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Jujou was excited, everything was so perfect. The biggest party of the year was tonight. It was invitation only and she had been asked by only the sexiest hunk she had ever met. Jujou had had her eye on Brad for awhile but so had every other girl she knew. This was great, she was going to parade this stud right past them all. She had a really suggestive little, short dress she was going wear. It was red and really set off her long hair which she was very particular about. This was going to be such a great time. As the door bell rung, she checked herself a last time in the mirror. Damn, she looked good. Then Jujou opened the door, noted Brad’s jaw drop, smiled and went into the night.

In the car, Brad talked about what a great opportunity this was for him. The Mason’s were very and important. If Mr Mason liked his ideas, Brad would be on his way. He cautioned Jujou that these were very proper people and they needed to be on there best behavior. She was listening, of course, but was looking to have a good time. She hoped he was not going to ruin her fun, he was beginning to sound a little boring. Maybe she would just ditch him after they got there. After all the place was going to be crawling with good looking guys.

The house was huge and there was about 40-50 people already there when they arrived. The party was in a large ballroom and a five piece band was playing in one corner. In an other corner was an open bar well stocked. It was there that Jujou went first. She was going to be careful but that first glass of champagne went down so smooth that she had to have another right away. Taking her third glass with her, she went to where the band was playing. The area had been cleared to make a dance floor. She wanted to dance but Brad was busy talking to some older guy. Waiting for him killed that third glass and she grabbed another from a waiter walking by. She noticed that Gary was here. He had a huge crush on her and had for a long time. A bit of wuss, she had him wrapped around her little finger. Tonight was not the night she wanted to spend with him, even though she wanted to dance, she turned Gary down. She did ask him if he would be a good boy and fetch her another drink. She could not help but laugh when he scurried off. While she did not see Gary’s face flush red, Jujou did see the cute guy in the tux watching it all. Putting on her best smile and her best walk, she strutted over to him. When Gary brought back her drink, she die not even say thank you but waved him off.

When she got over to mr tux, he was talking to some other people. Jujou was not the patient type tonight, she wanted some attention now. So she rubbed herself against tux, ignoring the looks from the others. She dragged him out to the dance floor and proceeded to do her best bump and grind against him. He seemed a little annoyed and backed away, so Jujou danced by herself. When the song finished, she went back towards the guy in the tux. He was talking with a woman who looked to be in her mid 30’s. She was wearing a short, tight dress and was very elegant looking. Jojuo rubbed up against tux and suggested that they find some place more private. Ms elegant was not pleased and suggested that she find some other group to join. Jojuo made several comments back, not the least, that elegant should have lost that extra 20 pounds before having some one shoe horn her into that dress and how dangerous it would be for every one when the fabric gave out and that dress exploded. As Brad led her away, Jujou told every one around how she would enjoy seeing the fat bitch naked before everyone at the party.

Brad tried to get her to be quiet but Jujou was having none of that. Grabbing another drink, she had a few words for what she thought of these stuffy bull-shit people and this silly party. Her comments about brought glares from everyone around them and caused Brad to walk quickly away from her. Laughing at him and flipping off one old biddy, she helped herself to another drink. She noticed a play room where tux and elegant were playing pool. She wanted to play and told tux he should ditch the “cow” and play with her. When she was ignored she slapped the balls on the table ruining the game. Jujou pointed out that “tubby” could not play and she was better and would be more fun. “I will play you one game, you little brat and we will see who is better” said elegant, who was completely fed up. “Only if the loser has to wait on the winner the rest of the night.” replied Jujou. “Make it worth my while, the loser will be the slave of the other for a week” said elegant. “A week? Make it a month, fat ass” “Your on” elegant said smiling. Jujou grabbed a stick. “You better get started and get me another drink cause this will be quick. Then I am going to run you around the block to get some of that fat off your ass. This is going to be fun. said Jujou. She won the lag and broke making one ball. She missed the next but was not worried because the balls were all bunched up she did not think the woman had a shot. Jujou was surprised when she made her first shot and then watched in more shock and disbelief as elegant proceeded to run the table. As the eight ball dropped neatly in the called pocket, it occurred to her that she might be in trouble. When she looked up and saw elegant walking toward her with a very unfriendly smile on her face, Jujou knew she was right. “You were not serious, right?” asked Jujou. The smile got bigger and, as she reached toward the now frightened girl, elegant replied “Oh yes I am, slave.”

