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After a grueling but satisfying workout at the gym, the girls were now back at their apartment and having just showered were now lounging on the sofa. Jennifer, leggy and blonde sipped her ice cold beer sitting cross-legged on the big sofa wearing a light blue sports bra and matching thong. Jujou was just returning from the ‘fridge herself to join Jen on the sofa. Much smaller than her blonde roomy, the cute and sassy little redhead looked even tinier in her favorite ripped baggy jeans and as was her custom, she was topless.

Joining Jen on the sofa JJ – as her friends called her – plopped into the big stuffed pillows, stretching our her legs and resting her small bare feet in her roommate’s lap. The two girls were relaxing before the bachelorette party they were hosting for a friend in a few hours and discussing their workout with JJ teasing Jen about having “kicked her ass” at the gym while poking her blonde friend in the ribs with the toe of her right foot. This was typical JJ; always teasing and offering a little dig at Jen’s expense but Jen usually just shrugged it off except this time is was different, maybe Jen was worried about the party going well or the big test she should be studying for but, in either case, and as is typical in seemingly harmless teasing between friends, Jen wasn’t in the mood and things quickly escalated.

“Hey, knock it off”, she scolded her little red-haired tormentor, “Stop it”. Naturally this only encouraged JJ who loved to tease Jen. “Say it Jen, say I kicked your ass at the gym” she sing-songed while still poking at Jen with her foot. Jen had had it; she slapped away JJ’s feet from her lap, “If you don’t knock it off I’ll kick your scrawny little ass right now!” she said more forcefully.

The one thing you don’t do with redheads is challenge them and JJ, all five feet and one-hundred pounds of her, took the challenge. She sat up, put her beer down and with green eyes flashing issued a direct challenge to her much larger roommate: “Yeah? Care to make a bet on that?”. Jen stopped mid-sip and eyed the cocky little redhead. “Sure” she replied coolly, “Name it!”.

Eyes still locked on Jen, JJ sat for moment then a wicked little smile crept across her cute freckled face. “Ok”, she answered calmly. “Tell you what…you and I will wrestle each other right now and the loser will become the winner’s slave for a week!”. Jen just laughed. “How ’bout a month?!”, and to her surprise JJ answered “You got it! The loser becomes the winner’s slave girl for whole month…AND…” JJ stopped mid-sentence. Jen wondered what crazy addendum her fiery little roommate had in mind. She knew it would be something completely crazy – JJ sometimes had a bad habit of biting off more than she could chew; “…AND!”, she repeated, “The loser gets her head shaved bald by the winner!”. Jen quickly agreed before JJ could take it back, which, she realized, JJ never would anyway. They shook hands thereby sealing the bet, moved the furniture back away from the sofa and squared off.

The “fight” was almost over before it began and in no time both girls had torn the other’s clothes off and were now wrestling completely nude on the big soft sofa. The tall blonde was able to force the much smaller redhead into submission quickly by pinning JJ’s tiny yet surprisingly strong body beneath her own. Sweating and panting, both girls were locked together in a tangle of arms, legs, and hair. Bare breast to bare breast, naked crotch to naked crotch. “Give up?”, Jen panted. “FUCK YOU BITCH!” JJ shouted. Being called “bitch” lit a fire under Jen. She raised up to her knees and swung around backwards straddling JJ’s chest and positioning her smooth and magnificent ass just inches above JJ’s pretty face. “GIVE UP!” Jen threatened. “Give up or I’ll make you eat my ass and pussy you little bitch!”. Panting and struggling wildly, JJ glared up at Jen thrust out her jaw in defiance and yelled “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING…”. The rest of the redhead’s tirade was silenced by the blonde girl’s ass. Holding JJ’s arms fast, Jen sat on JJ’s face burying it deep in the crack of her ass. Jen continued to grind her ass into JJ’s face smothering her opponent whose muffled cries for help went unheard. Jen’s powerful thighs clamped down around JJ’s head which prevented her escape. Jen then commanded her roommate to eat her pussy and tongue-fuck her asshole continuing to smother JJ until the once cocky redhead complied thereby offering her submission to her muscular blonde roommate.

