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Jack Lake and Gwen Pierce were the All-American couple. Jack and Gwen had dated since their sophomore year in high school, at Bay City Central. Jack was the star quarterback of the football team and Gwen was head cheerleader. Both were considered the best matched and best looking couple at Central.

When Jack had finished his senior year, he signed a National Letter of Attaint to play football at the University of Michigan. Gwen to went to college on a scholarship, but she chose Michigan State. Even with their choices, the couple just seemed to grow closer together.

To say that Jack was handsome was an understatement. He was 6’4’" with blonde wavy hair, blue eyes and the carved features of a Roman god. There was no question that Jack could go far on his looks alone, if he did not have football talent.

Gwen was every schoolboy’s dream. She was 5’11" tall with a figure that other girls could only dream about. But Gwen’s most striking feature was her long hair. Gwen’s hair was a golden brown color that was always kept at waist length. Never longer and never shorter, only at waist length.

Jack’s family had money, as they were considered to be one of the richest families in town. Gwen’s family was not well off as her father was a United Methodist Minister. But the separation in social class did not bother the young couple, as they were in love. Or so it appeared to everyone.

Jack’s career at Michigan was like a fairy tale. Jack became starting QB half way through his freshman year. His sophomore year, Jack led the team to the Big 10 championship and won the Rose bowl for the Maize and Blue. His junior year, Jack made first team All-American and led Michigan to the National Championship.

While Jack was doing all that at Michigan, Gwen was making a record of her own. She joined the cheer squad at MSU. She was voted Captain her sophomore year and had been an All-American Cheerleader every year she had been on the squad.

But, something funny happened every year during the summer when Gwen went off to Church Camp. Jack noticed she would be distant and cold to him for about the first week or two after she came back. Sadly, in the summer of 1979 Jack was going to learn the truth.

The phone rang in Jack’s dorm room. He answered it. It was Gwen, saying that they had to talk about their future. Jack thought that this might be a good time to ask her to marry him. He had the diamond ready. Why not today?

As Jack got into his Vet and headed towards East Lansing, on I-96, he kept thinking that this was going to be the greatest day of his life. Little did he know that this day would change his life for ever. But, it was going to change it in a way he never dreamed.

It took him about an hour to get to East Lansing and Gwen’s apartment. He knocked on the door and Gwen opened it. She was not alone, as a young man sitting on the sofa was already there. He was thin, and kind of on the small size. Gwen told Jack that she had to tell him something very important. She introduced the other young man as her intended, Dale Meyers, as a matter a fact the Reverend Dale Meyers.

Jack stood there in total shock as Gwen told him that she had been in love with Dale since they met at Church Camp 6 years ago. "Dale has just graduated from the Seminary and has asked me to marry him and I said yes." Jack did not say a word as Gwen went on tell him their story of romance at Church Camp.

When Gwen finished, she smiled at Jack and said, "Aren’t you going to congratulate us?" Without saying a word Jack turned and left the apartment.

The next day, headlines in every newspaper in Michigan read "Jack Lake disappears and feared dead." The only thing that was found of Jack’s was his car and a diamond engagement ring, laying on the seat.

Twenty years had passed since Jack Lake had disappeared. Gwen was now living in Ann Arbor, where Dale was the Pastor at the largest United Methodist Church in the city. And Gwen was still beautiful and her hair was still golden brown and waist length.

Gwen’s friends had been telling her she must go to this new stylist from New York who had just opened a shop in Ann Arbor. They raved about the man only known as Jared.

Jared was tall and thin. But his thin build was like that of a swimmer, very buffed. He had long black hair that he wore pulled back into a ponytail. His skin was dark and tanned and his eyes were brown. Even though he had to be in his late 30s or early 40s he was built like a god.

Jared had a female friend who lived with him. Her name was Robyn. She was an Asian and very tall for a woman, about 6’3". She was all legs from the neck down and a classic beauty in her late 20s.

Gwen ran into Jared and Robyn at many charity events around town. Jared always seemed to be right there for a good cause with his help and a large check as well. But, the more Gwen was around Jared the more he reminded her of some one she knew a long time ago. But, as she thought more about it, there was no way it could be Jack. Jack’s parents had him declared legally dead over 13 years ago. No, it couldn’t be Jack.

Gwen’s friends kept telling her that she had to go to Jared and get her hair cut, even if it was only to have her split ends trimmed. But, Gwen was not too sure about Jared. But, as time went by, Gwen asked herself how she kept doubting her friends’ judgment.

Gwen was going through the mail that had just arrived that day. She noticed a very regal looking envelope, lettered in gold leaf and addressed to her. She looked at the return address and saw that it was from Jared’s. She opened the envelope to find a certificate that stated she was entitled to a full makeover at the salon. Gwen called for an appointment right then and there.

Robyn answered the phone and told Gwen that an appointment was set up for her the next day. And that Jared himself was to cut her hair.

Gwen went to the salon the next day for her appointment right at noon. The waiting room was empty, but this did not bother Gwen. Robyn said, "Right this way, Gwen, we need to get started."

Gwen was given a cup of "specially blended" tea. Gwen sipped on the tea as Robyn explained everything that she was to receive that day. She would get a massage, pedicure, manicure, leg waxing, bikini wax, and a haircut of her choice. Gwen was starting to feel a little funny as she sipped on the "tea".

Robyn told Gwen to go into the changing-room to strip off all her clothes and to wrap herself in the towel that was in the room. Gwen did as she was told and stripped all her clothes off, but there was no towel in the room. Gwen came out totally naked to ask Robyn where the towel was. Robyn replied that they must have run out and that Gwen would have to go through everything in the nude except her haircut, when she could put her panties and bra back on for that.

