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A few years ago I began getting my hair trimmed at a barbershop since salons charged so much. It was very easy to get just an inch snipped off the bottom. There no appointment needed and the guy, who I began to know as Rob, always did a great job.

At the beginning of the summer I decided I wanted to get my hair shorter. I wasn’t sure if he could do that. I told him I wanted it about chin length. He reminded me that it was barbers cutting women’s hair back in the 20’s that started the “bobbed style”. I remained nervous as he sent 15 inches of my hair to the floor. He used his regular comb to guide the clippers all around and obviously knew how to do this. The cut was probably better than any salon. He continued using the clippers to shave the back of my neck. I really liked the feel of it.

I went back for trims more frequently throughout the summer. Each time he did a great job, and did the entire cut with the clippers and a comb. It was a lot more economical than elsewhere. A month ago when I dropped in, his partner said he wasn’t there, but offered to take me. I just needed a trim so that was fine. Once I got in the chair he asked what I wanted. I told him to use the clippers on the back of my neck and cut the sides and back less than ½” just to keep it all one length. As he combed my hair he asked if I wanted him to use the clippers to do the sides and back. I nodded but thought it strange since he watched Rob every time I had been in.

Just then Rob came in the door. He went to get lunch. He saw me in the chair and smiled hello, then sat down in his chair to watch his partner at work while he opened his burger and placed his drink on the counter. Unlike Rob this guy never turned the chair for me to see the mirror. I heard him start the clippers behind me. I caught a glance of Rob sitting there calmly watching as he pressed them against the back of my neck. In one sweep he went right up the back of my head and over the crown. I gasped and just about had a heart attack. But Rob sat there calmly watching. The guy continued and I could feel my hair dropping away in great gobs. Tears began to fill the corners of my eyes.

As he worked around the side he went so high he was clipping right up into the top. Rob just sat there calmly munching his burger. Without warning he used the clippers straight back over the top. I was shaking and could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks.

He shaved my neckline and went higher than Rob ever had. When he rotated the chair I really didn’t want to look. My hair was buzzed less than ½” and shaved on the neck and around my ears. It really looked like a boy’s crew cut.

I got down and went to the cash to pay. Rob met me there as the guy swept the floor. He could see I was upset and said, “That’s nice and short! You’ll like how easy that is to look after!” I just shook my head. I couldn’t speak. In an effort to show sympathy he handed me a coupon for a free trim.

Stepping out onto the street I could feel every breeze right through to my scalp. In my jeans and tee shirt people thought I was a boy. I found it a shock to stand in front of the bathroom mirror but running my hand over the short bristles was so very erotic.

Over the next four weeks it had grown so much that it lost a lot of that bristly feeling. I was lying in bed last Saturday morning stroking my hair, when I decided that in spite of my determination to grow it back, I should get a trim. I really didn’t want a lot of guys staring at me, so before breakfast I made the trip to the barbershop. Rob was surprised to see me. I told him that in spite of the shock of having it cut so short I loved he feel. But it was losing the fuzzy feeling. He seemed to understand and in no time was adjusting the clippers right in front of me. He told me he could set the clippers so it would keep the fresh cut feel longer. Well I stared into the mirror as he made that first sweep back over the top of my head. My heart jumped into my throat. He was shaving my hair just 1/8th inch from my head. Around my neck and ears he shaved it right down to my skin. The whole process wasn’t more than 3 or 4 minutes. This was the fastest haircut I ever had. I look so scalped!

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