Jen felt JJ’s body relax but continued grinding her firm tight clean shaven ass and pussy into JJ’s face. Jen then wasted no time collecting on the bet her defeated roommate had so boldly made just thirty minutes before. Grabbing JJ by her thick red hair she half-dragged her to the middle of the living room floor and ordered her to kneel. The petite redhead obeyed. She knelt before her new blonde Mistress/roommate; chin up, arms folded behind her, and back arched just so in order to present her breasts more fully; a classic submissive pose and one, among four other Command Positions, JJ would soon have memorized and grown accustomed to.

Hands on hips, legs spread wide, Jen towered over JJ, her pussy, having just been freshly lapped was only inches away from JJ’s chin. “Remember our little bet, slave?” Jen huskily whispered. Peering up between Jen’s firm, round, high breasts JJ now felt very small, and very submissive. The feeling was electric and confusing at the same time. “Yes, Mistress” she replied correctly. Jen nodded and smiled a wry little lopsided smile then turned and left the room. JJ remained motionless, afraid to move, silently cursing herself for once again putting her foot in her big fat mouth. Would Jen really do it? Was she really going to shave her head? JJ was proud of her beautiful thick auburn hair and she knew the other girls were envious of her. JJ never missed an opportunity to flirt with boys – and girls – using her long flowing locks. She loved the way her soft scented hair felt cascading down her shoulders and back, ticking and teasing her breasts and nipples, which now grew plump and tingly at the thought. She also loved having her hair pulled when she was fucked pony-style. It made her feel like a wild untamed thoroughbred and now…well now she actually was being tamed!

Jen returned from her bedroom and set up her camcorder, aiming it straight at JJ and before the auburn haired slave girl could respond, Jen answered her, “I thought we all should have a nice video to watch at the party tonight, slave”. JJ was horrified! Suddenly it all seemed too real! Not only was Jen going to actually shave JJ’s head bald, she was going to videotape it and play it for everyone at the bachelorette party tonight! JJ started to squirm until Jen’s sharp command to remain still did its job. JJ was now in a panic. Her breasts heaved heavily at the thought of losing her gorgeous auburn mane. She would be humiliated! Laughed at! And on top of it all, she had to be Jen’s slave girl for a month. A whole month! JJ’s mind raced between the humiliation of being shaved bald and wondering what Mistress Jen had in store for her. Meanwhile, Jen had gone back into her bedroom. JJ could hear her rummaging around in Jen’s hope chest. What could she be doing in there? Suddenly Jen reemerged carrying a small black duffle which she plopped on the floor just behind JJ where she couldn’t see it and although JJ knew not to turn around, she couldn’t help herself, but when she started to slowly sneak a peek at the mystery bag Jen reached out cat-quick and grabbed JJ by the hair pulling her head back so far that JJ nearly lost her balance. She fought to maintain the position her Mistress had commanded of her however. “Eyes front, slave!” Mistress Jen commanded. JJ wordlessly obeyed. She could hear items being removed from the black bag. She could also detect the feint smell of rich leather, then JJ felt Jen slipping something around her delicate wrists and ankles. Restraints! This was really happening! She was being made a slave girl! Calmly and d
eliberately Jen buckled the supple leather restraints in place and, with a small piece of rope, tethered JJ’s hands and feet rendering her completely helpless so any thought of escape would now be impossible. Suddenly JJ was experiencing an intoxicating mixture of fear and…arousal!

She was jolted back to reality when Jen once grabbed another handful of hair and, again, yanked JJ’s head back but when JJ started to cry out Jen stuffed an overly large bright red ball gag into her new slave girl’s pretty mouth and sinched it tightly into place rendering the girl in silent bondage. Now with her little barefooted slave girl totally helpless and at her mercy, Jen focused her attention on the camera. JJ saw the red light go on and shut her eyes tight. “Keep your eyes open, slave! Don’t make me remind you again”, the blonde Mistress commanded. The petite slave obeyed as her Mistress, still nude, slinked over to where JJ faced the camera and sat on the sofa behind her slave girl. Tucking her long silky legs to one side, Jen casually began stroking JJ’s long hair while she spoke to the invisible audience, “Ladies, I want to introduce you to my new little pet, slave jujou”.

JJ felt her flesh grow hot. The combination of anger, humiliation, and well, sexual arousal made her skin feel like it was on fire. Mistress Jen then recounted the entire story of how the two friends and roommates came to become Mistress and slave girl and, as JJ anticipated, she didn’t leave out a single juicy detail. “And now Ladies, we come to the payment of the bet our sassy little friend here made. I’m sure you all will enjoy the show”. Jen, once again left the room, this time returning with a large bowl of steaming hot water and a small travel bag. JJ remembered thinking it odd that the small fabric bag would have a delicate floral pattern which seemed such a stark contrast to the mysterious and menacing black duffle which contained, God knows what else. Jen repositioned herself on the sofa once more in that sexy and cat-like way she reclined. JJ was again forced to listen to what was coming next and helpless to do anything about it.