Jujou cringed expecting a slap and was shocked again when elegant grabbed the front of her dress and tore it off her. In a flash she was forcibly stripped naked. Looking around she implored the other people to help but no one did. Instead they all looked very satisfied at what was happening. Elegant laughed “Look at whose naked now?” Then she grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her out to the main party. “Does anyone want to help me discipline my new slave bitch?” Jujou stumbled and fell to her knees in the middle of the dance floor. Surely the Masons would not allow this to go on in their house. Once they objected then she would be saved. When she looked up her heart sank and she started to cry. Every one was gathering around and they were all pointing and laughing at her. “What should we do with this piece of property?” People started to call out things. “This going to take awhile” said elegant pulling Jujou up by her hair “while we decide you can run in place for us” Jujou started running in place, elegant ordered her to go faster and bring her knees higher. She was to frightened not to obey. Some wanted her to go to every one and apologize for her actions. She heard others say she should wait on them, others wanted her to be taken into another room where she would give all the men blow jobs and the women lick their pussy’s. A lot of people thought she should get a spanking. Throughout this discussion, there were many comments about her with much laughter and kept ordering to run faster. She could feel the sweat running down her body and her hair was sweaty and matted to her head. She truly felt that she could not feel any more humiliated then she already did. Her legs and bare feet hurt and her lungs burned and she knew she looked ridiculous. Just then Gary came forward and hope beat anew. She knew he would do anything she wanted, surely he would stop this and get her out of here. “I think you ought to start by cutting off all her hair and leaving her bald, she has always been conceited about her looks, especially her hair.” was what she was stunned to hear him say. The crowd was silent thinking about his suggestion. Elegant laughed “I think that is a great idea.” With that everyone agreed and people were sent to find scissors and a razor. Jujou slumped exhausted to the floor and looking at her new mistress begged “please don’t I’ll do anything you want” Elegant slapped the girl’s face “it’s mistress to you slave and you are going to do everything I want any way” With that Mistress took the scissors and started cut
ting her hair. There was more than one pair so several people were cutting it off at once. Jujou could only cry harder and harder, she could not believe this was happening to her. When just a short fuzz was left, Mistress covered her head with shaving cream and shaved her completely bald. When she was finished it was suggested that she shave the girl’s pussy. It was agreed that bratty, childish slave’s were not allowed hair there that was for grown, free women. So she was held down and shaved there as well. When that was done some old man said if they were going to shave all that then they should shave her eyebrows too. So to Jujou’s horror she lost her eyebrow’s as well. At this point every one had a comment and there was much laughter. Jujou could only lay on the bare floor, naked, humiliated, bald. She knew that she was beaten she could not fight only lay there and cry. Her makeup running down her face in two black lines. A chair had been brought and Mistress yanked her by her ear and pulled her over her lap. Jujou cringed knowing what was coming but as the woman raised her hand to deliver the first spank someone said stop. Once again Jujou’s hopes rose, some one at last was going to save her. She looked eagerly toward the voice. It was the old woman she had flipped off earlier. “Wait” she said with smile “you will hurt your hand, use this on her ass and use it hard.” With that Mrs Mason handed Jujou’s new mistress a large wooded hairbrush. As Jujou wailed the hairbrush rose for the first of what promised to be many times.

WHAP, CRACK, SLAP, SMACK the hairbrush rose and fell relentlessly. Jujou had never been spanked this hard or this long. “Oh please, would she never stop?” CRACK, CRACK, WHAP, WHAP She tried to get off wriggling, twisting and squirming but failed. The Mistress held her easly and just spanked her harder which Jujou had not thought possible. SMACK, CRACK, SLAP, WHAP Jujou could hear herself pleading for mercy, begging abjectly, promising to be a good slave and do anything. She was crying so hard that most of it came sounding like gibberish. SLAP, CRACK, WHAP, SMACK She liked her butt and had always enjoyed it when anyone gave it alot of attention but this was way more attention than she wanted. She knew that she would never sit comfortbly again. Her butt was past being on fire, the poor thing was scorched. CRACK, WHAP, SMACK, SLAP She could here the others laughing and taunting her. “Look at the little twit now” “How do you like being the center of attention now?” “I like this dance of her’s” “I don’t think she feels it spank her harder” SMACK, SLAP, CRACK, WHAP Jujou had no idea how many spanks she had gotten, had lost count along time ago and on and on it went. WHAP, CRACK, SLAP, SMACK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANKSPANKSPANKSPANKSPANKSPANK

