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The doorbell rings many times. It is the beginning of this girl’s loss of control over her life. I am looking at the top of her head to make certain she has no gun and is alone. She is in panic and now pounding on the door furiously. The door is locked, but that doesn’t stop her from trying the handle. Her hands fall by her side as she tries to calm down and think. I answer the door.

She is pretty. Her shoulder length red hair compliments her flushed cheeks nicely. The jeans, jacket, and button up blouse reveals a thin healthy body. Very pleasing to the eye, indeed, I think.

“Step inside, JJ” I say to her with a monotone voice.

Using her name calms her down. She doesn’t know me, but realizes I know her. She is inside and quickly looks around to make certain that she is alone. I take her jacket and hang it in the closet. For some reason, she is quiet. I start to wonder if she has a gun, but looking at her I can see she does not.

“Sit down in the chair, JJ. Do you want something to drink? Some tea?” I politely ask. We both know that this is all an act, but I enjoy watching her think and wonder how to play along with me.

Once seated, she goes right into an angry mood. How dare I…If you think…I’m going to call the cops…You are a son of a bitch. Followed next by the pleading, “It was a mistake…Please don’t do this to me…I didn’t do anything wrong…It was one time…” I smile, turn on the television and play the video. JJ watches the video of herself in a compromising position with the groom to be and a few of his groom’s men. It deflates her little by little as she is clearly enjoying herself. The secret video installed throughout the house of the party catches everything including her orgasms in great detail. There are porno’s out there that aren’t as half as good. I shut it off after a few minutes when I am certain that she is understanding of her complicity in what she has done. She is on the verge of tears when I offer her a tissue, which she takes.

“Just to make it clear JJ, I’ve been hired by someone involved who wants to make certain that you won’t ever see him again. None of this is personal for me. It is my client that wants you dealt with. I can assure you that they have many copies of the tapes and will send it to everyone you care about. How do you think they will react to seeing you suck cock, fuck four guys, and be the slut?”

This last bit does her in as she realizes that she is in a no win situation. I can’t tell her that the bride, her best friend, is the one black mailing her. Neither can I tell her that they all know how she is in love with the groom and is hoping to snag him for herself. A pretty, delusional, woman is what we are dealing with. The groom is marrying the bride for the money that JJ doesn’t have. I’m certain that the bride will use this tape when the time is right. She is one of the most vindictive women he has ever ran across with more than a few skeletons of her own, but her wealthy family protects her.

“I won’t see him or go to the wedding,” she says through her sobs.

“Not good enough, JJ.”

“What?” she says with a shocked look on her pretty face.

“The client has something else in mind. They want you to attend and be a part of the bridesmaid party.”

JJ looks confused. It’s time to spring the price for her treachery.

“What do they want?” she asks cautiously.

“They want your head to be shaved bald.”

“What???” she says quietly in disbelief.

“You will be bald and attend the wedding where you will be photograph for the wedding album.”

“No fucking way,” JJ declares and stands up to leave.

“You forget yourself. You will either be shaved bald here now, or the jerk off material for everyone who gets the tape. It’s up to you.”

JJ stops and turns. She starts to offer herself, which I would love, but I know it isn’t any good. I stop her. “Not that you aren’t attractive, but I don’t have control of the tape. Only my employer has that and they will send the tape out the minute you don’t show up for the wedding bald.”

JJ is sitting in an armless chair naked as I begin to shave her hair. It is so thick and beautiful that I feel pity for her. She is crying as I clip each of her locks. I’m not a hair specialist, but I don’t have to be. When I am done with the scissors, she looks like a beautiful boy with a cropped haircut. I wish I could stop, but I’m being paid a large amount of money, so then I begin with the electric razor. Large strips of bare skin begin to appear. It takes a few minutes of getting the spots I miss and soon there are only patches of hair on her head left. The shaving cream and razors remove them. JJ’s eyes are closed throughout and her face is wet with tears. I pull out the digital camera and take several shots of her for the client. Her humiliated expressions will please them to no end.

The haircutting has been taped as well through hidden cameras around the room. I order her to stand and turn. Her nakedness causes her to blush and make a few nice comments for the cameras. I figure they will pay me more for the humiliation of this once pretty girl.

The next day, I am working security for the wedding. JJ is there and her appearance has shocked and outrages some in the wedding. The groom’s mother is most upset and accuses JJ of trying to grab attention away from the ceremony. The groom is shocked, as are the others who had fucked her that night. I see them all squirm thinking that JJ is a psycho and will do or say something embarrassing. JJ makes fleeting eye contact with the men and the groom. The bride insists that JJ participates in the wedding. She has the same satisfying smile on her face after I had showed her the video of the JJ’s shaving. The money is good and a bonus as well. She has all the tapes. I break one of my rules and ask her why.

“I did it for power. My husband will do whatever I want. His friends, some rich and in positions to make me powerful, will do the same. JJ will do whatever I want from now on and I do have plans for her. It is the best gift one can get for their wedding.”

My part is done. I watch the bride and groom get in the limo and leave. The reception JJ sits in the corner by herself. No one talks to her and keeps a polite distance. Our eyes meet only once. The awkwardness of the situation is short lived. I want to talk to her but can’t. Instead, I leave with a large amount of money. My usefulness is at an end. Poor JJ, I think, she will be dealing with the bride for some time to come. God help her.

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