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Little Watching Eyes

Mindful eyes shadowed behind their mother?s backside as it lead itself through the branching door. A new world was opened up to them, a world of sleek, black chairs and glistening black cloaks that enclosed a person?s body away from their tiny sight as the acute snap of sharpened metal clapped together swallowed in their ears. Their minds had just been introduced to the world of SuperCuts.

This was the first time their feet had ever treaded into a salon or barbershop, they had been accustomed to having their haircut by their mother at home. Their mother, who had been coming to this SuperCuts, since they were born had tried to get them to come with her, when she got her haircut, but they were always afraid from the stories that she would tell when she came back.

Watching eyes gaze as their mother signed hers and their names on the waiting list. Sarah, their mom, skimmed her hands over the top of their heads as she took a seat on the black leather beach against the front window of the salon.

?There?s a box of toys that you guys can play with.? The sentence eased from her mouth as she craned down to pick up a Good House Keeping magazine that was lying on the table in front of Sarah?s legs. As her hands divided the crispy paper of the magazine, she crossed her legs, her bare flesh rubbing over itself as her jean shorts brimmed the middle of her thigh and her white cotton socks and white leather board toe sneakers enclosed her feet.

Jacob and Jill clanged with their plastic toys as the bite of a score of scissors closed on the fine threads of hair. The salon rang with the sounds of a steel factory as Sarah read and the kids played.

?Sarah Cooper!? The name belled above the leveled noise.

A stem of happiness lifted in Sarah as she dropped the magazine back where she found it and lifted her body off the soft leather of the couch.

?You guys stay here and play with your toys, while I go get my haircut, ok??

Their tiny tongues squeezed out an ?umhuh.?

Sarah almost skipped towards the waiting eyes of her stylist, the young, petite female stood next to the chromed shined receptionist desk.

?Hi, I?m Kimmy and follow me to my chair.? Her bouncy, curly hair dripped over her shoulders, tagging against her yellow t-shirt that blended into her khaki Capris.

Kimmy turned and walked to the first station on the left, standing next to her chair waiting for Sarah to climb into it.

Sarah lined her body with the form of the chair, grasping the grips of the black armrests with her fingers as she slid her butt over the layer of bold black padded vinyl until her back was supported by cushion. Her slim fingers folded against the hard plastic of the armrests as she got comfortable in the chair, Sarah?s deep blue sweater smeared against the back of the chair. Her board sneakers squeaked against the U-shaped footrest as her feet were settled on the bent metal.

Sarah?s mud brown eyes tilted around the sight in front of her, inspecting over the black marble like counter top and blonde drawers that were lined underneath it. Her gaze was caught by its doppelganger in the raising mirror that crawled up the wall in front of the station.

?Do you think that you can turn the chair towards the waiting area, so I can keep an eye on my kids?? Sarah questioned happily.


Kimmy?s hand compressed against the back of the chair, revolving the chair on its black plastic hydraulic base and round baseplate. And as Sarah?s body was spun like a top, her view was filled by the bulk that were her kids.

?I thought you guys were playing?? Her words chimed like a bell.

?We wanted to see mommy get a haircut.? Jacob, her youngest at four, was the worst about getting a haircut, even if there was mention of one, he would go hide under his bed and cover himself up with his blankets to veil him from sight.

?Ok, honey.? Sarah said slyly, knowing that once the haircut started she may be fishing out her son from under something.

A clutch grip seized over Sarah?s brown somewhat tinted blonde, brimming through the middle of her chest, all one length, and ordinary straight hair. The board of hair was folded on top of Sarah?s head as Kimmy held it down with a hair clip, presenting Sarah?s supportive neck.

A band of white tissue shadowed over the base of Sarah?s neck, as Kimmy held the neck tissue in front of Sarah. The encompassing stretch of papery tissue ceased against Sarah?s soft neck, grazing across her silky skin as Kimmy tucked one of the ends under its sibling.

