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The house was small but always neat and well kept. They had lived there for over 30 years of marriage. They had bought the house when they had come to this country from eastern Europe. They still spoke with their accents. He was 51 not very tall, pudgy with wispy hair, balding. She was 49 and could stand to lose 20-25 pounds. No one would call her attractive, homily was closer to the truth. She usually wore her course black and gray hair in a bun. Shorter than her husband, together they were not a handsome couple.

They lived close to a college and as a result a number of students had lived in the neighborhood. Having never had children of their own, they had always been nice and helpful to the young people. This was not always appreciated, especially lately by a student, a girl who lived next door. Jujou was her name. She felt these people were beneath her. She was everything which they were not, young, pretty, with a great body and always dressed in the latest fashion. She was very popular, especially with the boys, who visited her often. She made fun of the couple, loud enough that they could hear, to her guests. The young people would have great sport insulting the couple, making fun of their looks, clothes and speech. Jujou would mimic them when she saw them and laugh. If it bothered them, the couple never objected or said a word. They always tried to act kindly toward the girl.

One day she was sunning herself in the back yard. Jujou was wearing a very small bikini. She was quite the bronze goddess and knew it. The older woman interrupted her and asked her if knew how to play checkers. Seems the man was off and she was looking to play a game to pass the time until he got back. Jujou in a very condescending and smart alecky manner said she would play but only if the old crow would be her personal maid for a week after Jujou won. “I will run you hard, probably melt a few pounds off before I am done” laughed Jujou. The woman’s eyes narrowed. “Would you really do that young miss?” “In a heart beat and enjoy every moment, you silly old fool” There was a long pause and the older woman seemed about to turn away, Jujou taunted her and laughed. “How about we play 4 out of 7 and the loser is the slave of the winner for a week” said the woman now angry. “Make it a month” replied Jujou “and throw in your ugly old husband and it’s a deal. I can move in and you two can finally be put to the only use your good for worshipping and serving me.” They were startled by the sound of the old man. He had been standing listening to them. “Do it” was all he said to his wife. She nodded. The board was set up in their living room. Jujou told him to get ready to fetch her belongings and her to make something to eat. “Then you will both kiss my tanned ass, one to a cheek. Then Jujou laughed again, this was going to be fun. Since she was a guest, Jujou moved first. The game was over very fast and Jujou had lost. She was not worried but started to become concerned when the second game went as the first. She thought she was doing real well in the third game but was stunned be a multiple jump move that beat her. Jujou realized that she might be in trouble. Still the fourth game seemed to be going well, so she was stunned when she lost that game as well. “Good thing we were kidding” Jujou said as she made ready to leave. “We were not kidding, slave” was the reply from both as they reached for their prize.

Before the startled girl could move, they had grabbed her. The small little bikini was ripped off her and she stood naked. They forced her down onto her stomach. Her arms were pulled behind her and steel handcuffs were placed onto her wrists. Another pair were placed around her ankles. Then the two cuffs were connected by a leather rope putting Jujou into a hogtied position. Lastly, a large ball-gag was pushed into her mouth, tied around her head and a blindfold covered her eyes. There she lay on the cold wood floor, naked, bound and gagged. “We have things to do, so you will wait there until we are ready to deal with you, slave” She heard them walking away and a door shut. Alone, she struggled to get free but it soon proved to be hopeless. All she accomplished was to get herself all tired and sweaty. Part of it was a fear of what was going to happen. She could feel the sweat running down her bare back and under her arms. Jujou panting began to think. She had been rude to these people and she bet that they were leaving her like this to teach her a lesson. She convinced herself that they would never keep her as a slave, certainly not a whole month. The more she thought about it the madder she got. How dare they do this, she had things to do and places to go. She did not have time for this foolishness. She was going to give them a piece of her mind when they got back. She stiffened at the sound of a door. Tense she waited but began to relax when the binds connecting her wrists and ankles was removed. She had been right! So she was surprised when she was dragged across the floor by her ankles.

Next she was stood up and then bent over a padded piece of furniture. Her head and feet were hanging over the sides off of the floor. It felt like she was thrown over a horse. A strap was fastened across her back holding her in place. The cuffs were taken off her ankles. Her legs were placed onto arms in a kneeling position and strapped down. Then her arms were pulled up as something had been attached to her cuffs. This forced her head down and put a strain on her shoulders. By now she was drooling uncontrollably from the gag and her jaws hurt. Jujou did not know what was going to happen next but it did not look like they were going to let her go. What also was getting to her was no one was saying anything. She heard a buzzing sound and wondered what it was The buzzing grew louder, it was right next to her. An electric shock touched against the bottom of her right foot. Over and over it ran up and down her foot. Jojuo cried out but made no sound. Then the burning moved over to her left foot and the same thing happened again. Her blindfold was soaked with her tears. She wanted to get away but was held tight by her bonds. Her struggles caused a great strain on her shoulders with her bound arms pulled up behind her.

