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For my boyfriend’s 24th birthday, I agreed to be his slave for a day. It was a little game we had often discussed, but never actually played. Expecting the best sex of my young life, I was excited. I had no idea what he had planned.

When I arrived at his apartment to begin my "servitude", he was there at the door to greet me, and immediately commanded me to remove my clothes. As I stood there naked, he walked behind me and roughly unfastened my ponytail. He stood there for a long moment, running his hands through my long hair, which didn’t surprise me. He always loved my hair, and had begged me to let it grow long. I had complied, and my hair had grown about 6 inches past my shoulders. This was clearly the longest it had ever been, and I must admit I was almost as fond of it as Pete was.

When he finished stroking my long blonde hair, he blindfolded me and led me into the living room. His next move was to force me onto my knees and fed me his cock, which also didn’t surprise me, as he truly loved my oral favors. Although he always ran his hands through my hair when I went down, I noticed he was more enthusiastic about it normal, holding the bulk of my hair in his hands as I stroked and sucked my "master".

Before I could finish him off, he pulled me to my feet, and roughly backed me into a chair that I didn’t remember being there. Although I couldn’t see, I knew his place pretty well, and there were no chairs of this sort in his entire apartment. Once I was seated, be went about tying me to the chair. He tied down my arms, then spread my legs (again, no surprise) and tied them to the chair as well. Although I thought he was overdoing it a bit, he also tied me to the chair with a cord of some sort around my waist. I was very excited, and honestly expected him to begin eating me. It was the only activity I could think of that would explain the chair.

Much to my surprise, I heard a loud "pop" and felt the hair between my legs being pulled at. I quickly realized he was shaving my pussy! After he was done with the clippers, he lathered me up with shaving cream and shaved my bush smooth. Although I had not shaved since college, I didn’t mind the surprise. Besides, it was his birthday gift. Like the good girlfriend I am, I moaned softly and did my best to act like I enjoyed being shaved.

When he finished with his shaving, he surprised me by putting a piece of tape over my mouth and pulled off my blindfold. To my shock I saw I was seated in a salon chair, with a very large mirror facing me. Pete was standing next to me, his cock standing at full attention.

He moved behind me and began running his hands through my hair again. He then began whispering softly. He told me he was going to cut my hair! After the initial wave of panic, I calmed down some and realized he would never cut off the hair he loved so much. My feeling of relief lasted for about thirty seconds… right up to the point that he, without any further warning, lifted a huge chunk of my hair and savagely hacked off about a foot! I was horrified and immediately began to cry. He went on to chop off more of my beautiful hair, dropping the shorn hair deliberately into my naked and restrained lap. This continued until I was left with a rough chin-length bob.

He put down the scissors and pulled the tape off my mouth. All I could do was sob. Then I saw the grin on his face. I had never seen him, or anyone else for that matter, so excited. He told me this was his ultimate fantasy. He said he was going to continue my haircut, but he wanted me to stop crying and enjoy it as much as he did. He also said I had no choice in the matter.

After a few minutes I managed to stifle the sobs and bravely smile. I figured the worst was over, and all I had to do was sit there and look happy while he cut the ends evenly. You cannot imagine my horror when I saw him in the mirror behind me, picking up the clippers he had used on my pussy!

I pleaded with him for a minute, then realized I was tied down for a reason, and that he was obviously very serious. He stood behind me and pushed my chin down until it touched my chest. He ran his fingers through the hair I had left, and then I heard that "pop" again. He paused for a moment, and I managed to not resume my crying, even as I felt the clippers slowly make their way up the back of my head. As huge chunks of my blonde hair tumbled into my lap, I realized that the clippers felt strangely good vibrating against my head. After he finished clippering the back of my head, he continued with each side, leaving me with less than half an inch of hair, except the still somewhat long top.

He then began to scissor off the top, leaving me with a short pixie cut, and a very wet pussy. When he finished cutting my hair, he quietly untied me, and placed a finger over my lips, signaling silence. He then sat in the chair himself, looked up at me, and smiled.

I wasted no time tying him down, I knew he’d sit still for his haircut. I began by scissoring off about three inches from the top of his head, leaving less than half that behind. After a few minutes of cutting, I abandoned the scissors and hoisted the clippers, enjoying the sudden feeling of power that came over me.

I pulled the plastic guard off the clippers, turned them on, and brandished them in front of Pete’s face. I then began at the nape of his neck, as he had done to me, but I did not stop at the top. Instead I continued over his entire head and slowly reduced his floppy dark hair to stubble.

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