A cool summer breeze scuffed over the area as a rush of expanding black nylon swallowed above Sarah?s sitting figure. Like an opening mouth, the cape of glossy black vinyl consumed Sarah?s body. The swirling firm collar of the shiny black cape pillowed around the thin neck tissue that hug on Sarah?s neck. Sleek tender vinyl coursed over the furry sweater, breezing over the hot material, but petting over Sarah?s bare hands, polishing silky against her resting fingers. The graceful, shimmering dark black cape mouthed around Sarah?s exposed thighs, skimming just above the tip of her white socks, leaving only a thin scene of pink flesh between the two. As the cape rolled on top of Sarah?s legs, it spring from her lap and made a flatten incline to the peak of her shoulders. Like a rippling flag, the word, SuperCuts, pierced the darken luster of black with its bold white color. Like a pulled plug, Sarah?s crowned tresses disgorged and swept and floated against the slanted body of supple vinyl. Thickened vines of muddy hued hair sailed over the S and U in SuperCuts, blocking them from sight.

Kimmy probed a wide-toothed comb from the blue disinfecting liquid and held it above Sarah?s hovering head. As the smooth comb grated through Sarah?s brown toned locks, Kimmy asked,? So, what are we doing today??

?Well, I want it really short on the sides, about an inch. Close to my head, where I wouldn?t have to comb or style it, but too short that it looks thin or you can see my scalp. I want the top to be a little longer than that, about an inch and a half and I want it to blend into the sides, so it doesn?t look like I have a hat sitting on top of my head. I just want enough on top, so that I could put some mousse in it, make it look messy and then go. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, that?s a lot of hair that I am losing and I may not be ready for the shock. Though, I have been doing this for the last four years, since we moved to Atlanta, Georgia, because with the high humidity, my head gets sweaty really fast and very nasty. So, now I have been just growing it out during the year and when the heat starts getting up there, I chop it off. Actually, that?s how I started going to this SuperCuts. The first year living here, I had hair to my waist and to tell you, sweaty waist length hair is the most disgusting thing ever, so I ran into the nearest salon and they cut my hair into a cute bob, so ever since then I have been coming here for all of my trims and Spring cuts.? Sarah?s lips brushed with enthusiasm as she spoke.

?Wow, I can only imagine what it is like in that humidity with thick, long hair like yours. So, you want it close to the sides, so it has that fuzzy feeling, but longer than buzzed. And you want the top to be a little longer, but blend into the sides, though have enough length on it so you make it messy looking. I think I know the exact cut that you are looking for.? Kimmy?s remarks came out with smiles as she placed her foot on the hydraulic lever at the bottom of the chair.

Pushing pressure jolted the chair into the air; the wake of movement rippled the brim of the cape around Sarah?s thighs. The chair lurched with rhythmic pumps, starting to hover Sarah?s form off the ground. The stone tiled floor seemed far away, its cold presents fogged below Sarah?s drifted above.

?Mommy?s getting taller.? Tiny laughs spilled from Jacob?s mouth as he watched as his caped mom grow taller in the chair.

A tumble of noise rattled behind Sarah?s ears as Kimmy rummaged in her drawers behind Sarah?s back. Sarah felt edgy that she couldn?t see what her stylist was doing, that all she heard was Kimmy pulling out a lot of things from her station. Sarah?s mind started to get away from her, thinking that Kimmy could be pulling out medieval weapons to cut her hair with or a hack saw. Though, no matter what she used, it would feel good to Sarah to lose the weight of her hair.

Parting hair wove over the large, head sized yellow hued pick comb that Kimmy placed on the side of Sarah?s head, the spiked ends edging over the top of Sarah?s wave of hair. The comb like tool separated the whole side of Sarah?s brown hair from her head, acting as a head sized guard. Kimmy?s legs found footing as her free hand pushed the on-button for the resting clippers.

Biting teeth clipped together as they rumbled over the plastic pick comb following up the lines of trapped hair that wilted outside the comb. A masking forest of chocolate hair that obscured side of the cream colored comb, slipped away from its supports. A wedge of massing locks plastered onto the shaft of the lustrous black cape, burnishing on the cape as it slithered down the length of the cape, buffing against Sarah?s protected thigh.

?Oh, that?s a lot of hair at once.? Sarah amused as her eyes fluttered at the swelling amount of sinking hair that sprinted on top of the cape.