Mistress pushed the girl off her lap and Jujou lay on the floor clutching her burning ass and crying as hard as she could. Not for long however, she was ordered to stand with her hands on top of her head, her legs slightly apart and on her tiptoes. Then she was inspected from head to toe. The older woman’s hands roamed all over her body. All the while, she made a commentary of poor Jujou’s body. None of the comments were complimentary. Fault was found with every part of the beaten girl. Her nose was wrong for her face, her tits were to saggy, her legs and ass were fat. The only thing that the woman liked was her shaved pussy and totally bald head. This went on for several minutes, then the others, who had been pointing, laughing and taunting her all along, were invited to inspect her. They pinched, poked and prodded to their hearts content. Their fingers invaded her most private places over and over. Jujou could do nothing but stand there. It was very humiliating. She knew what Mistress would do if she moved so even though her calves were in great pain from being on her tiptoes so long, she stayed in position. All around her the people were talking about what should happen to her next. Some wanted her to be thrown out naked to find her way home. Others said make her wait on us. More spanking was also popular. There was a group that wanted her to pleasure them sexually. The one thing all agreed upon was that she had been rude to all of them. So it was agreed that she should apoligize to everyone. Mistress ordered her to take the hairbrush and go to each person and in apoligizing offer them the hairbrush to spank her if they wished. Jujou was so sorry to find out that all of them thought they should spank her. Each one took her by the ear and led her back to the chair and took her over their laps. ”OH GOD, HOW IT HURT” No matter how much she said she was sorry (and she really, really was) no one showed her any mercy. All simply laughed and taunted her. One man when she begged crying looked around “I can’t understand it, does anyone speak midget?” he wanted to know. Then he spanked her as hard as anyone. When she reached Gary, he said he did not think she was sincere and he made her go to Mistress and tell her she had displeased him. She pleaded with him not to do this for she knew that the woman would punish her. He just smiled and said “I know” and made her go. Mistress spanked her very hard and sent her back. Gary then took his turn with a satisfied look on his face and told how much he was enjoying it. Finally all 46 people had taken their turn and Jujou lay crying on the floor and fearfully waited to find out what would happen to her next.

Still the debate went on, what to do with Jujou. Mistress was thirsty and sent her slave to fetch her a drink. Next tux wanted some food. Soon Jujou was running back and forth as fast as she could. She discovered that if she did not or someone did not like the service, she got swats from the hairbrush, the hated hairbrush. Unfortunately, no matter hard she tried she was getting a lot of swats. There was no rest as she waited on all of them and they were not patient. More swats. This went on for some time until the now exhausted girl was ready to collapse. Mistress snapped her fingers and pointed to her shoe. Immediately, Jujou dropped to her knees and began kissing “Lick it, bitch” she licked. “you should try that tongue on something else” came the suggestion. Mistress her took to room with a bed but she just stood and had Jujou kneel before her and lick her pussy. Jujou did her best hoping that if she pleased Mistress sexually, she would be easier on the girl. When she was satisfied she left the room and was replaced be tux. He unzipped his pants and put his huge erect dick in her face “suck”. She satisfied him “swallow it all” she did. Then it was all of them, even the band. The women wanted her to lick their pussys and the men all wanted blow jobs. She worked hard to satisfy them, she was sweating profusely. Brad was different he had her suck his dick until it was rock hard then he turned her around and stuck up her ass. It was as big as any she had ever seen, (who knew-she would have been nicer). He pounded her little back door like a powerful piston then came. Then the men came back, they used her front and back as often as they felt the urge, One of the woman came in, Jujou started to crawl to her to give her oral but she just laughed and produced a 12 inch strap-on. It was double plugged so Jujou was pounded until this woman got off. Now all the other woman wanted to use the strap-on, so the poor girl got pounded front and back by all of them. Needless to say poor Jujou was pulling one long train and everyone but her was enjoying the gang bang. When they finished, she was brought back out to the floor. Two cuffs were attached to a rope in the center of the floor. The cuffs went around her ankles and then she was hoisted upside down for the rope went to the ceiling. She was left hanging like that unable to touch the floor swinging back and forth waiting miserably.

Jujou did not know how long she hung there swinging upside down. When let down, Mistress took her into the basement where there was a drain. There she was hosed down with really cold water and scrubbed hard with a wire brush all over her body. This washing con
tinued until Mistress was satisfied that Jujou had never been cleaner in her life. Even her finger and toe nail polish were removed. She was now completely naked, no perfume, makeup, polish or even hair. The cold and wet girl was then taken back to the small room where there was a bench to which she was tied down on her back. One of the men swabbed her nipples with some alcohol. As defeated as she was it took her a moment to realize what was going to happen. To late he pierced her right nipple and attached a ring through it. As she was reacting to this new outrage to her poor body, he did the same to the left. A chain was clipped to each ring and she was pulled up off the bench. New pain racked her, she thought both rings were going to be pulled out. Her breasts hurt so bad and she followed as fast as she could. She was bent over a bar with Mistress still holding the chains. Then another person started to tattoo her in the small of her back. It was a circle and around the inner part was the phrase “spank slave” and in the middle was crossed a hairbrush and paddle. Jujou had to be very still while the tattoo was completed because the rings in her nipples were pulled tight. All this was hurting terribly. When the tattoo was done, she was taken back to the main room where her new ornaments and additions were shown to everyone still there. Mistress grabbed her by the face. “For the next month” 1 I own you 2 you are to obey my every word 3 you have nothing to say 4 you may do nothing without my permission. With that a dog collar was put around Jujou’s neck and a leash attached. “Kneel slut.” Tux walked over, Mistress was his wife. “Oh darling” she said “what is mine, is yours shall we go home and play with our slave” He smiled “I can’t wait” Mistress looked down at the beaten, humiliated girl now a docile slave. “Heel” Mistress and Tux started for home, Jujou crawling next to her Mistress like a good pet. Jujou had been so excited, everything had been so perfect. It was going to be the biggest party of the year and she was going to go

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