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This past summer I worked as a camp councilor. One thing I had planned to do before I left home was get my hair cut to something more manageable. It had been almost to my waist and with all the outdoor stuff and swimming I felt something about shoulder length would be a lot easier to look after. But time rushed past and I never got around to it.

Our first week was for orientation. The Saturday before the first load of kids arrived a few of us headed down to the village. I was the only girl in the group and the guys decided they wanted to get buzz cuts for the summer. Two of them already had really short hair. I like short hair on guys so I thought tagging along would be fun.

Maybe it’s my Delilah complex but I enjoyed watching them get shorn right down to the scalp. Since there wasn’t a salon for miles around I asked if he would cut my hair shoulder length. He said, “No problem” so I climbed in the chair. He began chopping away and the guys all joked and stared. Well, he got a bit carried away because it ended up level with my ears. He even used the clippers at the base of my neck. It was really easy to look after and once the shock wore off I was really happy with it.

It was toward the end of August when, on one of those Saturday afternoon visits to town, the guys wanted to go back to the barbershop. We stopped for a few beer first, but I was sure the guy remembered us as we barged into his shop. A couple of the guys went first. I think the poor barber just wanted to get the rowdy bunch of us out of his shop. He took his clippers and without any stopping buzzed them right down to the scalp one after the other.

I was sitting next in line and while I had not intended to do anything but watch, there was a definite party atmosphere. So, without any inhibitions I found myself climbing into the chair.

I am sure the guy remembered cutting my hair because he asked if I liked it short. I told him I loved having it so easy to look after. The length was fine for the summer but I had already decided to let it grow once I got home. The guys were getting a bit noisy and teasing me. He ran his hand over the top and asked if I wanted it cut the same. He combed the back of my neck and asked, “Do this with the clippers?” I figured putting off growing it back for a few weeks wouldn’t be the end of the world, so I said “Sure! What the hell!” He took his clippers and tilted my head forward to trim the back of my neck. As I felt them vibrate against my neck his hand gripped the top of my head. He swept right up the back and over the top just like he had done with the guys.

I gasped and my whole body froze. He laughed, “This way the kids won’t be able to tell you apart from the boys!” The guys watching began to laugh and told me how he was really shaving my head bare. Just 6 weeks earlier my hair was almost to my waist. I can’t believe I am coming home with my head shaved. Everyone is going to freak out!

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