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The fourth hour is passing and Val is bored. She and her partner, Kelly, had played all the word games and run out of conversation an hour ago. To make matters worse, the radio in the van they were sitting in did not have a radio or heat. The temptation to snuggle up to Kelly for warmth alone is strong, but they might miss their target and Val did not want to spend another evening sitting out in the van into the early hours of the morning. Kelly’s unintentional playing with her black straight hair, twirling it in between her fingers, made Val smile. All the girls in the club learn to appreciate hair. Kelly looks at Val and then blushes the way oriental girls do when being caught doing or thinking something silly. The urge to immediately kiss is strong but the moment passes and they both return to watching the entrance of the building. Maybe later, thinks Val. Just then, they see their victim exiting the building.

They know the victim only by the pictures and the form indicating where she went to during the week. Val thought of going into the club and trying to lure the victim out, but the rules were specific and forbid them from doing that. Getting the victim is as a much of a test for them as it was for their prey. Immediately, Val saw why the girl had been chosen. She is so much the club’s ideal member. A thin body, long red hair, pale skin, and the attitude of arrogance that was noticeable even at a distance. Her clothes highlighted all of her pretty girl assets–tight, but not revealing unless she felt like snapping a few buttons to get attention. Val wondered why this girl would want to join their sorority club.

Kelly turns the key and the van roars to life on the first try. Val reminds her to turn on the lights, which Kelly does giggling. Kelly is obvious excitement is irritating. “Don’t blow this Kelly,” she mentally projects to her partner who looks too cute for words. They slowly move like lionesses stalking a gazelle. The poor girl is almost within their clutches when they pull even with her. Kelly rolls down the window and calls the victim by name. “JJ”. The victim and van stop in synch. She turns and takes a few steps to the van to see who is calling her. Val leans across Kelly and says, “Congratulations, you are accepted to the club. Get in.”

It takes a few seconds for JJ to understand what Val means before saying “Really?” It is then that she slumps over. A tall muscular crew cut Amazon type named Shelia catches her. Val gets out and opens the sliding door as Shelia brings the slacken JJ around to the van with the electro shock gun in her hand. Shelia grunting lifts JJ into the van where Val is waiting with the mask and duct tape. It takes only a few minutes to incapacitate JJ. Shelia gets into the passenger side complaining, “She is heavier than she looks. I never thought she would ever leave. She’s a real tease.”

Kelly guns the van causing them to lurch forward, before assuming a reasonable speed. It doesn’t take long to get to the sorority house. Actually, the sorority is unofficial and known only to one or two campus officials both of whom are alumni. The founding members were from the established sororities who had developed a taste for bondage and discipline, but no means to practice it. A rich heiress in the group bought a house and set up a permanent fund to pay for the upkeep. The group developed a strict charter that kept the house from attracting too much attention, though there is a rumor that circulates from time to time. Most dismiss it and so far no one from the sorority has ever acknowledge that the club exists. That has mostly to do with the initiation and screening.

JJ moans and finds herself in a room on a comfortable queen size bed. She is still dressed but stiff. Looking around, she determines she is in a basement room because the windows are painted and the paneling screamed recreation. Getting up, JJ tries the door but it is locked it is then that she notices the cameras one in the right corner and the other on the above the door. The room isn’t big. She opens the first door where she finds a bathroom and a standing shower. Closing it, she opens the other door, which is a small empty closet. JJ tries to figure out what is happening, when she hears the door opening. Val, Kelly, and Sheila walk in with friendly smiles.

“Congratulations. You are now a pledge of the Club, JJ,” declares Val. “So stop looking like an idiot and take off those clothes, slut.” JJ’s shock is temporary as she becomes aware of what is happening. Until this moment, she believed the sorority club didn’t exist. Slowly, she begins removing her clothes with the others watching her every move with careful, lustful, eyes and remembers how it all began for her.