Finally, it stopped and she was released from the horse. Quickly, she was walked to some where, actually she was held by each arm and marched, her feet barely touching the ground. Suddenly her blindfold was removed and she blinked. She was outside in their back yard. The yard was small and fenced in but the fence was not very tall and anyone could look in and see what was happening. She noticed that most of the neighbors were standing watching. “I see you were not kidding Andrie” said one. Jujou realized that they were all smiling and laughing at her. “Glad to see her cut down to size” “Put the little brat in her place” “Don’t go easy on her” “Make her crawl” “Make her beg” “Put her to work” Other comments pointed out that Jujou had always dressed showing off a lot of skin and it was about time some one had just stripped her naked. At this point Olga, for that was the old woman’s name put Jujou onto her knees. Andrie turned on the garden hose and sprayed the girl. Olga had a wire brush which she used to harshly scrub her entire body with a foul smelling soap. This went on until Jujou’s entire body was red and sore. Her make up was gone, lipstick, finger and toe nail polish all gone. Any hint of the perfume which she used was gone as well. Olga inspected her hands and then clipped her finger nails short and her toe nails were next! She was as stripped and naked as a girl could be or so she thought. Andrie had brought over a kitchen chair. He pulled her over his lap and began spanking her with his hand. It hurt and she tried to block him with her hands. However since they were still cuffed, it was easy for him to hold them away from her butt. He turned out to be strong and he spanked her hard. It seemed like he gave her well over a hundred spanks and she was crying again.

Finally he stopped but Olga replace
d him and she had a hair brush. Back over went the sobbing Jujou. God how the hair brush hurt as it hammered down on her already blistered ass. She was begging for mercy but with the gag still in her mouth no one could understand her. Not that any one was showing in inclination to go easy on her. The others watching were calling out encouragement to Olga to spank her harder and longer. It was the worst spanking poor little Jujou had ever gotten. Throughout, Olga kept up a stream of comments, reminding the suffering girl of every time Jujou had been rude. Olga told her that she was going to keep spanking her until she apologized and then she laughed. Of course try as she might with the gag it was hopeless. All she could do was cry harder. Andrie told Olga that it was time, so she stopped the spanking. He put a collar around Jujou’s neck and attached a leash. Olga told the neighbors to make a list of any chores that needed to be done. “Even us?” Jujou realized that her housemates were all standing watching. “We could put her to work, no trouble” “Of course, even you. We have always liked to share our things with the students.” “Great, thanks” was the reply. While Jujou was still grasping that even her house mates were enjoying her situation. The leash was pulled and she found herself following her master and mistress down the street. People pointed and stared. They laughed and called out encouragement to the old couple. Horns honked and people waved, most put their thumbs up in support. Some began to follow them as Jujou was led down the street. Switches were cut down and given to the children, who used them on her burning bottom and especially the backs of her thighs. This went on until Jujou found herself at the college going into one of the buildings where she had a class. She was taken into that very classroom in front of her own classmates. There she was naked, her hands cuffed behind her back, collared, leashed and gagged as Andrie and Olga explained the situation to her professor. While the class roared in laughter, the couple told him that Jujou would not be coming for the next month because she would be busy being their slave. “Look at her ass, boy did she get a whipping” “Little bitch had it coming” “Shake your ass now” “She thought she was so high and mighty” Mr Jones, her professor, wanted to know what was going to happen to Jujou next. He asked if any one had any suggestions. It seemed that all the students had ideas. Some thought that she should get some more spankings. Others thought she should be tied spread eagle on the campus common square. Tattoos were suggested, how many, what they would look like and where on her body. Put her to work, cleaning all the toilets on campus. Her nipples and vagina pierced. That had some one say her nose should have a big ring through it. A popular suggestion by both sexes was that she serve as their sex slave. Jujou stood there quivering, unable to believe what was happening. She kept waiting for some one to say enough and let her go but all any one talked about was what to do to her.

Dorothy was homily and heavy. She was not real popular with the guys and never had any dates. The one guy who had showed an interest in her, Jujou had batted her eyes and taken him away. Now she sat watching and started to smile. “Why not shave her head?” Jujou’s heart nearly stopped when she heard that “oh please no”. At first no one seemed to pay Dorothy any attention. Then she repeated her idea. Soon everyone was debating whether to shave Jujou’s head. She wanted to join in and beg them not to do that but the gag prevented her from saying anything. All she could do was stand there cry and drool. One of the guys wanted to put everything to a vote and the idea with the most votes would win. So there was more discussion whether just most votes or a majority would win. It was decided that a majority was needed. Several students were campaigning for their favorite. The first vote and nothing got a majority. More votes were taken, first sex slave was in the lead, then piercings, now spankings and so on with nothing getting a majority. Still the discussion kept coming back to shaving her head with more and more people liking it. Now they were trying to decide how to proceed.

