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I’d been thinking about cutting my hair for a long time. I was going out with a guy about 6 months ago and when I brought up the idea. He freaked out so badly I never saw him again.

My hair was half was down my back and I knew it looked really great but I kept getting this strange impulse every once in awhile to just cut everything. I go to a small salon for trims and asked the woman about cutting it short. She told me I had beautiful hair and to leave it alone. I felt embarrassed I asked, but that left me wondering what I should do. Several weeks later as I walked by a small barbershop I thought he might not be as reluctant to cut my hair shorter. I went in and explained my stylist didn’t want to cut my hair really short. I stood there as he offered some suggestions but when he began talking about cutting it so short that it was above my ears I trembled. He even asked if I wanted clippers used on the sides and back. The fact was I didn’t know! I was just stopping in to inquire.

Over the next week or two I kept thinking about what he said. The idea of getting myself really shorn grew on me. One night on the way home I stopped in again. He thought I was ready to let him cut it but I said I needed more information. I asked about the clipper length and if he could do it an inch or more. He said he had the attachment but it never worked very well. We talked a bit more and I went on home to think.

I had to admit those conversations were arousing all kinds of feelings. I guess in my mind I’d love to have the courage to “sacrifice” my hair in one great moment, but my courage to actually go through with it was far less.

Each time I stopped in I made sure the shop was empty. When I did this a third time he again thought I was going to let him cut it. I disappointed him again but he showed me the different clipper attachments and told me the cut became more even the shorter he went.

The reality was I was getting more turned on the more I stopped and talked to him. It was the following Friday after work that I stopped in again.. Again he patiently tried to explain, but I got the distinct impression he knew I was teasing both him and myself. He suggested I jump in the chair and he would do just a small section underneath using a long attachment, and I could see for myself. He promised to do just a small piece by my ear. The offer was too sensational to refuse. I sat in the chair with the cape roughly tossed over me as he buzzed a piece by my left ear. I stared! I felt my heart racing. Yep! It was short. My long hair could drop down to hide it from view. He told me that was 1″ and asked about going a bit shorter. He adjusted the clippers and did around my right ear. I stared into his mirror comparing the two sides and could see one was shorter than the other.

I took a deep breath. He told me the shorter he cut the more even it would be. I said I could see the sides were different length and he needed to balance it up. He asked, “Even it right up?” I was nervous and shaking so I just nodded.

He adjusted the clippers again and smiled, “This is getting short!” I felt my palms sweating on the armrests. My heart pounded. He rotated the chair slightly as he went back to the left side, where he started. With his one hand he reached across my view sweeping up my long hair and holding my head steady. At the same moment he began clipping right up the side of my head. As a great sheet of hair dropped to my lap in front of me I began to shake all over. He took his hand away and in the mirror I saw the devastation he had inflicted. He ran his fingers over the stubble that remained smiling and announcing how this was shaving my hair just 1/8 ” There seemed little choice but to sit there shut up and let him continue. Without even asking he went right over the top. Just 5 minutes later he was packing 27 inches of my cut hair into a plastic bag for me to take home.

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