Gwen felt a little modest, but Robyn assured her that Jared would not see her in the nude. Robyn promised Gwen this with a smile on her face.

Robyn gave Gwen her massage first. Gwen became very relaxed as Robyn massaged her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. And Gwen sipped down another cup of tea during both the manicure and the pedicure. She was starting to feel real funny as Robyn prepared her for her waxing.

As Gwen lay totally naked on the table, she kept sipping another cup of tea as Robyn covered her long legs with hot wax and ripped it off taking all the hair off her legs. Robyn took all the hair off her body from the waist down. Including all the pubic hair around her vagina. Gwen questioned Robyn doing this, but Robyn’s reply was that it would really turn her husband on.

Robyn had finally finished with Gwen. Gwen ran back to the dressing room, only to find all her clothing missing. Gwen screamed, but Robyn was standing right there reassuring her that she need not worry and that they would find her clothes

Robyn told Gwen if they hurried, they could get to Jared’s cube before he got there. "So that Jared will not see you naked I will cover you with a barber’s cape," Robyn said. Robyn noted that Gwen still had the figure of a 20-year-old, as she headed to Jared’s cube.

Gwen sat down in the chair, in Jared’s cube. Robyn placed the cape around Gwen, to hide her naked body. Just then Jared walked in.

"Well, I see you have not finished your tea! Please do and we can get started," Jared said in a forceful voice. Gwen took one more sip and dropped the cup, breaking it on the floor.

Robyn looked at Jared, and said, "I see it is finally working."

"Yes it has, finally," Jared replied, with a smile on his face.

Jared began to tell Gwen she had been drugged, using a herb found only in the Far East. She would be fine in a couple of hours, but till then she could not move her body as it froze her muscles in place. She could not speak either, she could only move her beautiful blue eyes.

"So Gwen, do you remember me?" Jared asked with a certain bitterness in his voice. "I bet you don’t do you! Think back 20 years to the last time you saw me. I have sure changed, don’t you think? Oh that’s right you cannot talk, can you." Jared now had a big smile on his face.

"That’s right Gwen, it’s me, your old friend Jack! Thought you would never see me again, didn’t you? You BITCH! You ruined my life. You led me on! I thought we would get married! Why didn’t you tell me the truth from the start? It would have been better for the both of us. But no, you lied to me for all those years. Now Gwen I will get my revenge! Isn’t it interesting what contacts and year-round tanning can do," Jared said.

Jared told Gwen that he was going to shave her bald! Gwen’s eyes filled with tears, as she sat motionless in the chair. "See Gwen I remembered the only thing you loved and treasured more then anything else was your hair. You know I treasured it to. And now it shall be mine."

Robyn brought out a long box, like those use to put roses in, and the largest pair of Oster Clippers that are made. Robyn plugged in the clippers and told Jared that the shearing could begin! Jared turned the clippers on and took a step towards Gwen.

With a smile on his face, of pure revenge, Jared placed the clippers in the middle of Gwen’s forehead and pushed them all the way down the middle of her head, taking all the hair off. Tears poured down Gwen’s cheeks, as she watched her shearing in the mirror she was facing.

Robyn took the hair from Jared and placed it carefully in the box. Jared and Robyn continued this operation four more time, as Jared took all the hair off the top of Gwen’s head. Robyn looked at Gwen, whose face was wet from crying, and said, "She looks like a clown, doesn’t she Jared?" Jared just smiled, as it was obvious that he was enjoying every moment of the shearing!

Jared now started shaving the hair on the sides and back of Gwen’s head. He started in front of her right ear. He continued this all the way around Gwen’s head, starting at the bottom and running the clippers all the way to the bare spot on top of Gwen’s head. Robyn placed every strand of Gwen’s hair in the box.

Jared finished with the last few strands of hair in front of Gwen’s left ear. In less then ten minutes Jared had shaved Gwen bald. Gwen could only stare at her image in the mirror. Her face and the front of the cape were completely soaked wet from her tears.

Robyn now covered Gwen’s head with hot lather. Jared took a straight razor and ever so slowly removed the lather from her head. Gwen could tell that Jared was enjoying every stroke of the razor as the smile on his face grew wider and brighter.

Jared removed the last of the lather. Both he and Robyn looked over their work. There sitting before them was a totally and completely bald Gwen. Both rubbed their hands over Gwen’s smooth bald head. "Nice job, Jared," Robyn said with a smile.

Jared now told Gwen that Robyn and he were going to leave, but first they were going to call her husband, Dale, and have him pick her up in hour. "I hope Dale likes your new look, Gwenny," Jared said with a smile. With that Robyn removed the cape, revealing Gwen’s nude and almost hairless body.

"See Gwen, after I disappeared, my life fell apart. I became a drunk and a bum. I couldn’t trust anyone. See, my girl, if you had been truthful from the start and not played me like a fool, I would have understood. But no, you had to play games with me. You just loved those expensive Christmas and birthday presents didn’t you! Well now you have to pay the price, Gwenny."

Robyn reentered the room, with the box containing Gwen’s hair under her arm. "Gwen, I just called your Dale boy. He will be down to pick you up in an hour. Oh your clothes, Gwen, we are taking them with us," Robyn said with a smile. "I told him, Dale, he may not recognize you."

Robyn and Jared left the salon that day for the last time, both smiling and loving every minute of what they had just done. They got into Jared’s Viper to leave. Just then a plain-looking late model sedan pulled up outside the salon. Dale got out of it and entered the salon. All was quite for a moment. Then a scream of pure horror was heard coming from inside the salon. Jared started the Viper and off they went, laughing all the way.

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