Hal, who had a crush on Jujou, she could get him to do anything or so she had thought, came forward. “We all know that Jujou is a rude, conceited little brat. She thinks she is pretty and can use her looks to get whatever she wants. She likes to be the center of attention and for people to notice her. We all want to take her down a peg or two. Think how humiliated she is going to be everyday when she has to go out with a shaved head. Every body will notice her alright and she will certainly get a lot of attention.” This swung the group and the next vote was unanimous to shave her head. With great laughter and much taunting a pair of scissors was produced. Jujou was crying real hard and she was also sweating and shaking at the thought of being shaved. Waving her head no, she dropped to her knees trying to plead with her class mates not to do this to her. Her actions were met with much merriment and comment. “Look at her beg” “Just a “trim”” “Squirm, bitch” “Think your hot stuff know?” “Speak up, we can’t hear you” “Does anyone know midget?” “When we’re done, you’ll beg to kiss our asses” “Not so high and mighty know and you won’t be so pretty either” It was decided that Dorothy would get the first cut. Jojuo still on her knees looked disbelieving that this was really going to happen.

Dorothy took a handful of Jujou’s hair right in front and cut it off to cheers from the others and tears from Jujou. Next Hal cut off a big chunk from the middle of her head. The scissors were passed around and people cut pieces from all over her head in no pattern. This caused her to look ridiculous and brought much laughter, taunts and jeers. One fellow began announcing like it was a sporting event describing every cut and its result to more laughter. The noise caused others in the building to come into the room. They all pointed and added their jeers and some joined in the cutting. Jujou could see her hair piling up on the floor. Still her tormentors took their time slowly cutting her hair and leaving her kneeling in it. Each was keeping a lock as a trophy and many were waving their cut pieces in her face with a sarcastic comment. As her hair piled up around her, she felt so humiliated. She was past hoping someone would save her. The cutting having taken her hair down to fuzz, shaving cream was put all over her head and a razor was used to shave her scalp bare.

When finished a cheer went up, but Dorothy was not finished getting her revenge. “Bratty, chidish slaves are not allowed hair that is for grown free women, she needs to be shaved everywhere.” Soon the scissors were back to work as the crowd took turns cutting her pussy hair. Jujou was held while they worked, again this was met with laughter and comments. Since she was now looking up, Jujou realized that some one had a cam corder and was filming the whole thing. Next came the razor and shaving cream and she was bare between her legs as well as her head. Everything meant everything and her eye brows were next but they also shaved her legs, under arms and even her arms. Any where there could possibly be hair got shaved whether it needed it or not. When it was over Jujou just laid exhausted on the hair covered floor no tears left, humiliated, beaten utterly defeated. Feeling so alone and lost, Jujou knew that from this moment she was nothing but a slave that would do exactly what it was told. The little slave felt a tug on it’s leash, it rose and head bowed followed it’s owners.

Jujou blinked as she was led into the sunlight. Neither of her new owners said a word to her but spoke quietly to each other. Once again a crowd began to gather and Andrie passed out switches to the children. These were used with great gusto, striking all over her body. She tried to dodge the blows but the leash kept her close and so all found their mark. Crimson welts streaked her body. Her movements
were the dance of the whipped and drew many sarcastic comments. The children were urged to whip her harder and faster, to really make her dance and they did. Jujou who had thought she had cried all her tears found more. They stopped in a park and Jujou was bent over a railing. Her hands were released but resecured one to each ankle so she could not straighten or get off the railing. Olga told the crowd that each one could give Jujou swats for a dollar each. A sorority paddle was produced and the people lined up. One by one they paid the couple and took their turns. Over and over the paddle cracked Jujou’s bare ass. Some guy was calling out to passerbys offering them the chance to “spank the bald midget” many did. None only gave her one but were paying five and ten dollars at least. One older lady handed Andrie a 100 dollar bill. She really laid into Jujou hard, the paddle sounding like rifle shots when it hit her butt. That hurt! When everyone was done, her hands were handcuffed behind her back and with a jerk of the leash off she went. During the several blocks Jujou again danced to the switces. She was taken into a building and placed on her back onto a table bound spread eagle. Her question of what would happen next was answered quickly. She found both her nipples were pierced and rings were inserted. Then a punch like device was put into her nose and the center was pierced and a ring was put through her nose. A thin chain was attached to the ring in her nose and then to the rings through her nipples. In order not to pull any of the rings out, Jujou was forced to keep her head down. Once outside, the switch dance caused great agony for the girl, her movements pulling the painful rings now adorning her body. This went on for several more blocks until they entered another building. There she was bent over so her head was down and her ass was up. Jujou thought she was going to be spanked some more but she was wrong. On her left hip was tattooed “grade A prime meat” on her right hip “property of AO” these were done as circles. On her lower back was put a crossed paddle and hairbrush. Then she was turned over. Under each breast was the handle of a whip, the lashes circled each breast extending side by side down her stomach the tips ending just above her vagina. Andrie and Olga inspected the work on their slave and were pleased. “We still have over a thousand dollars and the additions are perfect. No one can ever doubt that it is nothing but a slut slave. Time to take it home and put it to work.” Hands cuffed behind her back, her mouth still stuffed with the ball gag, chains running through the rings piercing her body, Jujou felt the tug of the leash and wearily followed her owners.

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