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It began at the airport.

We had chatted for awhile, exchanging fantasies and desires, until our trust and comfort level with each other grew to the point a meeting was in order. You’d taken an early Saturday flight, so I’d left in what I thought was plenty of time to meet you. Ended up fighting the weekend traffic that somehow seems to materialize any time you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the spent 45 minutes circling like a buzzard, looking for a spot within half a mile – finally, a parking space! Rushing to the terminal, arriving just as the jet-ramp door opens, excitedly searching for you, watching for your gorgeous red hair that stands out so magnificently in a crowd – There!

Approaching quickly, I notice the obvious irritation in your look and walk – “Hello J, nice to finally see you!” “Follow me, I have to take care of something” you reply brusquely, striding off towards the airline counter. What the fu. . . ?

As I reach the desk, I hear you ranting at the attendant on duty – pissed off about some about damage to your bag. When you finally put it on the counter, I see a small scratch, less than an inch long – I can’t believe you’re making a huge issue about this!

“J, lets get going, shall we?” We were going to a Holiday get-together with a bunch of my lifestyle friends and they were anxious to meet her. “Its going to take a couple hours to get to the house with all this traffic and we don’t have a lot of time before the party.”

“NOT YET! They’re responsible for this scratch and I want it taken care of!” Hearing this last outburst, the attendant offers a credit off your return flight as compensation. “Well,” you say “I guess if that’s the BEST you can do, I’ll take it.” Grabbing the papers from her, you stomp off towards the baggage claim, pushing your way past those waiting patiently so you can grab your one suitcase and leave first – “some sub SHE is!” I think to myself.

One the way to the car, it starts again – “God, did you have to park in the next county or what?!” I’m carrying the bags, I don’t know what the hell SHE’S bitching about. I try to be patient – maybe she’s one of those “nervous flyers” and just needs some time to settle down. “We’re almost there, just a couple rows over.” Her response – “About time!”

Thankfully, she is quite most of the ride home, even smiling a couple times. “Maybe this will work out well after all” I think, as I pull into the driveway.

Not so fast! Minutes later, I hear more bitching – “Dammit! I just KNEW this outfit would get all wrinkled in the suitcase – now I have to iron it for God’s sake!” What’s with this woman? She was nice, thoughtful and considerate every time we chatted or talked – did she send her evil twin?

Finally, we’re both ready and leave for the party. “I HOPE its not gonna take too long to get there!” she exclaims. GEEZ!! Two things run through my mind – “I’m sorry I invited her” and “She’s JUST about reached my limit – and she was warned before she came what would happen if she did!”

Once at the party, you continue your “Queen bitch” ranting and raving – nothing is right about the house, the decorations, the food, but of course SHE could fix everything the way it SHOULD be. That’s bad enough, but then you start flirting with every guy in the place, waving your hair around like a magic wand to get their attention – I can see and feel the tension rising from the women, this could get ugly in a heartbeat. I catch up to you as you put the make on the host, a particularly bad idea as his slave is standing right behind you at the time! I catch his eyes and nod in the direction of the kitchen – “Excuse me J, I’d like to talk with Sir D for a moment about his newest project”. “OK, I GUESS!”

In the kitchen, Sir D asks “Where the hell did you find her?!?” “Shit, I’m completely confused” I exclaim, “she’s never once shown this side in all the times we’ve chatted and talked – I think she needs to be taught a lesson.” “I agree completely” Sir D says, “any ideas?”

“Mmmmmmmmm – did you tape the football game earlier today?” “Yep, as always” he replies – “why, what did you have in mind?” “Oh, just a little bet on the game” I reply with a devilish grin. “Come on, let’s see if she can get herself into some REAL trouble!”

By the time we return, there’s already several other women grouped around – looks like you’re the center of attention! Guess they don’t really appreciate you showing up as the “newbie” and trying to hit on their men – wow, what a surprise!

“J? I know you’re a person that will `put their money where their mouth it'” I say – “how about a little bet?” “Like what?” you ask. “Since you think the place should be redecorated, how about this – you win, you get to redecorate the bottom floor and they have to keep it that way for 6 months. You also have Sir D at your COMPLETE disposal to assist you.”

