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This happened in a city anyone of a country anyone, I was in the finish year of preparatory, year in which the rector of the establishment established a hairdresser to the interior of the preparatory one the one which serious assisted by the the two year old students, I had the hair but I release of the thing my hair was black, thin… one day I had to face the rector she noticed me that she would have to cut me my hair she also said that if I didn’t complete her you order me would expel of the preparatory one that day there was a radiant sun that toward shining but of the normal thing my hair. I had a course partner that had always attracted even me when it was pregnant. The hairdresser would be assisted by shifts, they would have 2 students for each shift that you toward per day, which would assist those that were correspondents to the damned armchair of the hairdresser. The following day that the rector gave me her you order I had to go to the hairdresser that before had been a laboratory of the preparatory one, this she had the whole implementation but alone to cut the hair of men. The students which had cut the hair to exception of 2 of them calls: Ivonne and Claudia for that their mothers cut the hair in their neighborhood although they were not professional, the other ones called themselves: Julia, Alejandra, Andrea, Daniela and others that I don’t remember their names. That day that I went to the hairdresser was of shift Ivonne, let us lean out of the window to see if she was assisting somebody to observe like it cut the hair for that nobody was wanted to cut the hair with her for that said that it cut very bad the hair, but it was not alone dressed in the following way: pants of lycra imitation leather and a white breastplate, shoes with platform black color. She was combing, he/she had the hair to the height of the shoulder, the second time that he/she looks at it he/she had a cowlick of their hair then in the hand I take the scissors and you clips the hair a little. I didn’t want to enter but he/she had to enter for that if not him toward they would expel me and I needed to graduate that year. It was near the half day when he/she looks at it for third time and I saw that it left the hairdresser, I thought that it would have finished their shift then now I dared to enter, once to the interior of the hairdresser I sat down where the shift of the cut of hair is expected, wait there near one hour sat down to that another inexpert hairdresser came but I didn’t pass anything. ¡ clever! I said, it was willing to return to my house for that there was not nobody that not even cut me my hair the inspectora that also cut the hair in some occasions but it was characterized to have bad genius when him toward. In those moments when I prepared to leave the hairdresser I regretted to leave, but I decided, when I go leaving I take the glass door to leave but at the same time the volume somebody, was her Ivonne, no! did I say in my interior, her you brings near to my opening the door and do I greet myself with a kiss near the mouth as if we were but that friends (did I say in my interior that passes him? and the following thing happened: Ivonne: you come yourself to cut that beautiful hair that I have always wanted to cut. Me: mmm… no, but to that they sent me. Ivonne: already… but do tell me for that not?, do you have it too long. I don’t also already two days ago cut him the hair to somebody, please it lets him to cut you the hair. (she in those moments became very sad, until it convinced me). Me: good you cut me the hair but don’t use that damned one it schemes to shave. (her you allegro a lot for my decision). Ivonne: already (she told me) has a seat in the lava hair, I assure you that you won’t be sorry. Me: (good single God knows what I spent) Ivonne: relax and put on comfortable.

In those moments I could not say anything. She began me to wash the hair in those moments it sounded the telephone ring ring… I answer and while he/she spoke he/she sat down in the bank of the lava hair, I opened the eyes and I saw their bottom as her he/she walked with lycra pants in those moments me too much excite for that I love the women that get dressed any thing that shines. (it hung) I finish washing the hair. The following thing happened: Ivonne: already finish (he/she said) sits down very now. (she began to wash my hair). Ivonne: already, it happens for here. (indicating me the armchair where I would cut myself the hair) me: good.

She sat down me in front of the typical hairdresser piece of furniture with mirror there he/she had scissors, combs, atomizer, alcohol, talc and the infallible scheme to cut hair. She strolled around the armchair where was seated and he/she said: AS I will CUT YOU THIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR (the only rule been worth inside the hairdresser it was that the hairdresser in the moment in that he/she had to begin to cut the hair she would take the decision of as I would cut myself the hair) already you!… (he/she said).

I was of in front of the mirror and her looking to the mirror began to put on hairdresser’s breastplate in a position sexy my, me alone I went to look at their back paradito, rich… and me too much exite. Once he/she put on the breastplate I look at myself and I take a layer that then tie to my neck, then he/she began to comb my hair later volume the scissors, volume my hair of the right side with the comb then takes it between its fingers and the short thing. Good she told accent the scissors together with the comb, it moved the armchair so that he/she didn’t see the mirror. She was preparing something that I could not see cumin then toward my he/she put on to my side and be able to see an electric cable, no! (I said) it was one it schemes to cut hair. I never like them to cut me the hair with that. Then he/she told me: it feels your hair for it finishes time in months, he/she lit the it schemes and it began her to happen for up of my front, I felt as if something died in my, it felt the buzzing of it schemes it in my head, after ten minutes he/she said: finish with the hair that he/she always wants to cut… later I take out myself the layer to shake it of the hair and he/she told me that I didn’t get up, then it put me new mind the layer, turn the armchair toward the mirror and he/she said: you like as I have just left you my love (caressing my head and kissing me the neck). Then I take a towel and I cross it in my neck and I told him: that you go to make? She told me: anything, takes it scums of shaving and it put it in my head and volume the knife and I shave my head completely. Dry my head, sack the towel then the layer and he/she said: ¡ clever!. I said: anything clever and I gave him a blow liguero in their face (her key to the floor she began to cry) I told him that I apologized for my reaction that I had with her and that he/she forgave me, she said: good, then she kisses myself very passionately in the mouth and we made love in an armchair that there was in the hairdresser. At the moment I am married with Ivonne, she cuts me the hair when we are naked… and….

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