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Last Friday night I stayed over at my boyfriend’s. I got up before him in the morning to take a shower. I guess that woke him up. As I was preparing to borrow his razor to shave my legs, he came in, sat on the toilet and began to watch. I was not use to being observed taking a shower. When he suggested he shave my legs for me it sounded like fun, since I had never had a guy offer to do that before. The shower stall was too small so I ended up lying on the bathroom floor among towels, a blanket and pillow as he soaped and shaved my legs. I found this not only amusing, but also rather exciting.

He kept soaping and shaving working his way higher and higher. I said nothing but was feeling more and more turned on. Without missing a stroke he lathered up between my legs and shaved me clean right up to my navel. This was a new experience for me as well. I had thought about it on occasion but never done it. But there I was clean from bum to belly. I mean he really took everything off! Every single hair!

I got back into the shower to rinse off. I had planned to wash my hair but he obviously had other things on his mind and I was anxious to try out the new sensation. Besides washing my hair would have meant drying it and that alone would have taken a half hour since I kept it over half way down my back. After a sensational work out in the bedroom I was once again going to finish showering but he suggested he buy me breakfast of apple crepes at a great little café not far away. That was too tempting to resist but he slapped on one condition. He would treat me only if I wore no underwear. The skirt I had come over with was seductively short and I was a bit apprehensive. I am not usually a naughty girl but the sensation of being naked between my legs was very erotic and prompted me to accept the offer.

Walking down the street feeling every breeze that swept up between my legs and under my skirt, is something I cannot describe. I also felt some of the left over juices running down inside my thigh. We sat on the terrace as I stuffed myself with these delicious crepes. The combination of the two of us gazing at each other knowing we were being so secretively naughty and my feeling that every passerby could see everything up my skirt made me very horny. This sensation grew until I stood up to leave and felt the juices pouring all the way down my legs and realized the back of my skirt was wet right through. We looked at each other and laughed, then tried as discretely as possible to walk back to his apartment. Once there I insisted I needed to finish my shower and wash my hair. He sat on the toilet and watched.

The morning’s events had been most erotic and I was thoroughly enjoying the attention and activities. After rinsing and conditioning my hair I got out of the shower and began to towel it dry. He once again was more than willing to assist. I helped him part it and he carefully combed it out. I had to help him a bit to avoid tangles since it was so long and I didn’t want to break the ends anymore than they were. It was then he offered to trim it for me. I remember thinking that this guy had a real hair thing. I loved it just the way it was but this morning was certainly becoming very intense. I knew it needed a trim so I again accepted the offer. He brought in a stool from the other room for me to sit on. The mirror was over the sink so I could only see if I stood up, however, I was happy to sit and enjoy him combing through my hair and feel his naked body rubbing against me. He sectioned out the top and pinned it up very professionally. It was obvious he had some practice at this. As he picked up the scissors he asked me how much he should cut. I had imagined I just needed an inch or two, but it had been such an erotic morning. I loved the feeling of him pampering me, and the sensation of having my own personal groom, to say nothing of those crepes. He handled my hair with a definite proficiency that I was quite willing to submit a little and trust his judgment, so I said, ” Just do whatever. Its your call!” He said nothing after that until he suddenly cut through the first handful level with my ear. A surge of panic shot through me. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. In fact I did both together at the same time. He told me it would feel great to have my hair shorter and look terrific. There seemed little I could do but to sit and pray. I could feel my stomach turning with panic attacks as I tried to anticipate what I would look like with short hair. He continued around my head then let down the top layers and proceeded to cut them even higher. Standing up looking in the mirror I fingered my hair. It was short. I mean it was between 2 and 4 inches long; cut in these two chopped layers around my head. He convinced me everything was fine and to sit down again. Nervously I did so, hoping that my assessment of his ability wasn’t wrong. I told him I didn’t want to look like a boy, and I’d hate him forever if he cut it too short. He laughed and began running his fingers back and forth over my head snipping off my hair to even it up. In the next few minutes he’d clipped everything even with the top of his fingers, about _” to and inch long all over.

I was shaking nervously as I examined my short-cropped damp hair. I had stopped laughing by now and was seriously concerned about what this was going to look like. It was certainly short, but the spiky cropped look did have a definite appeal and I was again beginning to feel more confident in his skills even though I had never dreamed of being thrust into having short hair, although not at all sure my friends would agree with his assessment.

He said he’d blow it dry and do a final trim. At this point there seemed little else he could do. He’d cut off 25 inches, so I sat back down. He blew it dry and ran his comb back and forth a few times. To do the final trim he brought out a pair of electric clippers. I was once again nervous, but he reassured me he knew how to use them. Use them he did! He started right at my forehead and in one sweep went straight back. I could see the short hair falling but knew that ½” was a lot to lose at this point. I was shaking nervously as he continued over my entire head. I could feel his other hand passing back and forth over the short stubble as the clippers cut. It was like he was right against my head. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I was now scared. Still trembling I begged him to stop. He told me he was evening everything up 1/8″ all over. I began to cry. I just wanted him to stop but I knew he’d have to finish what he started and that meant doing my whole head.

As I stood looking into the mirror it was like I was staring at someone else. My hair was clipped right to my scalp. There was nothing left, just a gray shadow 1/8th inch long. I look so different. My head is so bare. My long hair was so beautiful, even lying on the bathroom counter in front of me. He ran his hands back and forth over my shorn head, then over the rest of my body. We went back to his bedroom. I felt him caressing me all over. I felt so naked and vulnerable. I pressed my head back into the soft pillows and felt the cool softness of the sheets against my bristly scalp. It penetrated though my whole body. I feel so bare. so naked. Everyone who sees me now will know just how naked I really am! I touch myself and love the sensation!

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