Suddenly Mistress Jen palmed her slave’s forehead and pulled JJ’s head back, lightly and affectionately stroking her slave’s face, Jen lightly kissed JJ’s neck while one hand slid down and cupped her left breast. Teasingly, Jen nibbled and tongued JJ’s ear as she continued to stroke her slave’s hair and tweak both nipples. JJ grew wetter and wetter, squirming almost involuntarily trying somehow to give herself release from the the ever growing sexual energy that completely filled the room. The camera, silent witness to this erotic two-girl play, continued to record every pinch, every lick, every bite, scratch, and kiss. The warmth of Jen’s sensuous mouth was abruptly replaced by cold hard steel. JJ’s small gasp was muffled by the ball gag that filled her mouth but her eyes worked just fine and she saw that her cruel Mistress was teasingly stroking a pair of overly large and brightly chromed scissors across her throat, face, and breasts! Panicked, JJ now knew Jen fully intended to follow through with her stupid bet! JJ moaned a soft protest into the ball gag knowing it would do no good. Her beautiful hair was about to be sacrificed and everyone was going to participate in her humiliation tonight via the videotape!

Jen picked up the phone and dialed one-handed while still stroking JJ with the huge ice-cold scissors. Who is she calling?! JJ thought to herself. “Hey, it’s me.” Jen replied to the unknown person on the other end. “Oh, not much. JJ and I are having a little fun before the party tonight. Too bad you can’t come, I think you’d really enjoy it” Jen teased. The back and forth of the conversation was filled with sexual innuendo but Jen hadn’t revealed who the other person was, nor had she revealed what exactly was going on in the apartment. The conversation continued: “JJ wants to get a haircut. Yeah, short. Real short! In fact, she lost a bet so guess what? I get to cut her hair! Yeah! I know! There’s more too, but you’ll get to see after the party when JJ and I come over. No! No! I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise!” The one-sided conversation still hadn’t revealed anything to JJ as she remained helpless. The cold scissors her constant reminder that Jen hadn’t forgotten her. “Oh, the bet? Mmm…maybe JJ and I will re-enact it for you later. Hahahaha. It was a lot of fun actually and I’m sure JJ won’t mind replaying it again, right sweetie? No, she can’t come to the phone just now, she’s kind of…tied up. Hahaha. Listen, I’m trying to decide how short I should cut JJ’s hair ’cause she sort of left it up to me so…what do you think?” JJ couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all getting more and more surreal. Who was Jen talking to?! Was it a guy? A girl? The phone call to the mystery person made JJ feel even more captive than before and the camcorder caught every agonizing moment!

“Oooh, that short, huh? Well, to be honest, that was part of the bet actually! Yeah! No! It was HER idea! I KNOW! Hahahaha. Anyway, I guess I called to give someone a chance to talk me out of it but it sounds like you think she deserves it too, right? Hahaha. Ok. Ok. No, don’t worry…you don’t need to come over. I’ve made sure that everyone will get to see everything. In fact I’ve set up a little insurance policy. That’s right! Hahaha. I have to make sure JJ honors her bet, right? Hahaha. Ok, I’ll call you later and let you know when we’re coming. Thanks for the input by the way. Now I’m even more charged up than before and I can’t WAIT to get started! Ok, bye-bye”. Jen placed the phone back in it’s cradle and continued to stroke JJ with the scissors, not saying a word for what seemed an eternity. Finally, through gritted teeth she spoke:

