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My boyfriend has been bugging me for over 3 months to get my hair cut short. I mean I have worn my hair chin length and even over my ears but he was talking like ½”all over. I told him, “Short maybe, but ½”!!! No way!”

The situation got so tense that I agreed one day to go with him and talk to the unisex guy that does his hair. It was Friday just before he closed. But I was already saying to myself, “Forget it!” The guy was very patient and understanding, and said if I was anxious about getting it clipped too short he had different attachments for the clippers that used a #8 and could cut up to 1½ ” long. That was a lot better than ½”. However, with my hair below my shoulders, that was still really drastic. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this. I said I would be happier with it cut short like 2-3 inches, but the guy was reassuring and my boyfriend was so anxious that I compromised. The guy said he’d use an inch and a half clipper and just do the sides. If I wanted he could do more.

Well I was scared, but it was now past his closing time and I felt like I was imposing since we’d talked for over 15 minutes. Reluctantly and very nervously I climbed into the chair. He showed me how he put the attachment on the clippers and assured me it would be nice and even. I seemed calmer, but inside I was a nervous wreck. He never turned the chair to the mirror. I think that was to keep me calmer, but it didn’t work. As he put a hand on the back of my head and brought the clippers up, he switched them on. I panicked and told him to stop just as he was about to plunge into the back of my hair.

My boyfriend got angry threw up his hands in frustration and walked out of the shop slamming the door. I took a few deep breaths. My thoughts raced through my head. The guy was feeling very uneasy. The most courage I could gather was to just do something short, like everything one length. He patiently stood there waiting and holding the clippers.

I swallowed hard and said I was sorry. He asked if I was all right. I said I was. I took a few more deep breaths and told him he could do it short like the same length all over. He just nodded calmly and replied “Ok!” and asked “How close?” I replied nervously, ” It doesn’t matter! Forget the #8 thing.” He nodded and said, “Ok!” taking the attachment off the clipper. “Its Ok.” He assured me. “I can do it short if you like or not! Its really up to you!” I nodded “Short is Ok!” I really just wanted to get out of there. He seemed to understand, and said, “No problem! No #8! Just everything short!’

I was now too upset, embarrassed and nervous, to say anything. I knew my boyfriend was disappointed I called off the clipper cut, but I was sure I would look like a boy with such short hair. Getting it cut just short all over I thought was the best I could do to compromise.

I watched him put the attachment back on the counter. He joked a bit saying, ” One thing about hair is. it’s easy to take it off. It takes a whole lot longer to put back on.”

I began to relax for a moment. He turned back and once again placed his hand on the back of my head. I was unable to react as suddenly the clippers began buzzing again. In one continuous motion he swept into my hair at my forehead and straight back over the top. I was so scared I couldn’t breath. I started to cry.

He sensed my panic and exclaimed “Too late to change it now!.. This is going to be nice and close all over!”

I stared into my lap as he continued to shave my hair with the straight clippers, all the time exclaiming “You have really nice hair!. It going to take a few years to grow this back!” Then just as I was getting down from the chair he said “Your boyfriend likes short hair on the ladies! You’re the third one he’s brought in!”

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