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The following is a true story. We speak in French together, as Armenian is Paul?s first language and so French is a compromise, but I translated our words into English for this site. Maybe later (if Paul?s busy schedule permits) he will write it in French too:

Paul &Lillai?s Story:

Paul: I met Lillai at a bar about a month ago, and was at first hesitant to speak with her. While I was attracted to her physically, I did not like the way she seemed to be aware that all eyes were on her, and the way she seemed to be dancing for a specific man and then onto the next. I did, however, watch her for a good fifteen minutes, before those green, cat-like eyes felt my gaze and looked up. She had a smile for me too, but the same smile I had seen her give away so easily, so many times throughout the evening. I did not smile back. To my surprise, she left the dance floor and walked up to me.

Lillai: When I saw Paul looking at me, I assumed that he was ?just another guy?, but the fact that he didn?t smile back at me intrigued me. In fact, I sensed a certain hostility coming from him that seemed out of context, and so in all innocence, I approached him, wanting to please him.

Paul: I did not know what to say when Lillai appeared at my side. I wanted her. I wanted to possess her. She is very beautiful and very much a woman. However, up close to her, I knew that she was not the type I would just take home to bed. I decided to be as much ?myself? as possible, to see if this woman whose body matched ?the girl of my dreams? could do so emotionally as well. In particular, I have a hair fetish, and I wondered whether or not she could handle the amount of attention I wanted to pay to her silky, long, black hair.

Lillai: Up close Paul is magical. He is not the type of guy that would instantly attract me, but has a kind of quiet restraint and air of authority that turns my insides to mush. I have been single for awhile now, and its been awhile since I have been submissive to any man, but two minutes in Paul?s company and I was his. How does one offer herself to a stranger? I wondered if I confessed what I was feeling, if he would think me strange. All I knew was that I did not want to leave him, and that I wanted him to understand me and my needs of being submissive and controlled in one sense, and yet respected with my opinions valued in another sense. I noticed Paul staring at my hair, and I liked it. I wondered if he would touch it. I wondered if he liked it? His own black hair is extremely short (shaved really on the sides and back) in a kind of hipper version of an army haircut. I liked his hair too but did not want to stare, because I too have a fetish, but feel shy to discuss it.

Paul: Lillai?s demeanor was pretty submissive when she approached me, to one who knows what to look for (and I do, as an experienced top). She became progressively more and more submissive in gesture as we spoke, and I did notice her glance several times at my hair and become flustered. Right away, I knew that I had the advantage over her, because I could read her secrets. I interrupted her midsentence and told her that she would look so much more beautiful with bangs. I then watched her pretty face turn pink and then white, as she stared up disbelievingly into my face.

Lillai: I didn?t know what to do when Paul told me that. I wondered if he knew and then thought that it was impossible. And so I changed attitude and asked him in a flirty tone what the basis of that statement was, and when did he become a fashion expert.

Paul: When Lillai started to be sassy, I did not like it very much. I whispered into her ear that I was going to spank her little bottom to make it match her blushing cheeks. And then..

Lillai: I slapped him! Oh my goodness! I still can?t believe that I did that!

Paul: One of the doormen who had been eyeing her all night came over and asked Lillai if there was a problem and would she like him to remove ?it? (meaning me). I wondered if I had been wrong about Lillai and that perhaps she was just a precocious, little flirt after all. To my surprise Lillai told the doorman that she had made a mistake and that she was ready to leave with her husband now. Confused, I played along as she took my arm and walked me out of the bar.

Lillai: Outside I apologized for the slap and told Paul that I had been too overwhelmed with what I had been feeling. I thought he would tell me off for sure, and was shocked to see that he seemed to understand.

Paul: I agreed to give Lill a second chance on one condition?

Lillai: That we go then and there (at something like 2:00 am) to his salon and he cut bangs for me! If someone else had told me this story, I would have laughed, but the feeling that Paul gave me (gives me) makes me quiet, kind of scared, but also protected and cherished. I went with him, his salon being only a few blocks from the main bar street, and said very little while he washed, trimmed (cut bangs!!!), and blowdried my hair. I cringed while two feet of hair were cut off my bangs, leaving me with short, layered pieces. Paul smiled at me and seemed to (know I know for sure that he did!) enjoy me nerves. I felt like crazy, on fire, not knowing what to do next and not having to. I loved it. I had only ever dreamed of having this kind of exchange with a man before. I had known that there were hair fetish guys somewhere out there, but I thought they would be the types who would want to shave it off and or do things that I wouldn?t like.

Paul: Don?t be so certain I won?t Lill. (You should see her little face and how it just changed?)

Lillai: Anyway? I?m lucky to have a personal hairdresser and feel wonderful. Like Paul said, it?s been a bit over a month since we met and Paul tells me that I am due for my next trim, but before he does that he wanted to post the little story of how we met.

Paul: Yes Montreal, Lillai is mine, and it?s going to stay that way. And by the way, she looks so much cuter with bangs! For now, I?ll keep her hair long, but she and I have spoken about my likes and dislikes and she knows what the consequences of being precocious are, and how I need a pixie cut model for July?s hairshow? Also I?m sure that you?ve all read Lillai?s other story and know her secret longings. Something to consider?

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