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Hi I’m a hairfestish.but I am a girl I can’t play with long hair.i share my experience with you

The story start with me when was 6std my mom said she had a vow to shave my head in my age of 12 that mean I am studying 5std .My mom said to my dad to not cut my hair.After 1 year my hair reach below my shoulder.Before that I have my hair in pixes ,I wear a bun are ponytail due no time to go the temple.In 6std summer my mom bring the baber to home shave my head.So the put two rubber band on each side make a small ponytail he start shave my head I like the very much and suddenly I get up and go and saw me in the mirror one side hair is hanging and the another side rest there that how my hair festish start.He baber stand back me and start to shave me I am watching my hair shaved in the mirror He complete me and he leaves.

In my 9std summer holidays. I had a accident .The doctor told me to . Don’t go to school for 1 year .He suggest ous for home school my father is Rich again my mom had a vow to shave my head.She vow if I get back to normal she vow to give one family members hair.That accident broke my hip bone.And in the summer holidays of the 9std my hair grow below my elbow.She comb my hair and oil my hair and she even put braid.Every time she comb my she told dont like your hair too mush she said it will goes to temple soon.That time my father goes to abord.The arrive​ for my head shave. She bring the baber to home .She said the baber to shave my head the baber denied and said to her the god will not accept the my hair because I was on injury.She was tensed and that day in our family on of them give the hair to God .She asked to shave she head .He said to her if you shave you head in future also you must shave your head due she carry my vow.She that hair up to her butt.She love her hair everyday she comb  it and oil.The baber sat in the hall in that time I am in the sofa . Then mom sat front of her the baber put water in here head untill her soaked in the water I am video it my phone .The baber asked to should I shave with the braid or I leave it open.O told leave it open.He began to unbraid it.He cover a withe cloth on his legs and he told her bend her head backward .Now instead a  half blade in the razer and asked her I can began she said yes and finish it quickly her eyes are full of tear

He put it in the forehead and drag back ward until the crown area  then the Chuck of black hair fell in the whitecloth . he talk to me and said today you escaped from the headshave and your mom doing it for.I simled on him.He said sorry me and Mom for he start to shave in the forehead .He explained girls and women fell embarrassed when start to shave in the front and he said we are in Indor and it was easy to shave and we can quickly finish my mom said pls do it fast in the high voice.the baber face turn and he pull her hair tightly and very fast he shave her head he make some scare and it was bleed a little bit now she was bald in left .Her hair was dry he gather her hair fast and he shave in the right side .After he finished he moved out. Her head was fully shaved in some place there a little bit hair she cry for rest of the day.In 2month I began to walk we moved far away from my old place.

Her hair was grow like a boy cut and uneven.she didn’t trust and go to the baber.she buy a cillper and gave to me and sit front of me and said to buzz the above her ears and back side.after a year

She go to our home town for 6 month .I am had a 10std exam so I was in my home alone .In that time my hair is up to my keenlength and I am home alone and I am a hair festish so I daily cut my hair and style it . And it was summer.

One day my friend came to my home stay for week for study later I found she also had hairfestish,​ I saw her phone history she watch shaving for women and shortcut girl.I saw her gallery full of headshave and haircut video .In the night we go to bed I asked about hairshe she said it’s normal.In the night we both put style your hair’s.I showed my mom headshave video and she said she want shave her head but in her home they didn’t allow her .I told her I also want to shave my head.We put a plan.

After the exam over I told her to tell to her parents she had a vow that if she get 490+she will shave her head. She told to her parents the accept .My plan was told my mom that I had a bet if I get below 490 i will shave my head .In our home my friend will shave my head if I get more than that I will shave her head my mom know her so she accept it After results came she get above 490.And I get below 490 I wait to go bald .My mom asked are sure want to accept and shave it.I said it’s ok and it’s fine.She told her parents she vow near temple near my home so there drop her on my home.

The door bell ring my mom open she asked me and my mom said I am in my room.

My mom compliment about her hair.she had her hair was wavy back and up to butt .She compliment about my mom hair she had short Bob.She told to mom that her hair will gone today . My mom shocked and asked why she explained when we do home study I go to the temple and I vow . I will shave my head in the temple next to u r home aunt.My mom said good decision.My mom told about the bet to her. She said if u want I get her together.My mom told she dont allow to me shave for bet.She said she had 2vow if I get more than 450 she will shave my head for vow.then another vow is because of I get 485.She will shave she head.My friend and me go the temple we came to home .My mom asked wht happened .We said the temple was closed due interwork.My mom told its ok we will do it when it open.My friend said today she promised to God to give her hair and throw it  in the pound.I gave suggestion to we can go the baber shop.My mom said no to me and told her wait ur vow will complete now .My mom said we all will finish our vow I asked her how .She put the god photo in the table in hall .And my mom said to me bet is bet she will shave my head the we will give to God .Otherwise god will not accept your hair.My mom told me to sit in the chair in the hall in front of mirror and my mom said me to wear to sleeve less tshit and she gave on to her also .We both wear that.my mom First I sat in the chair my mom bring the cillper and gave to my friend and she shave me at back side only(nape) I was not like that I want shave my head fully and now.My friend done my nape .No hair there I was already shave it when I was in home alone.I act alike crying to my mom why you do that how I can go outside.I said shave me fully.My mom replied I will save it wait.She told my friend to sit in the chair.

      My told in Temple they will shave it with the razer buy sorry I didn’t had that .My friend said no only the traditional way then only here vow will complete .I told I will buy a bald we the razor dad used once.I buy it and gave to my mom.She instead in the razer and my friend gave her phone and told me to record it. While I am recording my mom tell her to wet her hair in bathroom then come and sit.she went to the bathroom and she pick the mug of water and put in her head she was wet .She say in the chair and my mom cover her shoulder with towel .My mom took a section of small hair in the crown and she put the blade and move it back ward the hair fall in the ground and she continues in the back and then floor was fill with the hair .Then she put it in the forehead and drag it backside she continues that stroke then .My friend had few hair left my mom finish her .My friend get up and dust the hair on her body and she gather hair and put a rubber band and she make a pony on thatMy mom said her you have a brave  heart and you cute in bald .My mom told her to wet my hair . After wet my hair I sat .My mom make a two bun konte and she secure with rubber band no hair will escape out.My mom said don’t move it will finish quickly.Mean while my friend recording with carema.My start at my forehead and she make a patch I like that feeling I touch that place .She stroke in the left side and bend my head right side .Now the bun was hanging side she completed that side the bun fell down .noe I am half bald.I took it and play with it my mom move to the right side she repeated on other side after finishing both side . She press my cheeks like a kind in the baberchair she shave the rest with a cillper.Now I am bald too me and my friend was touching each other head and playing with the fallen hair.My mom goes to bathroom room she wet her hair and sat in the chair. I asked she I can shave with her razor she said no and she no and she said me shave with cillper .She had wavy this hair up to her chin it was hard to make a ponytail.So,me and my friend make her a pigtails now she is like a cute kid.I asked  I shall began she said and my friend recording with carema again.I placed the cillper the forehead and move straight back to nape with 0guad.Now she bald in center.  I continued with it. After completed her head we pack the hair in back and throw in the pound

We both planned now in 12std result but now in babershop……

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