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I had to take the time to tell you about the experience I had on Tuesday evening (my birthday). A friend and co-worker came over get her hair trimmed. I’ve known (and lusted after her) for about 3 years. She is a delight to the eyes! She is 5’8″ tall, blonde hair thick and straight 6 inches past her shoulders, athletic build (tiny waist) and deep blue eyes. I love her hair… When we met it was mid back and growing out a perm. The second time I cut her hair, I cut the perm off and she was left with a chin-length bob. After a couple years and frequent small trims, her hair is now SUPER healthy and exquisite to look at and touch. Wendy loves getting her hair cut and styled (who doesn’t). She especially likes to have it brushed while I cut it and while I style it. She closes her eyes and sort of drifts away…you can see it on her face. Although she isn’t dating anyone, we’ve never dated because there has just been no spark between us but we’re very close. In exchange for free hair care, she takes care of my dog while I’m traveling. The last half dozen times she’s been over for haircuts, she has been trimming my hair under my close supervision. She used to cut her boyfriend’s hair and I can tell by watching her that she has a natural talent for it. She is very comfortable using a scissors but she is afraid of the clippers. Since I must maintain a professional appearance, I can not and will not buzz all my hair off. I have had it done before and I looked like a squirrel. I do like it very short and tapered at the nape and above my ears. I’ve had to put the guides on the clippers and do it myself while she watched me. Last time she used the clippers but didn’t quite get the hang of it and I finished it myself.

I returned from a trip on Tuesday and called her to see if there were any problems while I was gone. (my dog is quite old and has been in poor health) She said that everything was just fine and asked if I would be around later in the evening for a haircut. I told her to come over any time. She told me she had a picture that she wanted me to look at.

When she arrived, I washed her hair and conditioned it as usual and she sat in the chair. She produced a photo from a catalog. The model looked a lot like her and had a short bob. She handed it to me and said, “I know you’ve wanted to cut it like this forever… I’m ready.” She explained that the picture had been sitting on her dresser for several weeks while she pondered the change and was sure about it. She smirked and said, “Have fun…” as I started to cut. She squealed and shuffled her feet as she felt the scissors slide into the hair high on her neck near her hairline and I made the first cut. When I moved around and cut the sides, she watched the hair pile in her lap and said she must be crazy to do this after growing it for so long. I styled it and brushed it using those long strokes that she enjoys so much. When I finished she gave me hug and thanked me, adding that she should have listened to me a long time ago. It felt great to have it short.

She raised her eyebrows and said “You next?” She didn’t have to ask twice and I went to wash my hair. When I returned and sat down she said, “I’m ready this time. I’m going to do this all myself.” I trusted her since she’s done a great job in the past. She started by cutting the top to about 2 inches long. I have wavy hair so it’s just long enough to curl but short enough to look good. She’s very methodical when she cuts so she does a good job. It takes her a while but it allows me to enjoy it more. When she finished she picked up the clippers and said “Now for my favorite part… your hair looks SO good when it’s really crisp in the back.” She put a #4 guide first, switched on the clippers and quickly ran it up the back. This was different because she pressed it very firmly against my head and moved the clippers quite aggressively through my hair. She also ran it higher than usual. I was immediately turned on. She asked if she could cut the back a bit shorter this time because she liked the way it looked when it was buzzed in the back. I said “OK” and she proceeded to change the guide on the clipper. She switched it back on and ran it firmly and quickly up the back; a bit higher than she had gone with the No. 4. It felt quite short as she ran her hand up the back of my head after she cut. (I was definitely turned on) “Perfect!”, she said “I thought the #2 might cut a little too short but it looks really good that way!” “OH CHRIST!!!” I thought and reached up to feel it only to have my hand slapped away. “Trust me!” As she finished I was thinking about how I might propose to her… I loved every second. She finished up by blending the top, sides and back with the scissors. The haircut was perfect and it feels awesome.

I checked it over closely and voiced my approval. THEN… she got this funny smirk on her face and asked, “Who is LeMane?” I must have turned about 12 shades of red.

She explained that she stumbled across a folder on my computer called “Hair Stuff” while looking for Microsoft Word on my Mac. She wasn’t snooping… I told her she could use it and my laser printer while I was gone. She thought the folder contained photos of hair styles. (those are on a Syquest somewhere) She read a bunch of messages and text I’ve saved from A.F.S.H. and HA. I asked her if she thought I was weird and told her how embarrassed I was. She said she was intrigued and a little excited by what she read. She said that she trusted me completely and said that she knew I wasn’t some psycho head shaver that captured young girls and cut off their hair against their will. She confessed to setting me up and told me she became a quite aroused as I cut off her hair. She smiled at me with this crooked grin she has when she’s in a funny mood and began to dig in her purse. She produced another picture. She handed it to me and said “Now I want LeMane to cut my hair.” It was a pixie haircut with a soft, razor cut top and sides that were almost shaved. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have my hair this short and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I read those stories. I want it really short.” She looked down and smiled when she saw the bulge in my pants, “Well, well…” and proceeded to unbutton and remove them. She continued by undressing herself and slid into the barber chair. “We won’t need a cape now will we?” I thought I was dreaming…

I ran my fingers through her hair a couple times and then asked her if she was just pulling my leg. Then she reached out, grabbed and pulled it ever so gently and said “Cut the back just like yours.” Not another word was spoken as I switched on the clippers and began to run it up the back of her head. She moaned softly. I looked down and saw that she was touching herself. I ran the clippers up the back again and sent a shower of thick, blonde hair sliding over her shoulders. She tensed a bit and then squealed… she came. Her breathing was heavy and she kept her eyes closed. The clippers sent wave after wave of hair tumbling over her breasts, into her lap and onto the floor.

When I had finished clipping the sides, I gathered the remaining long hair on top and cut it to about 2 1/2 inches. The floor was now covered with blonde hair. I ran my hands over the cropped back and she reached up and did the same. We were both consumed by our emotions and had a brief intermission (use your imagination) after which I wet her hair down and finished cutting the top with a razor to about 2 inches. When I was completely finished she grinned that crooked, evil grin and said “Happy Birthday!”

I don’t have to tell you this but she is stunning. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her for 2 days now. Work hasn’t been easy to say the least. My productivity is ZERO! Sometimes I’ll walk up behind her at her desk and run my hand over her nape and she just melts. Writing this is making me crazy. Being a closet clipping fetishist, I would have NEVER thought it could be like this????

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