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I have always been a giving person. At 22 years of age I had been working for several years and was in the process of buying my first place to live. Nothing much really, a condo in the nice part of town where I grew up, still work and live. However I had to move from my apartment earlier than I thought and my sweet kindly grandmother offered to let me stay with her in the mean time. I figured I could help her out as well by helping with errands and such.
Granny Lupita has always been my favorite. My other grandma is kind of an old crab and not much fun at all. The only thing I never understood was why the sofa and some of the other furniture was always covered with plastic coverings. But that’s the way things have always been.

Yesterday Granny Luptita had asked me to take her for regular hair appointment. Her hair was always immaculate with the closely tapered sides and back with the little poofy curls on top. I didn’t have much planned for the afternoon so I figured that I would wait at the beauty shop while she had her hair done. Could be interesting to hear how my grandmother and her friends interacted, kind of a fly on the wall type of thing.

When we arrived we were greeted by Lora, my mom’s hairdresser. She was in her 30’s, brunette, and her hair was cut in an old style 20’s type bob cut at the middle of the ears with short straight bangs. She wasted no time in getting Grandma Lupita back to the washing basin and washing her hair. Shortly after she had her at her work station and began to cut her hair a little and then proceeded to place some rollers in her hair. Then she whisked her off to the big old style helmet type hairdryer.

This was a much different type of place from the place where I usually got my own hair cut. I had expected it to be very busy but it was very quiet. Two of the four stylists were sitting around talking waiting for the busy day ahead. It was then that Lora came up to me and asked if I wanted a haircut. To be honest I needed one badly. My long straight one length black hair which I have always worn to about waist length needed a trim. It had been quite a while since my last cut so I figured the ends need to be evened up bit.

Lora is really very nice. A very beautiful woman. Very sweet and smart. First she escorted me over to the wash basin and proceeded to wash my long hair. Then we went back to her chair and covered me with a clear plastic haircutting cape and tied some sort of Kleenex thing around my neck. The cape reminded me of my grandmas couch and the Kleenex around the neck was a totally new experience for me. Lora then began to section my hair off , piling most of it on top of my head and combing the rest all the way down. At this point she looked at me in the mirror and told me that I really needed a haircut. Lora reached for her scissors and then my my surprise she placed the scissors at the very back of my neck and began cutting very close to my skin.

I was shocked. Then I could feel the comb being pushed upside down against the small of my neck and and the furiously snipping sound of the scissors. To my surprise and unexpected arousal, my long locks were being cut off. When she picked nearly a 20 inch piece off the floor and handed it to me in was in shock. At this point she explained that she was taught how to cut hair by her late grandmother and only knew how to one type of cut. The old lady hairdo that my Grandma Lupita has worn so elegantly for so many years. Lora the sectioned off the sides. I felt the cold steel scissors start to cut the hair off around my small petite ears. When I wore my hair up I always thought of them as one of my better features. As the minutes went by I could see huge pile of cut hair landing on my lap. It was a great feeling. Unexpectedly liberating but also nerve racking because I didn’t know how my friends would react. Despite some of the shorter pieces of cut hair landing on my face and some tiny bits sticking to my tongue, I felt strangely excited. Then she stopped cutting and I heard a small buzzing noise. At this time I realized that she had picked up some electric clippers. She began buzzing the fuzz from my neck and proceeded to buzz clean around my ears leaving clean short points at the fronts. Looking in the mirror I was shocked but strangely happy and even I’m afraid to say a bit moist down below. " So, what do You think?" asked Lora.

I couldn’t respond but rather sat there and smiled quietly.

Lora took out her blow-dryer and blew all the fallen stray locks off of me. Then she pulled over this big sort of cart full of hair curlers and began the next phase. She tightly wound these tiny little curlers around the hair on the top of my head. None on the sides or the back though because my long hair had been cut so very very short at those places. Soon I was put under the dryer next to Granny Lupita. She told me I would look beautiful with my new style because it was the same as hers. After the dryer came some styling tips from Lora. Graanny Lupita then paid the bill and scheduled us for hair appointment 3 weeks later. I could hardly wait.

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