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My mum had caught me drinking at youth club she was extremely cross “this is the last time that you go out young lady and I shall make sure”

That night I couldn’t sleep I was wondering what was going to happen the next day my mother sent me to school with a note .the note read;

Dear Mrs. Blake
I am writing to inform you of my daughters under aged drinking at her youth club I have chosen a punishment which I would like to have preformed in front of the school. Although this punishment may seem harsh I wish it to be carried out on the stage in front of the school.

As you may no Kalian’s pride and joy is her hair I wish for her to have her head shaved fully to the scalp I wish for this to happen in the next assembly if you could keep quite about it please I’m going to get a trained barber in and the local TV I wish this to be a punishment she won’t forget and I no it shall teach her a lesson. This shall be broadcasted over the hole of the UK.
Please may you write back con firming this and a date we are able to do it many thanks, Mrs. carter
My head teacher wrote back and agreed to the punishment as long as I still attended school and that she attends detention every night for a month. My mother wanted this punishment to be bad and wrote back saying (I was in year 7 at the time )she wanted the barber to put permanent head shave stuff on to burn all the routes for it will take 8 years to grow back and that my head is to be shaved every assembly till I leave.

On the Monday after my mum wrote in I went into school as if it were a normal day although the BBC was there .we went into assembly as if it were a normal day the awards were given out then the TV crew came in and started setting up Mrs. Blake called me up onto the stage and asked me to sit on the chair I did as I was told I was blind folded for a few minuet completely oblivious as to what was going on I felt a light weight piece of material draped over me and my hair tied back then I heard the soft words of my mothers voice but as I tried to stand I found I couldn’t she explained that this was my punishment and it was to be done in front of the school I was horrified I then heard a heavy sound of feet coming towards me it was not apparent what was happening but there was an almighty cheer. There was then an almighty scrunch and my head felt a lot lighter as 3 meters worth of hair had just been cut .The barber then said “Kalian I am here to give you your punishment I have strict orders that I shave your head free of hair this will all be filmed and shown on TV then I shall put cream on you head burning all the routes to grow your hair back this hall keep your head bald for 8 years then you shall be shaved every week in fount of the school.” I burst out in tears there was another weird sound which was the clippers they were pushed over my head about 10 times then the cream was applied and the rest of the hair shaved away I was then un blind folded a mirror in font of me and the whole school was going crazy my mum then stepped behind me and said that she was sorry for the punishment she than placed the cream on my head which was going to burn the rotes of and I had to sit there for 10 minuets within on I then had it washed of. I was devastated and from that day on (I’m now22 )my hair had grown back on the same day that I had my head shaved in year seven I now had a full head of hair now I was taken to the BBC to be shown the video of the previous head shave and then I was asked to sit in the chair I was shaved of my 5′ hair on live TV and more cream was put on which burned the roots off again I was then taken to a convent and was made a nun and I have never forgiven myself for what I did and now at the age of 72 I’m still a nun and I have my head shaved on a Monday ,Wednesday and Friday.

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