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About 2 years ago I got my hair cut into a very short pixie cut and have kept it that way ever since. My stylist Kim has changed little bits, like longer sideburns and a wispy nape pieces and let the bangs go longer and then shorter, but mostly it?s been the same the whole time. It is very textured and about 1? long on top and shorter on the sides and back. I love it. The only down side is the constant maintenance, meaning I am in the salon every 4 weeks to keep it looking good. But that?s the price of beauty.

My boyfriend loves the short look and is constantly running his hands through my hair and kissing my neck so I don?t plan on growing it out any time soon. I do have total trust in Kim with my hair though and she keeps me looking my best.

Work has been especially busy lately and I actually had to cancel my latest appointment and I don?t have any time in the next 3 weeks open, as I will be traveling. My hair doesn?t look bad when it gets long its just not to my standards. As it grew out on my business trip I just used more product and make it do what ever I could.

When I got back into town I tried to get an appointment that week, but Kim was booked solid. Then the next week I was traveling again. This was not looking good. I made an appointment after the next trip and set my mind on making that time.

I got back from my trip and wouldn?t you know it, I had to cancel my appointment due to work. My hair was the longest it?s been in years. It must be about 2 ? ? on top and 1 ?? on the sides. I was really starting to look raggedy. Kim was a good stylist and she was booked solid that next week so I made one for the following week. Which I vowed to make no matter what.

My boyfriend just chuckled at my predicament, but he loved me anyway. I kept getting comments from my co-workers about the state of my hair. I was getting fed up with the hair gods keeping me away.

That weekend I was with my boyfriend when he went to get his haircut. He goes to this hip place called Bishop?s Barber Shop. It is not really a true barbershop, yet not a salon. All the stylists are really cool and alternative types and there is a no fuss approach to the cuts. They do great work on my boyfriend?s hair and I accompany him on occasion and have seen other girls getting their hair cut as well. He has a longer kind of metro/euro guy thing going that looks really cute.

It was late Saturday afternoon and my boyfriend was in the chair getting his hair trimmed by Destiny. I had met Destiny before and I really liked her. Destiny was sporting Thigh high black boots, a green and black plaid short skirt, and a white Heinken retro t-shirt. Her hair was jet black. She had thick bangs that were about 1 long and the rest of hair was piled in messy bun held together by chopsticks. She and my boyfriend were gabbing and she was very good with her scissors. She was going a little shorter than usual, but she likes to change the style often.

When she was done she came over and said hi and she asked if I was growing my hair out. My boyfriend mentioned that I have been busy with work and had to cancel out of a bunch of appointments. I told her it was driving me nuts and it was going to be anther week and a half before I could get it cut.

My boyfriend quickly said why don?t you just have Destiny cut it. Destiny got all excited and said she had the time. I thought about it for a minute and I was so fed up with the current state that I agreed.

Destiny ushered my to the chair and threw a cape around me and started to run her fingers through my now long hair. How long has it been since your last cut.

About 9 weeks or so. She whistled and said this must feel odd having all this hair. I agreed and she said she would solve that problem quickly.

She spun me away from the mirror and I could hear her opening up a drawer and start to dig around. Then I felt her hand on my head and she told me to tilt my head forward. She pushed my head until my chin touched my chest. Then I heard a pop and a buzzing sound.

I knew instantly that it was clippers. I felt the plastic clip from the clippers settle on my neck and then she pushed them up the back of my head. They kept going up and up and she finally pulled them away towards the top. She brought them back down to the neck repeated the process next to the first strip. I was instantly aroused and scared. How short was this going?

Bits of dry hair started to accumulate in my lap. They looked to be about 1? ? 1 ?? sections of hair. It was weird to see dry hair and so much of it. Soon she was done with the back and brought my head back up straight and the first thing I saw was my boyfriend looking at me with a little smirk on his face.

I was a little worried about how short it was going to be.

Destiny came around to the side and placed the clippers at my temple and ran them straight back. A lot more hair fell to the cape. My stomach started to do little flips. The clippers came back and attacked the hair right below the first pass. She then folded my ear down and came from the back to the front and more hair rained down. Kevin just sat there with a silly grin on his face.

She went over to the other side and repeated the process. I kept telling myself that it was 9 weeks of hair it would have been that much under Kim anyways.

Then the clippers stopped and she ran her hands around my sides and back and it made my shiver and get goose bumps. Destiny murmured that we were getting closer. She went back to her drawer and I hear her click something off then on and she came back and told me to sit up straight and steadied my head forward. She got behind me and I hear the pop and buzz of the clippers. She brought them to the middle of my forehead and pulled them straight back.

My heart stopped. I couldn?t believe I was getting a full on clipper cut. The hair just rained down. She continued to mow the top and the hair continued to rain. Kevin?s mouth was open and he had a blank stare on his face.

The clippers stopped and she whirled the chair around and I got the first look of the bald me and I wasn?t bald. It was short. Just a little shorter than normal and it wasn?t as textured. I still had sideburns that were long. I still looked like me, just shorter. Destiny pulled out a brush and brushed off the cut hair that had clung to my face.

She then got a spray bottle and wet down my hair. She grabbed a pair of shears and started to go over the top and add some shorter texture. More bits of hair came down. And some texture began to appear. She cut off about half of the sideburns so they came about halfway down my ears. She blended in the short sides into the top. And the last step was to take the already short bangs and cut jagged points in them. The cuts almost went to the hairline.

She finished up with bangs and then grabbed the little trimming clippers she uses on my boyfriends neckline. She shaved off the hairs on my neck and then used a comb to lift up the hair at the bottom of my nape and ran the clippers over the comb. She repeated this process over the bottom couple inches of my nape. She brought my head back up and then trimmed around my ears.

Done, she proudly pronounced. She got some styling wax and ran it through my hair and made some little spiky bits and asked what I thought. I sat and stared at myself in the mirror. It was shorter than normal, but I really like the precise look of the buzzed sides and the texture of the top.

You know, I said, I really like it. I love the callipered sides. She pulled out a large mirror and showed the back. Oh my I exclaimed. She had taken the nape down to almost nothing. I pulled my hand out and felt the back. It felt unfamiliar on me, but I loved it. I ran my hand over the rest of the cut and I was hooked.

My boyfriend walked up and ran his hand up the back and gave me a little purr. I knew right there what we would be doing when we got back to his apartment. I felt so sexy.

I think Kim was out and I had met my new Destiny.

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