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I have always been very proud of my hair. I spent ages caring for it so it had a wonderful shine right down to the tips. I have done some work at shows, and even once for TV. This past year it finally reached past my waist.

I lived with my boyfriend for the past 8 months and we do care for each other but it was simply not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. So I decided to move out. In a fit of passion (perhaps mixed with anger) he took a lovelock of my hair, but it was a huge chunk and high up on the back. It left a gigantic hole. I was very upset. Some of my friends told me I should sue him for assault but that’s not the way it really happened. We still like each other and I know I really hurt him by leaving, but I am angry with him for cutting my hair.

Anyway I really had to try to do something with it. I wore it up in a twist for a few days while I visited several salons to try to get a hair extension or something to work into my hair so it wouldn’t show. Most places I went couldn’t handle that sort of thing. It was a clean-cut chunk that left this deep slash right through one side near the back. Some of the hair was just an inch long. I was at one place where the girl spent a lot of time and listened to my tale but told me she’d recommend I just cut it all short. She said, in the end it was probably the only way I’d be happy with it.

I was upset and left her shop swearing I’d never let her touch my hair. I finally got someone with hair extensions and I spent a lot of money. After about 3-4 weeks they became such a nuisance, and the cut part would show if I didn’t have them in just right. The colour didn’t match exactly and I was just fed up.

I knew I had to do something. It took me almost another week to get up my courage. I came to the conclusion the only person who was honest with me and didn’t try to sell me a whole lot of extra stuff was the girl that told me I’d end up cutting it. So last week one day after work I decided I’d had enough. It was sort of a desperate impulse decision. I was broken-hearted but I got my courage and went back to the salon I swore I’d never go to. I didn’t have an appointment but she said she’d take me anyway. She remembered me, and told me if I’d just taken her advice at first I would have saved a lot of money and frustration. She scolded that I didn’t believe her. I knew she was busy, and felt good that she fitted me in. I described a style I’d seen that was short over the crown but layered longer on the sides and at the neck. It could still hang 8-10 inches down my back. She said she didn’t have a lot of time and was anxious to get started. We didn’t get into a lot of discussion. She said it was a real mess but she’d try just to get it all evened up. She pointed out how it was just 3inches long at the crown and the short part where he cut was only an inch. I shuddered but confessed I knew. I loved my hair and honestly didn’t want to see it cut but she never wet it down or anything. She just started cutting really fast and just kept chopping away at the back. I could feel her running her fingers through it as she cut but couldn’t really see. When she used the comb, she went back and forth without it getting tangled. I couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing, but when she started around the side I realized she’d cut everything close to her knuckles. I wanted to cry. It was so short! She told me if I had a special style in mind I should have brought a picture or something, or made an appointment when she’d have time to talk with me more. She pointed out she warned me she was very busy and evening everything up one length was all she had time for.

I felt so helpless. I just sat there in shock and watched as she kept chopping off all my hair. Most of what she cut was two feet long. She seemed almost amused at how much hair I was losing. If that wasn’t bad enough she then took the clippers with a plastic guard and began buzzing them right up the back and sides. Without even asking me she went over the top and did my whole head. She just clipped everything really butch, about half an inch. I look like a boy.

I feel so naked. I just wish I’d never gone there. I mean what my boyfriend did was nothing compared to this. It will take years to grow again, and my hair was so wonderful. There’s nothing left!

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