“NO WAY, I spent a lot of time working on it!” exclaims Sir D’s slave, quickly silenced by his stern look.

I can see your mind working as you again look over Sir D. “What if I lose?” I look slyly at Sir D and his slave – “Well, if you lose, we get to redecorate YOU!” “What?!?!” “I will shave your pussy, then you get a new hair style, and you must maintain both for 6 months” I state. You start to protest, but the crowd jumps in – “Hey, that’s fair”, “Sounds like an even bet to me!”, “Yeah, cool idea!”. “

Your ego starts to get the best of you. “OK, if I bet – what are we gonna bet on.” “How about a football game?” I suggest, “There’s one coming on in just a few minutes.” “YOU’RE ON!” you shout, “Who’s playing?”. “Lets see, that should be Washington St against California – you gonna be a good `home state’ girl and root for the Cougars?” “You bet!” comes your smug reply, “they should kick ass!”

We settle in to watch the game, you rooting for Washington St., everyone else rooting for California. At halftime, you’re ahead 17-10, and are just cocky enough to want to add some gas to the fire. “Well, you guys want to go double or nothing?”, smiling confidently. “What do you mean?” I ask. You reply “I want to double the bet – I get to do the WHOLE house and it stays that way for a full year! Oh, and I `get’ Sir D here from now until tomorrow noon, just me and him here all by ourselves.”

“THE HELL YOU WILL!” shouts Sir D’s slave – “HUSH!” he commands, “That’s up to me, you keep quite like you’ve been trained!” “Oooooo, not so tough when you can’t talk back, huh?” you taunt Sir D’s slave, continuing “Guess that means the bet’s on?” as you look directly at him. Sir day replies “That’s fine by me.” “Great, it’s a bet!” – that smug look spreading further across your face.

“As long as you agree to the same for you, J.” I comment, “are you ready to match Sir D’s commitment?” “Absolutely” you state confidently. “Hey, wait a minute, what exactly do you mean by that?” Grinning slyly – “We get to do both your bottom AND top `floors’, and it has to stay that way for a whole year, just like you said!” “Bottom and top, what does that . . . . my HAIR?!?!? You mean you get to cut off my HAIR!?!?!? NO FUCKING WAY!!!!” you scream.

“Uh, J . . . don’t look now but its too late, you already agreed to doubling the bet. Now you’d better hope your team wins!” Looking rapidly around the room, you realize you are now trapped – there’s no way anyone is going to let you out of this bet.” “Ok, FINE!” you say ” but the Cougars are gonna win anyway so it won’t matter.”

About this time, the second half begins – to your great surprise and concern, Cal runs back the kickoff for a touchdown, tying the game. Trying to look calm, you proclaim “Oh, that’s nothing, I’ll be fine, we should win easy now.” Unfortunately (well, at least from YOUR point of view) things go from bad to worse – within minutes Cal intercepts two passes, both leading to touchdowns. “COME ON you guys, PLAY HARD!” you yell at the TV, tension starting to show in your face. The crowd grows louder, cheering with each Cal gain. By the end of the 3rd quarter, they’re up three touchdowns and you know you’re i
n BIG trouble.

“Hey `hot stuff'” Sir D’s slave says, “whatcha thinking now, hmmmm?!?” “Maybe if you strip now and watch the rest of the game naked, we’ll go easier on ya.” “YEAH, GREAT idea!” someone in the crowd adds. I lean next to you, saying “J, if I were you I’d start doing anything I can to calm the natives – they’re like sharks smelling blood, it’s only gonna get worse.”

“Ok, ok – if I strip now, what do I get for it?” “How about a month off the time period” Sir D calls out. “Sounds good to me” I reply, “What about the rest of you?” “Sure”, “OK”, “Cool!”

Glaring at Sir D’s slave, you slowly begin to remove your clothes. “Come on, hurry up!” she shouts at you, “get those clothes off and show us the goods!” Finally you’re completely naked, sitting on the couch with your legs together. Sir D’s slave chirps up, “Might as well spread those and let us see, won’t be long until that happens anyway.” I grab one thigh and another slave grabs the other, pulling firmly until your pussy and hair are exposed.

