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Carmen the Middle School Principal sat at her desk on a slow Friday Morning. She heard a Knock. " Come in please. Oh, Hi Colleen . What can I do for you today?" Colleen spoke;" Remember when you said that if I ever decided to cut my hair that you had a neighbor friend that would do it for free. Well, I want my haircut tonight if possible." Carmen was stunned but responded." I don’t see why not. How about you meet me at my friends house across the street from mine at 5PM"." That sounds great. I’ll be there." says Colleen. Colleen left the room and Carmen was on the phone immediately. " Hi Sonya, this is our lucky day. Colleen wants her hair cut tonight at 5pm after work. Yes, our wishes have come true the same Colleen you asked me about six months ago. Make sure you make some of your " Special Tea" for her. I’ll see you at 4:30pm. Get the equipment ready.” Carmen hangs up the phone and can’t wait till 5pm.

Wow, Colleen tonight thought Carmen thought to herself. Colleen Begaye was her name and she was a Navajo Indian from some place out by Monument Valley. She had black shiny straight thick hair that hung down to her thighs. She was in her early 20’s and seemed kind of prudish. She wore long sleeve shirts and dressees that were always longer than her knees. Carmen had a secret wish to see what she was hiding under those cloths. Colleen always fixed her hair nice. It was in a braid or like today in a braid and then wrapped up into a bun. Carmen saw Colleen at 3:30 and reminded her of her appointment and how to find the house.

It was near 5 pm and Carmen looked out to see Colleen walking up the steps. Everything was ready for her including Sonja’s special tea. It was special because it was spiked with 100% Everclear that was hard to taste. It’s job was to relax Colleen and remove some of her inhibitions. It was nearly full proof. Carmen introduced her to Sonja and offered her a glass of tea. She must have been thirsty as she gulped it down. Sonja gave her another with a smile. Sonja was small talking with Colleen when Carmen came up with a sheet of paper that looked like a small contract. Carmen spoke" Sonja needs you to sign this paper as it gives her the right to cut your hair and take some before and after photo’s. It is a simple release and if you don’t like the haircut you can’t sue Sonja." Colleen looked at it and since it didn’t seem like a big deal she signed it quickly.

Sonja called Colleen over to the chair and spoke" Colleen, I don’t want to get hair on your pretty white shirt or turquoise skirt so I need for you to go behind the partitions I have set up and take off your cloths except for socks, bra and panties. I know you might be a bit nervous but the shades are pulled and no one is here but Carmen and me." Colleen agreed and walked behind the partition. When she emerged Carmen and Sonja went WOW!. Those cloths hid a terrific body. It was a nice golden brown in color. The perfect suntan color. Sonja came up and looked her over and said" You must be about 36 inch bust and a 32 waist am I close." " Close enough:" said a nervous Colleen.

Sonja told Colleen she wanted some before photos. She came up behind and Colleen and removed the pins holding up the braided bun. It fell down, down, down till it was nearly to the floor. Then Carmen and Sonja undid the braids. The hair had a nice wave to it loose after the braids were removed. Sonja told Colleen to stand with her back to the camera. Sonja brushed her long hair but moved it aside so that Carmen unknown to Colleen could take some close-up photos of her cut buns in the panties. They had her turn sideways and front with the long hair falling down over her nice sized breasts

Sonja led Colleen over to the wash basin and leaned her head back into the sink. They stopped on the way for more " Special Tea". Colleens long black hair filled the sink and Sonja took great delight messaging Colleens head. She could feel Colleen relaxing and trusting her. Colleen didn’t notice that Carmen had rolled out an old messaging bench similar to ones you see in a doctors office. Sonja lifted Colleen’s head up and spoke to her. " Colleen, your in for a special treat this evening. Me and Carmen are going to message your body with body oil to make your skin nice and soft We can do this while your hair starts to dry out. Now, go lay down on the table over there face down with your head on the pillow." Colleen had never had anything like this done before so she went along. Plus the Special Tea was beginning to work it’s magic.

