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The Football Game -Part 2
By Anonymous
Category: Bets and Dares

Starting with the scissors, I begin lopping off large chunks of hair, the cheers from the crowd growing louder with each snip, your gorgeous hair systematically cut away. Next comes the trimmer. “Would anyone like to assist” I ask the crowd, “line up here!” Instantly, a line forms and you instruct each one to make just one pass with the trimmer. The vibrations buzz thru your scalp as you watch the once long hair turn to stubble in front of your eyes. Finally, its time for the razors.

Slowly I cover your head in lather, taking my time, enjoying the moment for all its worth. Brandishing the razor in front of you, I speak once more – “Say goodbye my dear”. Moving to the side so as not to block your view, I place the razor at the top of your forehead, directly in the middle. With one long, smooth stroke, the first stripe of your bare skin is revealed – a huge, raucous cheer springs from the crowd, as if all possessed but one voice.

Gradually, your naked scalp is revealed, taking great care to remove each and every folicle. Last but certainly not least, I shave off one eyebrow at a time – first the left, then the right. Using a large towel, I remove all traces of the lather as you stare in the mirror, transfixed by your appearance. After warming some baby oil in my palms, I gently massage it into your skin, exploring and caressing every inch of your head.

“Alright everyone, before we do anything else, you may all have a turn touching and rubbing her now bare skin – only one condition, you may NOT make her cum. Anyone doing so will forfeit their “service” turn. Understood?” Every person there took a turn, one by one, rubbing your head, reaching down to see how smooth your pussy was, touching, teasing as they went.

Finally they are finished, and I uncuff you, helping you to your feet. “Well, J – are you going to be the good submissive I know you can be?” “Yes Sir – I’m sorry for how I acted earlier.” “I know, J – now show everyone what you are capable of, make them jealous of you as a person rather then jealous of your looks and how you flirted.”

Moving towards the kitchen, I attach a collar around your neck, hooking a long chain leash to it. Placing a tray in your hands, I put several cokes and waters on it, leading you towards the living room. “Lets get started, J – its going to be a long night!”

I’m stopping there for now – if you want more we’ll have to talk about what the “services” turn into.

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