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I had hairfestish in my childhood.I like to grow my hair and shave and shave a girl. But my wish are not fullfill.Two year before​ I married a girl have long hair up her waithlength that why I married and also I love her .We moved  to Mumbai in 10days after marriage I told her I had hairfestish and it was normal.

She is very active girl .She aware of and she told me to do her hair daily and trim in 2months once. In 2 years I didn’t cut my hair,She comb my hair and she make a pony and braid and I comb her hair it continues for 2years.Now my hair was so long that my wife thought I going to keep to for long. But I said maybe.

The next month summer began and our friend in Mumbai had cancer.She was our close to us and he was small girl 22 only my wife  and me also alike her.After we know the news. So I told my wife .she was shocked and I said she was now bald we must help her .My wife accept it.So,I told it now .First I sat in bathroom.A chair  in front of mirror .I told my wife to buzz it to milltray cut .She play with my hair like making pigtail and laugh at me and I said u next she said,”I know that now I am going to play with your hair”She make a top ponytail and she put rubber band in that.She put the cillper in my back of head and she knows how to cut hair.She do it like expect and she finish it back and now she put it on my forehead and move forward the cillper and she repeated it my ponytail was hanging left side then finish my head and The ponytail was fell in the ground and she take and use it as a brush for me to Dusty the hair.Now I had 1/2hair in my head.Now she sat in the chair and asked are going to buzz my hair.I said,yes.She said ok and it will grow back soon.I said just kidding .I said to her for few month you can’t make a braid I am going give a shoulder length haircut.She always make braid and twin braid in the head .I didn’t comb her head I make a messy braid and but the cillper the shoulder and cut the braid into half .After it cut lots of her hair in half braid .I didn’t shave my wife head because I want her with hair.Then only I can enjoy daily hairfestish

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