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Kari waked to the waiting chair next to her dad, looking, while she sat, at Sharon’s chair. She was capping her mom, when she heard her mom say, "Think I’ll try a Flat-Top, too".

Kari eyes opened wide when she heard that, but more surprised was her dad. He looked up and almost fell out the chair. "WHAT", he surprisingly inquired.

"FLAT-TOP", mom replied.

He sat on the edge of the chair his eyes fixed on mom, as was mine, as Sharon combed a section hair and ran the clippers over it sending twelve inches of mom’s hair into the cape. Slowly Sharon combed a section and ran the clippers over it, slowly the pile of hair in mom’s lap grew. Soon some hair was falling behind the chair to the floor.

Then, Sharon begin on the right side combing a section and buzzing it off at the comb. Slowly she worked her way around mom’s head and was making the last clipper over comb buzzing. She placed the comb on the shelf and placed an attachment on the clippers. Slowly, working from the right side around to the left side of mom’s head she clippered her hair shorter, a lot shorter than she did mine. But, still it was a Flat-Top when she was finished.

Sharon turned the chair so mom was facing the mirror behind the chair, which gave you a closer look. She turned her head from side to side, then brushed her fingers over her new short hair cut. Mom and Sharon looked at each other in the mirror, mom brushed her hands over the sides of her head then looked at Sharon.

Sharon stepped behind the chair and looked at mom in the mirror. Then, she whispered something low to mom. Kari could not clearly hear what Sharon told her mom, but it sound like she said "HIGH ….. something". Mom smiled and shook her head, YES. Sharon walked turning the chair back forward, as she did this her right hand took hold of the clippers. When the chair came to a rest Sharon was on the right side of it.

"CLICK hummmmm …..", the clippers came to life. Sharon placed her left hand on top of mom’s head tilting it to the left. She raised the clippers to the front of mom’s right ear, it was then she realized the clippers did not have an attachment on it. Slowly Sharon pushed the clippers up the side of mom’s head clipping what short hair there was there even shorter, so short was the clipping it looked as mom’s was being shaved.

It was then she saw her dad take a deep breath almost sliding out the chair. He knew what kind of hair cut mom was going to get, slowly he settled back into the chair and smiled at her. She returned the smile as Sharon continued buzzing up the side of her head, from the right side, around the back, to the left side.

Then, Sharon took the comb and combed it back a little then moving the clippers over it, cutting the top shorter but still ‘flat’. She continued combing and buzzing until the hair on top her mom’s head was extremely short and FLAT. Mom was smiling all the while, dad sat still unbelieving what he had just watched. But, you could tell he was not disappointed either.

When Sharon was finished she removed the cape, tucked the larger white towel into mom’s blouse, and begin spreading lather along her hair line. Just as she had done to Kari she shaved a thin line at the edge of the hair line, from one side to the other. Whipping the excess lather off Sharon next dusted mom off and lowered the chair. She got out the chair and was greeted by dad with a hug and kisses.

Kari was still somewhat surprised at her mom’s hair cut. But, dad loved it and that is what mattered most.

Needless to say there were eyes staring at her and her mom that night. Some people almost fell over their feet when they walked passed their table at TOS Cafe. As for the theater, well let’s just say the looks were just as pleasing as the hair cut but not as bad as they received at TOS Cafe.

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