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Here is a little background to my story.

First, my sister Pam. Hair color: brunette, hair length: mid-back, age: 14. Second, her friend Kim. Hair color: blonde, hair length: mid-back, age: 14. Third, Bonnie the stylist, real short blonde bob, age early 20’s. And last, little o me, age 12 and I can not be trusted alone. This story is a very special part of my growing up and it still affects me to this day. When I finish the story you will understand.

Well here we go! My sister and her friend made the swim team their freshmen year. They received a letter from the coach that told them they needed to get their hair cut to be on the team. The coach told them where to get their hair cut and by whom. But the coach left out one thing, how short she wanted them to get their hair cut. They thought all they had to do was get it trimmed a little. Ya right!

My mom was working, so I had no choice but to go to the stylist’s with my sister and Kim, as I could not be trusted alone. I also had a very big crush on Kim.

We started off walking to the stylists, and it was a very hot day. All I heard all the way to the stylist’s was how they going to have their hair styled. First my sister, then Kim, then my sister, then Kim. Boy was getting I getting sick of hearing it. But, little did any of us know what laid in store for the girls.

We finally got to the stylist’s and we went in. My sister went to the counter, while Kim sat down. My sister told the girl that she and her friend had been sent by their coach to get their hair cut for the swim team. There was another stylist standing behind the girl and I watched her eyes roll as my sister said her piece. So I thought this was getting interesting.

The girl at the counter called for Bonnie to come up front for the next two appointments. Bonnie came out and I lost it. She was in her early 20’s, about 5’8" tall, long tanned legs and she was wearing short shorts with a great body and a really short blonde bob. I was in love!

My sister said she would go first and I went along, as you know I can not be trusted alone, back to Bonnie’s cube. I sat down in one of two chairs. The chair was the closest to the door, and I could watch everything that Bonnie would be doing.

My sister, Pam, told Bonnie that the swim coach had sent her to get her hair cut. Bonnie said OK, and placed the cape around my sister. But, before she tightened the cape she ran tissue all the way around my sister’s neck. Then Bonnie tightened the cape. My sister asked Bonnie what the tissue was for. Bonnie said, "You’ll see." But I knew, as I have had my hair cut in either a butch or a crewcut all my life.

Bonnie turned the chair to face a wall that was a giant mirror. I knew that the fun was going to start as I could see everything that Bonnie was doing. She pulled out a large pair of shears. Now keep in mind we are dealing with girls who have their hair midway down their backs and never had more then an inch or two trimmed at the same time.

Bonnie took the shears and started to cut off Pam’s long hair. Pam’s eyes got real big and filled with tears. Pam was in such a state of shock that she was speechless. Bonnie just kept cutting and Pam’s locks kept falling.

There was quite a pile of hair on the floor when Bonnie stopped cutting. I think my sister thought Bonnie was through cutting as her hair was in a bob shorter then Bonnie’s.

But she was not. I watched as Bonnie got a pair of clippers and placed a No.2 guard on them. She turned back towards my sister and turned the clippers on. I heard my sister moan, "Oh no."

Bonnie buzzed her back, sides, and most of the top. But, she did leave some short and cute bangs on the front.

Bonnie pushed Pam’s head forward until her chin touched her chest. Bonnie covered her neck with shaving cream and started to shave it off Pam’s neck with a straight razor. I think Pam thought Bonnie was going to shave the whole buzzed area, as she started to cry harder and moaned, "All my beautiful hair," as she stared at the piles of her hair on the floor. Bonnie stopped, she removed the cape and the tissue from my sister and told her to sit next to me.

Now it was Kim’s turn. Bonnie left the cube to get Kim. My sister just sat next to me, rubbing her head and crying. Thoughts started to race through my mind. In a few minutes I would get to see Kim get the same treatment. For the first time in my life I was becoming aroused. I could not believe what was happening to me.

Bonnie came back with Kim. She did not see my sister at first. Kim sat in the chair and Bonnie placed the cape and tissue around her neck. Just then Kim noticed my sister in the mirror and she began to cry harder then I have ever seen anyone cry before.

Bonnie pulled out the shears and started cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting. The more Bonnie cut the harder Kim cried. Watching Kim getting her hair cut was like watching a lamb being sheared for the first time. I was now starting to feel real bad for Kim. But, I was still enjoying watching it happening. Bonnie could tell I was becoming aroused, just by looking at my pants. Bonnie seemed to be slowing down when she was buzzing and shaving Kim. Boy was I getting hot and I just could not do anything about it, but sit there and watch. Bonnie was finally done with Kim. Both Pam’s and Kim’s hair was piled high, wide, and deep on the floor.

We went to the counter, up front. The girls paid for their "cuts." But, before we left, Bonnie came up to me and rubbed her hand over my crewcut and told me to get the girls home safely.

We headed to my folks’ house. Let me tell you it was one of the loudest walks of my life. My sister was speechless, but Kim just kept crying harder and louder. I tried to comfort Kim, as I did something I still do not believe that I did. I put my around her waist and pulled her close to me to let her cry on my shoulder. And she sure did all the way to my house.

We got to my house and we went into the family room. Pam left and went to some other part of the house, leaving Kim and I alone. I wanted to comfort Kim, as she kept crying harder and harder. I started to do and say things that I still find it hard to believe that I did to this day. I went over to the couch and sat down next to Kim. I told her I thought she was beautiful, that I wanted to be her boyfriend, and that I wanted to marry her some day. Kim stopped crying and she gave me a big smile. The smile made me melt. We sat there and talked and talked. It was great just talking.

It was getting late and Kim said she had to be going home. I asked if I could walk I walk her home and she said yes. The walk to her house was way too short. At the door to Kim’s house, Kim told me that I was sweet and that she would go out on a date when we got older. Then she kissed me right on the lips, my first real kiss from a girl.

Well that has been seven years since this happened. Pam’s hair has grown out. But, Kim’s hair is still short. Kim is also a woman of her word, as she asked me out on a date about a year ago. It has been a great year too. Kim is a real sweetheart. And yes we are still dating as we both go to the same college.

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