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The Brides Perspective

I show up on time dressed smart and make up flawlessly applied. I know how to throw on a good face and appearances are everything. People tell me I am beautiful, but I’ve known this since my early teens. I work out and am blessed with my Mother’s beauty and the mind of my Father. The burly man waiting for me at the cafe is as cold as a mortician. He is very much more of a Tom Selleck Magnum kind of Investigator than a Sam Spade Detective more weary than bitter. A bit of small talk is exchanged. He tries to tell me that what I will see is going to be tough. He passes me the surveillance file and tape. I thank him and leave for home.

There is JJ, my friend, drunk and naked. Her pretty red hair and body are instantly recognizable. I don’t have to look at the meticulous notes to know her. We have shared a shower at the spa and seen each other naked several times. Her curly shoulder length hair has always been something to envy. She is now taking her betrothed’s cock in her mouth while his hands guide her head. The hands are full of her hair while his best man is pushing his big cock into her pussy from behind. JJ is getting it at both ends. The other two groomsmen are watching and drinking from beer bottles cheering them to go deeper and fuck the shit out of JJ. Soon, JJ is taking two cocks in her mouth while lying on her on top of her future husband. His cock is in her ass while the best man is inside her pussy. It is an impressive bit of human engineering. And on it goes, all night JJ fucking, dancing, and being used as a porn star. Worst of all she has that stupid grin of satisfaction.

Furious, I stop the tape. My first impulse is to scream and break things, but I am more like my father than my mother. Instead of throwing a tantrum or crying, I plan for a cold revenge on all of them that will last for years to come. They will pay tenfold before I am satisfied, but they will pay all right. First one to suffer is her bridesmaid JJ. I watch the tape several times and begin to find myself attracted and turned on by her. It isn’t the animal slutty porno sex that they are doing, but the realization of the power they have given to me. After watching it the third time, I notice my panties are wet. As my fingers dance me to one powerful orgasm after another, the plan for my revenge comes together.

I hire a guy who has no problem doing what I tell him. He is a mercenary and doesn’t ask any questions. In fact, he helps by pointing out problems with my plan. We solve these quickly and he names his price, which is quite steep, but money isn’t a problem for me. I tell him this and the plan is underway.

Now I know you have read his story and I am surprised by his sensitivity. He left out a couple of details about JJ’s punishment that I will clarify. I have much more interest in JJ’s humiliation and what I have planned for her…well that can wait for later.

I’m now sitting in front of a row of monitors in the adjacent room watching and listening. I’ve worn a short skirt and thigh high garters. The stiletto heels are expensive and shiny. My expensive blouse and lingerie make me feel even more powerful. It is all turning me on tremendously. I have never been this aroused in my life.

JJ is standing up for herself and being defiant. The man is not impressed, but I am. I worry for a minute if my plan will come undone if JJ doesn’t submit. He tells her the consequences as JJ is walking to the door. She is so cute and pretty. Her red hair has been styled for the wedding by my hairdresser. Antonio did a great job, too bad it is all for nothing. Before reaching the door, JJ stops and I see the look of defiance change into fear as she hears the words I have given to the man to say to JJ. I know what pushes JJ’s buttons. She is a slut, but she has kept that hidden from everyone but me.

JJ’s whole image has been carefully cultivated since she was in High School. She managed to fool everyone into believing she is this nice girly girl. I know better. I know about the older boys from the college she was fucking while denying her high school boyfriend sex. He actually thought she was a virgin he deflowered. Then there was the summer at a sex club in Jamaica where some rich middle age guy took her that she wrote in her online diary. JJ’s forays into multiple sex and bisexuality are detailed there. She gets off on others reading about her exploits. If only she hadn’t let me watch her apartment while she was away thanks to her computer and pictures. I overlooked it all because I believed she would never betray me. JJ you will pay for what you did to me and the price is high.

JJ is standing there listening before turning. The man tells her to strip. I watch and feel wetness seeping between my legs. JJ has a nice body. Her ass is perfect as are her breasts. Most of all is her pretty red bush between her legs. Looking at it, I feel my nipples harden and I’m barely breathing. Her body is now mine and the first step in claiming JJ as my own is about to start. I rub my thigh with my hand as the heat builds as I watch the man lead her to a table and straps her down. Her legs are open and exposed to the man and cameras. The tapes are running and recording every moment from several angles. Poor JJ looks terrified. I can’t wait for the shaving to begin.

The man takes a pair of clippers and begins running it through her beautiful red pubic hair. How many times have I seen it and thought JJ lucky for such wonderful hair. My own black pubic hair never seemed as good. The man switches off the clippers. The vulnerable shape of JJ’s sex is fascinating to watch. I never had such a close look at what will soon be mine. I gasp as my fingers slip past my panties and I begin to play with myself. The man lathers up her pubic hair and pulls out a mach five razor and begins shaving.

Somehow this turns me on even more as I think about how humiliating it must be for JJ to have this man do this to her. He uses a wet towel to wash away the shaving cream. From the monitor, I can see a few stray hairs. The man grabs a pair of tweezers and begins plucking those hairs and I have the first powerful orgasm that coincides with JJ’s screaming.

Once done, he unties her. She looks down and stairs at her raw and red naked vagina. I smile as I see her _expression of shock and horror. JJ starts to leave but the man grabs her by the waist. We aren’t done, he says. I feel another wave of pleasure surge through me. It is too much. He carries JJ over his shoulder to a chair. Her body goes limp as he sets her down. Now I know that you read his account and are thinking this is different. All I can say is that I have the video and it shows what I say to be true.

JJ watches as he reveals the scissors to her. She pleads and offers to do anything. “Not my hair…please,” she sobs. He shakes his head and begins cutting her hair strand by strand. Her beautiful red hair falls to the floor. My fingers are making wet noises as they go inside; I’m having multiple orgasms! JJ’s tears are turning me on as I get off on her suffering. By now, she looks like she joined the Marine corp. Her lips are quivering and she is sobbing as the man takes the electric razor to her head. I am in ecstasy watching JJ being paid in full for her crime. She is totally bald and glassy eyed when he switches off the razor. He makes her stand and pose so the cameras see his handy work. He tells her to dress and leave. I cum again as I look at her bald headed nakedness. She dresses and leaves.

The man comes in and senses what has occurred. He edits the tape for me, which doesn’t take long and hands me a disk of all the recordings. I take it and leave. Once at home, I watch it several times. When my husband to be comes over, I pounce on him. We make love all night and I’m ferocious. Little does he know, I’m picturing JJ being shaved, servicing me, being my maid, being whipped, being humiliated.

The Wedding Day comes and JJ is there bald for everyone to see. I pretend to be innocent of what ha
s happened and insist that she participates in my wedding. All throughout the rehearsals and the wedding ceremony, I steal a glance at her. JJ is blushing at all the attention. I feel moist between my legs as I say my vows. My husband’s turn will come soon as will the groom’s men. I have something on all of them and I plan to make them pay somewhere down the line. My husband thinks he will be the one in control. He’ll be surprised when he sees my tapes of him sucking the best man’s cock, then I will be running the company and managing the money.

As for JJ, her servitude will begin soon. I’m making over my condo into my own private dungeon. She will be my slave and I want to hurt and humiliate her. I will wait until her hair has grown back before black mailing her again. This time it will be me doing the shaving. I will use her to fuck other men. Use some whips, paddles, and crops on her ass until I see tears. Yes. This is the best gift she could ever give me.

I look over and see her huddling in the corner. You aren’t free yet JJ.

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