Colleen laid down on the table. Sonja got on one side and Carmen on the other. The released Colleens Bra strap from the back as they oiled that area. Then they moved to her cute ass. It took only a little prodding to remove Colleen’s panties. She was really enjoying the rub down and so were the oilers. The paused to take close-up stills and video of Colleens cute ass. They told her to roll over on her back and got a big surprise. " Oh, my goodness what do we have here?!" cried out Sonja. Colleen arose" What’s wrong, what do you see?" " Colleen, you haven’t been paying attention to your golden triangle or virgin area have you. Your bush is way over grown. How does your boyfriend get through all this?" Sonja said touching Colleens massive pubic hair. " I don’t have a boyfriend." spoke Colleen." Well, this didn’t grow overnight how about your last lover?" inquired Carmen. " I’ve never had a lover. I’m a Virgin" said Colleen. " You mean no man has ever made love or seen you naked?" Sonja spoke. Colleen nodded her head in agreement and Carmen and Sonja winked at each other. They knew she said it loud enough that it would be recorded by the video camera. " Well, Carmen go get my down under tools and we will take care of this overgrown bush. Now, dear if you just lay back and spread your lakes I will take care of this for you." Sonja said with a gleeful smile. Sonja took the cordless clippers and mowed down the bush. Then she took the razor and shaving cream and shaved Colleens Golden triangle clean of any hair. Colleen was almost asleep and didn’t notice that Carmen took close up stills and close up pictures of the shaving action with the video cam. Now, with the bottom taken care of they could move up and oil down Colleen’s top. They slowly removed her bra and both enjoyed messaging Colleens firm breast. More pictures were taken of the area.

Now, it was time to cut Colleens long hair off. They had her walk over to the cutting chair and sit down. " I think, you’d look best with a chin length bob with an inverted back. How about it? spoke Sonja. " I was thinking just cutting it to the middle of my back" said Colleen. " That won’t do you any good. Here I’ll show you Colleen". spoke Sonja and with that she rolled over a makeover computer program that showed Colleens face in the bob style with layers around the face. The she showed her the look with longer hair. Colleen agreed that shorter was better. Sonja went to work. First thing was to take a two inch section up from the next and clipper it clean. She held the long lock up to be photographed. Then she sectioned off the hair near the ears and went to work. She combed it down all around and began to take the bulk off at the chin. Sshnnick,, shnick went the scissors as they snipped through the silky hair Indian hair. The hair being still damp helped the scissors do their job. Sonja handed each section to Carmen and they were measuring out about 45 inches long. Colleen sat passively as the " Special tea" had now taken over her. Slowly, the new look took shape. The long hair covering and hiding Colleens hidden assets was being removed and the cameras were recording what was being uncovered. The Navajo Lady Godiva was revealing her natural self so to speak.

Sonja worked quietly and quickly removing in minutes what must have taken years to grow. She then grabbed the clippers and tilted Colleen’s head forward to make the inverted bob section. Shorter sections of hair tumbled to the floor. Sonja finally spoke" Ok, I’m almost finished Colleen". I need you to go in my shower and take a good cleaning to remove the baby oil and hair pieces. You can put your cloths back on after the shower as I will just blow dry it and finish it up. First, I want you to stand up and do some poses, OK" Colleen did as commanded. She stood up and now in her birthday cloths Carmen and Sonja took close up pictures of her private areas. There was her now shaven pubic area, her cute ass buns, and her nice plump breast. Telephoto lenses are wonderful they thought to themselves. Colleen couldn’t cover herself because Carmen had her holding two massive ponytails in each arm extended out to show the length of hair that had been removed. The baby oil made her skin shinny and beautiful to look at. Then it was off to the shower for Colleen. She emerged and put on her skin covering cloths. Sonja styled her hair and took care of any stray hairs. She looked in the mirror and really liked the results. While looking in the mirror she said" I sure thank you for the nice haircutting experience." "Come back anytime "spoke Sonja. Colleen smiled and closed the door behind her.

Colleen and Sonja congratulated themselves on a job well done as they cleaned up. Carmen had gotten Colleen to easily sign her rights to any of her pictures taken during the last hour and a half. The " Virgin" Colleen who had never appeared naked to a man will be shown naked to thousands as the pictures are distributed on the internet within the next 48 hours. Thousand of men will want to put their shaft into the Indian Princess. Her long locks of shinny thick hair will be auctioned off on E-Bay in the near future and make Sonja and Carmen a nice sum of money. It had indeed been a very good Friday and even Colleen admitted she was happy with her new haircut. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Who would be the next lady that Carmen would bring over?

Hope you liked the Story..Mr. Snips.

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