“Maybe this will teach you a lesson, little girl”, and with that utterance Jen slowly snipped a huge section of JJ’s thick mane. As it dropped to the floor, JJ burst into tears. How could she be so stupid as to make that damn bet? She tried in vain to beg for mercy. Pleading with her eyes and shaking her head from side to side, desperately begging for the mercy of her Mistress. She would do anything Mistress asked! Anything! She would become Jen’s slave for two months! A year! Please! Please Mistress, don’t shave my head! The gag of course prevented her from begging a deal from Mistress Jen but somehow she knew her pleas for mercy would fall on deaf ears and she realized that she probably really did have this coming for a long time now. That after all the years of flirting with her friends’ boyfriends, after years of being the sassy little smart-mouthed firebrand of a redhead and getting away with anything and everything because of her smallness and her beauty that now, finally, the time had come when Jen and all their friends would get sweet revenge on their tiny little friend. Deep down JJ knew she deserved it. All of it. Maybe more even. She felt her body relax as Jen continued snipping off huge locks of auburn which fell helpless and dying to the floor but before JJ could mourn the loss of her glorious luxuriant hair, the cruel buzzing of electric clippers filled the apartment and whatever traces of hair left by Mistress’s scissors were quickly mowed down to the scalp by the clipper which buzzed angrily as it completed its cruel mission.

Twenty years of thick rich growth evaporated within ten minutes. Shades of copper, brown, and auburn now ringed the still bound and gagged slave girl and all she could do was stare in disbelief while her Mistress coolly cleaned the cruel shears that had left JJ humiliated. Almost lovingly, Mistress Jen brushed the remaining loose hairs from slave jujou’s small white body. “Chin up, slave” Mistress reminded firmly. Her slave silently obeyed.

“What do you think Ladies?” Jen smiled brightly into the camera. “Doesn’t my little slave look better?”. JJ once more could feel her eyes well up in humiliation, but she maintained her Command Position as per her Mistress’s instructions. “Yes, I think my little pet looks quite fetching indeed” Jen
punned teasingly. “But I think we can make her look even better”. With that, Jen rose from the sofa pausing to give JJ’s breasts a firm tight squeeze as she kissed her slave girl’s gagged and helpless mouth hard. Jen returned carrying a small footstool on which she placed the large bowl of still steaming hot water and positioned it in front of JJ. The bound and shorn slave watched the steam curl upward in an erotic and taunting dance. She knew what was next.

“Mmm…” Jen purred from behind, “This will be fun”. Then looking back into the camera, “Don’t you Ladies wish you could be here right now? Don’t worry though, girls, you won’t be left out of the fun. My little barefooted slave girl and I have big plans for each and every one of you tonight, don’t we pet? But first, I need to clean up our little fuck-toy so she’ll be properly presentable for the party tonight and, at the risk of giving away the surprise for later Ladies, I want to assure you that my little slave is quite talented with her tongue so the evening promises to be one none of you will ever forget. But now, back to the task at hand.”

JJ felt the familiar wet warmth sop between her toned thighs during her Mistress’s monologue. She now knew what was in store for her as Jen’s slave girl-for-a-month, she would be used as pleasure slave for Jen and all their sexy and attractive friends! Gently, Jen massaged the warmed shaving cream all over her slave’s downy soft head. JJ closed her eyes and found herself getting more and more turned on by the countless possibilities the night had in store for her. The hot creamy lather felt incredible but the first long stroke of the blade scared her a little, but Mistress was an expert and in no time her latest task was complete. She finished by using a warm wet washcloth to clean JJ’s freshly shaved head followed by warm baby oil. “You look so sexy, slave” Jen cooed in JJ’s ear, her slave’s nipples responded instantly, puckering and growing fully erect which didn’t go unnoticed by Mistress Jen who lowered her mouth to JJ’s cupped breasts and softly kissed each nipple.

Standing now, Jen admired her blade work. JJ’s head was perfectly shaped and with her bright green eyes looking up at her Mistress she looked very exotic and sexy. Jen reached behind JJ and untethered her hands from her feet. “Stand up, slave”. JJ obeyed and haltingly rose from her kneeling position. Her legs ached a little but the circulation returned and she quickly found her balance even with her tiny feet still bound together. Jen then positioned JJ at the sofa’s edge. “Sit” she commanded. Again, JJ obeyed her Mistress. “Now, lie back slave. I have one more surprise for our guests”. JJ hesitated slightly but, again, complied. The big soft sofa felt comforting and, for a moment, she forgot about the camera still recording everything it saw. Jen pulled the footstool at JJ’s knees which she held together tightly. Jen removed the leather restraints from her slave’s ankles. “Spread your legs, slave”. Obediently, JJ followed her Mistress’s commands. Jen positioned the footstool between JJ’s legs and placed a small pillow on top of it. Then, with one effortless motion, Jen cradled JJ’s hips in her hands and arms and lifted the small girl’s ass onto the pillowed stool. JJ’s tiny feet barely reached the floor and her neatly trimmed little pussy now lay fully exposed and helpless before the camera’s cold unblinking eye. “There. That’s better I think”, Jen said almost to herself. Then, turning back to the camera and in full voice; “Ok Ladies, I’m going to tidy up our little prize pet so she’ll be nice and clean for our fun tonight”. With the bowl of hot water now at her side, Jen again lathered up her slave girl, this time it would be JJ’s hot and wet pussy that would be shaved and as Jen applied the warm silky lather she couldn’t help notice how wet her little pet had become and so she let her hands and fingers linger. JJ’s eyes rolled back, her lids grew sexily sleepy and a small moan escaped through the ball gag she still held between her pretty teeth.