The big secret she had when she came to college was not her being Bisexual, it was her need for domination. When choosing the college, her decision was made after spending the weekend at a fetish club nearby to the campus. The players there, especially the other girls, were young and attractive. She quickly fell into the scene and found a senior there who taught her much before he graduated. The rest of her first year she spent more studying than playing.

With the semester only a few weeks left, she went back to the fetish bar looking for someone. It would be the night that she would be noticed by the sisters. A cute fair-haired girl with intoxicating eyes easily seduced her. They went back to the girl’s place and JJ learned the joys of a flogger, vibrator, and a strap-on dildo. The vixen turned her every which way. JJ wanted to do it again. They met for dinner at a restaurant where the girl, name Anna, gave her the story of the sorority she belonged and how they played Dominance and submission. JJ got very aroused and interested, that she agreed to fill out a lengthy form-with questions that made her hot and scare-and then a telephone interview. The phone interview was one of the most erotic moments of her life. They started with basic questions about her life, then being ordered to kneel, crawl, spank her ass and pussy, pinch her nipples, bark like a dog: all of which turned her on to no end! Finally, the phone interview ended with her masturbating to a powerful orgasm. They said they would be in touch.

Now naked before the women, JJ understands what is happening. She stands up straight and unabashed by her nakedness. Her nipples tighten as the Asian girl, Kelly, licks her lips. Sheila, the Amazonian athlete, stares with a stone faced appraising JJ’s body. Val isn’t impressed and walks up and immediately slaps JJ’s face. “Eyes down, slut!” she says. JJ does as she is told.

“Good slut. Now follow us and give us no problems.”

JJ is lead through the house and out the back. The thought of being outside naked is quickly over as she is lead to an Olympic size enclosed pool. From there, she is lead into a cabana room where six girls all dressed in formal robes, wearing harlequin masks, are standing in a circle. Standing in the middle of the circle, she is ordered to kneel and the initiation begins. First she is made to prove her submission to the women. JJ has no idea what this is, but repeats the lines given to her by the last initiate, Kelly, pledging obedience to all in the sorority. She is lead to a chair where she sits and is bound. The masked women surround her. “You are being recorded and will be so for as long as you live in the house. Once you leave, you will be able to see the recordings and of any other member of our house: past, present, and future. They are archived at the winter retreat, which you can visit year round once you complete your servitude. This keeps our sorority club secret. Do you understand?”

JJ nods. She is very aroused and can hardly breathe, as she doesn’t know what will occur next.

“Let it begin,” says a husky woman’s voice flashing a pair of scissors. Suddenly snip. A lock of JJ’s hair falls before her. Each woman, with scissors in hand, starts cutting JJ’s beautiful hair one at a time. A single trail of a tear rolls down her cheek. She never th
ought these women could be capable of cruelty. They stop. JJ’s hair is short like a crew cut. The sound of a razor makes her moan and sniffle her nose. The vibration runs through her body arousing her. The feeling between her legs makes the humiliation she feels even worse. A lotion is applied then removed with a towel. The masked woman laughs at JJ. The others join in as the insults and diatribes about her past come to life. They know everything she has done or did back in high school. Her bitchiness, her arrogance, her cheating on her high school boyfriend (who is soon sent a video of JJ disguised in a leather mask being gang banged and spanked with a caption saying “slut apologizes”) with his best friend and a cheerleader, and a few other things that JJ tunes out.

The women remove their ceremonial robes and masks. Everyone undresses and JJ is released from the chair. She is made to kiss each one of the women on both their mouths and pussies. Her life will never be the same. JJ is informed that she can only leave the house once her hair grows back and then her pledge period is over. She has no will to refuse, exceptions of course. The branding and collaring is left. JJ screams as she is branded on her right ass cheek with the Greek Symbol one can never reveal. The collar is metal and has her initials. It takes all summer for JJ’s hair to grow long enough for her pledge period to end. The rest of the year, she is submissive to everyone in the house. She is allowed no outside relationships until her senior year. The other girls abuse and use her repeatedly. JJ finds true joy at their hands and toys, but that is for another time.

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