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"This is just too much work!" complained Mary as she sat down in front of her laptop, hours after she finished making supper, putting the kids to bed, cleaning the house and taking a shower. She still had to give a big report to her boss the next day, and she had no clue how she was going to make it on time.

Mary was a woman in her early 30?s, in good shape with very nice features: shoulder length brown hair, big blue eyes, and a firm body. Married to Jim, they had 2 kids and both lived peacefully in a nice suburban home.

Unable to concentrate, she decided to go to bed and call in sick the next day. She hadn?t missed a days work in months, she could allow herself to miss just one? So she hopped into bed with her husband.

"Honey, its 1am, where have you been?" asked Jim, awaking from a deep slumber.

"Ohhh? there?s just too much to do, not that you don?t help me out? There?s just too much?"

"What?s too much?"

"Everything! Every day is a rush, from the moment I get up, until I go to bed. I don?t have a single moment to myself?"

"Then get rid of something." Answered Jim, honestly thinking the solution to Mary?s problem was that simple.

"Whatever? I?m tired honey, lets go to sleep."

The next morning, Mary got up and helped prepare the kids for school, then took a long warm shower, picked her clothes and styled her hair. 1 hour later, she was ready to attack a days work. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat down in front of her laptop.

Hours passed and she finally finished writing her report. Mary stretched out her arms and sighed. "My god?.. Its all ready 1pm." The kids wouldn?t be home for a few more hours. So she decided to make herself a list of a typical day, to see what she could modify, or remove to gain more time? She started writing down her typical day and she immediately noticed she spent over an hour every day, just to style her hair. Her hair was wonderful, but it was so dry and thick, it took hours to brush and blow dry exactly the way she wanted. Mary went to the washroom and studied herself in the mirror? "Hmmmm maybe, I should get a bit trimmed off." Mary asked herself, holding her hands to the side of her head, imagining her hair cut off just below her chin. "Or maybe even shorter?" she held her hands to the side of her mouth. "Oh my god.. that would look good? But?. Ohhhh, I don?t know!" She thought about calling her usual hair salon, but then again,they wouldn’t be able to book an appointment for the same day. And Mary wanted her hair cut. Now.

She opened the bottom drawer and took out the haircutting kit she used to trim Jim?s hair. Every 2-3 weeks she would clip his hair all over to a #2 crewcut. He liked to keep his hair short for work at the factory and she enjoyed clipping his hair. Every time they would have wonderful sex afterwards.

She opened the box and started removing its contents. Clippers with several attachments, a cape, scissors, a brush and a few hair clips. She took the scissors in her hands and starred at herself for a few minutes.

"Should I really cut my hair? Yes, yes I should. And it should be short. That way I?ll save some time in the morning, Anyway, its my hair, I should be able to do whatever I want! Ok.. lets see here?"

Mary placed the scissors to the right side of her mouth and slowly closed her hand. Crruuunncchhhhh

7 inches of hair fell to the ground with a loud thump. Mary suddenly realized her hair would have to be cut very short in the back, or else it just wouldn?t work out. "Whatever, I?ll deal with that later." She told herself.

She continued cutting around her head, as steady as she could every time more and more surprised at the amount of hair pilling itself on the ground. She was now at the back of her head and it was quite a difficult position to cut her hair in. But she managed to cut it the same length as the side she had already completed and now switched sides. She kept on snipping and snipping until her hair was a uniform length of thick brown hair ending just beside her mouth. She loved the way it looked and bounced around as she turned her head to the sides.

Now she had to take care of the back.

"What am I gonna do back there?" She pulled the hair on her nape and then looked at the clippers sitting on the counter?"Hmmmm. Maybe I could use the clippers for the back… A woman with a clipped nape… hmmmmmm.. Well, why not. Its not that unusual… Heck, its my hair!"

She picked them up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "I can?t believe I?m about to do this. I?ve never had my hair clipped? Well, theres a first time for everything!" She smiled as she snapped on the #4 attachement.

POP. Bzzzzzzzzzzz "Ahh I recognize that sound?.Now, lets get this over with.." She held the clippers in her right hand and held up the top hair that wasn?t to be cut in the back.

Bzzzzzzzzzzz Huge clumps of hair fell slowly to the ground as she made sweep by sweep, removing the hair from her nape to complete her mouth length bob. A few more passes over her nape to make sure everything was a uniform length and Mary flicked the clippers off and studied herself in the mirror as she turned sideways.

"Wow?. That looks better than I thought? But hmmmmm. Its still a bit poofy?" She took off the #4 guard and snapped the #2 back onto the clippers.

"Ok? maybe if I clip it down to a ? inch, it?ll look neater?" She held up her hair the same was as she did only seconds ago and popped on the clippers.

She started going up the same area as before, slowly plowing the clippers through the short hair, with small clippings falling to the ground. She would stop sometimes to rub small bits of her hair, to make sure everything was being clipped the way she wanted it to. Flicking off the clippers, she held up both hands to the back of head and smiled to herself as she rubbed her ? inch long nape.

"That feels so good! Soft and fuzzy, just like Jim?s head?. Hmmmm" she said as she closed her eyes and rubbed her hands back and forth over the short brown stubble.

She started putting the kit away, back under the counter and then studied herself for several minutes, swooshing her head from side to side, enjoying the way her hair swept in her face and how her short nape was always exposed.

When the kids got home they were really surprised to see mommy with a new short haircut, but the biggest surprise was Jim. When he got home he couldn?t believe his eyes.

"Mary! What did you do to your hair!?!" exclaimed Jim as he walked up to his wife, smiling as she rubbed her nape.

"I cut it. Do you like?" she turned around to show him the back.

"You cut it yourself? And you clipped it in back? Wow?. "

"Yeah, it feels sooo good."

Jack gave her a big kiss and rubbed her nape, enjoying his wife?s new hairdo.

"Come on hon, lets go upstairs.. My hair need a trim too!" Said Jim, pointing to his head.

"Already? I just cut it last week!" Said Mary as she rubbed her hand over his head.

"I know. I just want to see you work with clippers again."


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