the he comb my hair .And told him to don’t cut it short.

He grab my cheeks like a baber is the baberchair. He attach the the 1cm guard.I didn’t watch what he. Doing then I hear the sound of the cillper that chill my spine.He placed straight in my forehead and said your going like this and push the cillper up to my crown the Chuck of my wavy hair falls back.I touch my head and spot the no hair my center of my head and my sister came near me and I began to cry the took pictures of me and show and I start to laugh I look like a bald uncle with long on sides.He told now you can’t back lady now sit down.He comb hair with cillper.l fully my head.Now I am a summer boyhaircut .Then he gave me the lotion and apply my head there was two month to reopen. He told you will get a midback length hair.In one month my hair reach my shoulder.So I believed him.And I asked him more lotion after school open. He told ,I will give the lotion after the buzzcut in summer.
My story have lot to explain I will show it in another story.

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