“YES!!!” – a big roar from the crowd as Cal scores again. “Anything else you want to bargain for?” asks Sir D. Desperately, you look around, thinking desperately of what else might gain you some small advantage. “How about make her serve drinks as the `Naked, shaved Maid’ someone shouts. “Well?” I say, looking at you. “Ok, but only if I get 3 months off!” you reply. “Mmmmmmmm – that’s a little much” I reply, “but I think I could arrange 2 months if you did it naked while I lead you around a leash and collar.” One more glance confirms that’s the best you’re gonna get – “FINE! I’ll do it!”

Gradually, the women in the crowd start to crowd around, reaching for and playing with your hair. “Mmmmmmm, so nice and sexy – too bad you won’t be leaving with it” says one. Another grabs on firmly – “Guess you won’t be using this to tease other women’s men anymore”. “Yeah, wonder how many dates you’ll get as `Miss Chrome Dome’!”.

As the final minutes run down, I place several items on the table in front of you – scissors, an electric trimmer, towels, a bag to put the cuttings in, a large bowl of water and a large package of razors. Staring at them, the reality begins to sink in, that beautiful red hair is going to be replaced by nothing but bare, bald skin. Each minute seems to take forever, your sassy smart ass mouth suddenly silent.

Finally, the game ends. “Looks like you lost, J” I say “guess its time to pay up!” Your head turns, the terror in your eyes visible to all. “PLEASE don’t cut my hair off, I’ll do anything else, whatever you want! Oh GOD, I LOVE my hair, just name it, I really mean that, just tell me and I’ll do ANYTHING!!!”

“Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it!” the crowd begins to chant. Smiling, I say “Sorry J, doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen – any other offers to reduce your time period?” “Uh, well, er, ummmm . . . . dammit, I don’t know, just tell me, I’ll do it!!!”

“OK, here ya go. I’ll take another 6 months off IF you agree to service each Dom or Domme here – they can choose if its them or their sub, but you do what they wish to whom they wish. Agreed?” “SHIT! There’s too many, I’d never be able to do it!” you reply. “Well” I respond, “I guess we’re still at NINE MONTHS of baldness!” “DAMN YOU – ALLRIGHT, I’ll do it!” More cheers from the crowd, they can’t wait to see your complete humiliation.

“Oh, one more thing – for every Dom or Domme who gives you a `thumbs up’ for your service, you get one event or day you can wear a wig or scarf. That way, if you’re REALLY good, you can get a week or so of at least SOMETHING on your head besides skin.” You raise your eyes meekly, the magnitude of what’s happening finally hitting home – “Ok, if that’s what you say.”

“OK with everybody else?” “GO FOR IT!” “CUT IT OFF!” “Well, J, seems its time to start. Hold your legs wide open so I can see good – don’t want me doing this blind, do you?” You grab each leg behind the knee, spreading them wide, showing off your nice red pussy hair. Taking the scissors, I trim it way down, then lather it up nicely. You feel the crowd press in, each wanting to see your bare skin revealed. Slowly, I take a razor, and slide it across your tender skin. “WOOOOOO!!!” the crowd yells out as the first stroke is completed. Your exposed skin feels cold from the air as I continue, stroke after stroke until all the hair around your cunt is removed.

Rubbing my hand over the now smooth skin, I ask “How do you like it, J? What you expected?” God its sensitive that way! “Uh, its fine.”

“Just fine?” continuing to rub, feeling you start to move back against me, “are you sure its just fine?” “Mmmmmmm” a small moan escapes you, “OK, its good, is that better?”

Laughing, I stand up – “Move over here J, and kneel on the pad” You move over and kneel as instructed, more and more submissive with each passing moment. I attach leather cuffs to each wrist and ankle, pulling your arms wide. “Look up” I command, and your eyes gaze into the mirror in front of you. “You will watch the whole thing, do you understand?” “Yes Sir” you reply meekly.

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