The hacking knives of the clippers shook against the plastic pick comb, uttering a terrible rattle of trembling cheap plastic as they were channeled towards the next wilted path of hair that hung through the hefty comb. The bundles of twining threads of hair splinted or severed as they defended themselves against the metal mouth of the clippers. The waning hair snapped from its place, grazing fast and hard against the soft vinyl. The tuft of lengthy hair, like a stretched out tumbleweed, bounced into the cape, rolling over itself, but staying as a whole until it floated against a bulging mound of spongy vinyl that spurted in the middle of the cape.

The cream shaded pick comb came even more visible, most of the side and middle noticeable against the hairy brown background, but the end was still mopped over in a spray of bending hair. Tattered ends swamp over the clean plastic as the shearing blades of the clippers hummed with the rattling of the thin plastic as they swept over the harvest of hair. The detached extension of Sarah?s mane scraped against her neck, tickling against the already itchy neck tissue and the stiff collar of the cape, chipping tiny hairs off on to her neck. The gang of swirling long locks tobogganed down the slippery glass of radiant black, that shimmered from the bright lights. The coffee colored tresses churned on Sarah?s lap, the swelling pile of hair foaming over her caped angled left thigh.

?Sorry to shock you with the amount of length I took off at once, but it?s just easier that way.? Kimmy said as she ran the clippers over the empty pick comb, cleaning up some of the stray hairs that stuck out from its ribs.

?Take it off inch by inch or pound by pound as long it?s off my head I really don?t care.? Sarah laughed, the cape trembled as her body rumbled with joy, shaking some loose hairs off the cape and letting them tumble to her lap.

Jacob and Jill?s hand searched through the mound of their mother?s hair that adorned her blacken colored knees. Jacob grabbed one of the longer pieces and placed it above his mouth, pretending that it was a mustache.

?Get out of all my hair that has been cut off. I?ll let you play with the hair that you get cut off, if that makes you happy.?

Loose fingers tangled against Sarah?s head, her right hand was engulfed by a tide of hair, as her left hand brushed over the prickling, fine hairs that had just been reduced.

?Can you tilt your head down for me?? Kimmy?s mouth questioned as her hands steered her chin down.

The rushing pick comb swept through Sarah? tailing hair, disconnecting it from the rest of her head. Heated clippers thrashed through the plate of hair, causing a trunk of hair to faltered to the stone tiled floor below. The zooming clippers forced their way through another tree of hair, the slipping tresses splattered against Kimmy?s hand that held the handle of the pick comb before they dribbled to the ground. The last tickle of hair hung from the back of Sarah?s head as the clippers chipped under it and removed the dead stalk from its base. The goblet of chocolate soaked hair trickled like a raindrop, before it splashed against the solid floor. The silver, circular base that the chair stood on was saturated in fluttered masses of stacking hair.

?Oh wow, I have never had my hair that short in the back. It feels almost like the hairs on the back of my head are standing on end. ? Sarah muttered timidly as Kimmy moved to the other side of her head.

?I am just going to remove the rest of this bulk and then trim it all up.? Kimmy voiced as she worked the oversized pick comb into the remaining bundle of hair.

The ticking teeth of the riveting clippers quaked against the horizontal comb as they mouthed against the humped tuft of hair that draped over the climbing clippers. Stumbling crops of shaded brown hair toppled over the running clippers, dispersing the messy packages against the buffed surface of Sarah?s wrapped cape. It waded across the cape like a wavering boat before it plummeted over the cliff of Sarah?s knees.

Like the stopping click of a clock, the clippers hum was ceased as they were shut off. Sarah?s head started to cool off as the clippers were put up.

?You know what, you can leave the top the way it is, I like it just the way it is.?

?Ok, then I will just clean up.?

With a wiry dust off brush, Kimmy began to sweep away the stray hairs that had gotten down in the collar of the cape and neck tissue. As the stylist cleaned around Sarah?s neck, Sarah did her own clean as she pushed the thick cape away from her body, dumping the clumps of straying hair to the floor.

?All done, Sweetie. Nice short hair for the summer.?

?Now, all of my nasty hair has been cut off, the only problem left is to get these two in the chair.?

?I want my haircut! I want my haircut.? The little screams came from Jill as she scaled her the lifted chair and climbed into her mother?s still caped lap, overly whelming to get her haircut after she finally saw the fun behind them.

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