Jen cautious yet confidently shaved JJ’s pussy clean leaving not a trace. Leaning back and admiring her expertise, Jen leaned aside to allow the camera – and the expectant audience – a closer look at JJ’s fully exposed pussy. Almost unconsciously, JJ spread her legs even wider. “Good girl”, Mistress Jen praised. Her slave was learning. Jen rose and settled in behind the camera zooming in on JJ’s freshly shaved pussy. “Mmm…” Jen cooed. “Isn’t that a pretty little pussy, Ladies? Doesn’t that make you hungry? It does me, in fact, I think I’ve earned a little taste don’t you?” JJ’s breasts heaved and her bright green eyes widened as Jen, her own blue eyes locked on JJ’s, came from behind the camera and slowly knelt between her slave girl’s thighs. Pushing her large firm breasts into JJ’s crotch, Jen stroked JJ’s thighs and abdomen while both girls’ eyes stayed fixed to each others. The ball gag, and JJ’s sexual heat made it nearly impossible to breathe and as Jen slowly began to kiss her way down her slave girl’s breasts, and stomach JJ thought she might pass out. Jen seemed to be in no hurry and still the camera silently recorded. Finally, JJ could feel Jen’s warm breath at her pussy and tried in vain to push it to Jen’s mouth. GAWD! She wanted to come so bad! Jen, however, continued to tease-torture JJ with little bites and butterfly kisses all around her slave girl’s aching and swollen pussy lips. Then, Jen kissed JJ’s pussy full-on and deep but quickly pulled back licking her full and seductive lips. “Mmm…yummy” she smiled. “But your pleasure will have to come later, slave…IF you’re a good and obedient tonight”. JJ could only moan into the gag. This was torture! Cruel, delicious torture! Her Mistress took her right to the edge and left her, unfulfilled and aching. Sweet release would be denied for hours.

“Turn and face me, slave”. Jen had moved to the sofa where her slave lay. “Kneel”. Again, JJ, her hands still securely tied behind her back faced and knelt before her Mistress and, as before, made sure her back was arched properly thereby thrusting her small and perfect breasts up and out. “Eyes to the floor, slave”. JJ dropped her chin as ordered and her Mistress leaned forward to remove the ball gag. Once it was removed, JJ returned to her Command Position, chin up, shoulders back, facing her Mistress and awaiting her next command. She still hadn’t seen her new look and was actually anxious to see herself without her trademark mane of lush auburn hair. Mistress reached for the pillowed stool and placed it in front of her slave girl then reclining luxuriously into the soft sofa Jen seductively posed her pretty bare feet on the stool in front of JJ who glanced at the soft sexy soles and toes of her beautiful blonde Mistress. “Kiss my feet, slave. Worship my sexy bare feet”. JJ obeyed eagerly. She had been dying to kiss her Mistress’s body. She wanted to suckle at her breasts, lap at her delicious pussy, kiss and lick her body from head to toe, French her warm soft mouth deeply and suck on her pink plump tongue – it seemed forever since she was first forced to tongue-fuck Jen’s pussy and asshole during their sofa fight to determine who would be made slave to the victor and JJ kissed, licked, and sucked her Mistress’s soft sexy feet feverishly, fantasizing about the evening to come. What would their girlfriends make her do? Who was the mystery person on the other end of the call Jen made earlier? She couldn’t wait to find out. The events of the day following the morning workout were a whirlwind of sights and sounds and sensations and as the newly shorn and shaved slave Jujou used her expert mouth to make love to her Mistress’s bare feet, she couldn’t wait to see what the next month would bring. She had lost the bet and yet felt she really had won.


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