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We were going to a party with friends I told her, nothing special, just some drinks and conversation. And my lil slut thought I’d forgotten all about the prior weekend. The wench thought she could tell everyone gathered how invalid their arguments were, how futile their efforts were in pursuing their life goals for it was out of their control, and how she could have anyone in the room if she wished to. Tonight I would set the record straight. She needed to understand her place in this relationship, and as off track that she was I could not do it entirely on my own.

As I led her into Ted’s living room, she greeted John and David wondering where their g/fs were. They’ll be along in a bit she was told. As the next few minutes passed more guests arrived. All men. She noticed only after they were all there. Looking at me with an unsettled look, she started asking where all the women were. But as she did, I nodded toward Ted, who having prepared himself behind her, took her from behind, covering her mouth with one hand and taking her by the waist with the other.

I told her there were no other women coming. She would be all that we would need that evening to go home well satisfied. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the middle of the room, which the dozen men there cleared as we reached it. Forcing her to her knees, I held her there, virtually pinned on her knees as her back arched from my grip on her full head of hair. At that moment, John took a blade and tore her dress open, letting it fall to the floor. He cut the straps to her bra and panties, and she shivered in fear as he ran the blade from her chin to her pussy and back.

As he made his second visit to her pussy I told her to get onto the coffee table in front of her on all fours, or risk that blade making a pit stop. As she climbed onto the table, the men surrounded her. I commanded her to open her mouth and part her cheeks and much to my surprise, she reacted instantly. Asking for help from the other end, I stood behind her and forced her mouth upon his dick by pushing her head into it as I forced my way into her ass. She didn’t need to move herself to bob her head onto his dick, the sheer force of my pumping her ass did it for her. Pulling her off his dick by the hair, I asked why her hands were free. Understanding what I meant, she took a dick into each hand and returned to sucking him off as she jerked another two off.

The men that remained were to masturbate and cum all over her. but some suggested they may have a better time of it if they could actually see her giving head. Her long hair, while helpful till now, obscured that view of her. Not to worry Ted said as he left the room to return with a set of shears and a razor. Ordering her onto her knees, she stayed put as I cut her hair off and then shaved it clean. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she needed no direction to what to do next. She returned to all fours, spread her cheeks to accept me in her, took the dicks she was jerking off, took the other in her mouth, and got us all off as we she was covered in cum.

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