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Our last day of school is finally here, I am looking so forward to just hang around our pool this summer. Every summer my Mom makes me and my sister Cindy get a pixie cut which I totally hate. This summer my Mom told me since I was 16 if I got a good report card I could just get a trim and not a pixie, my sister who is 12 still likes getting a pixie for the summer.

Our last period we were told to go back to our homeroom to get our report cards. I meet my friend Tammy in the hall and we walked back to our homeroom together. I go to an all girls catholic school. I told Tammy I just had to get a good report card or my Mom would kill me. We walked into the classroom and took our seats. Sister Kathleen would call our names and we would go up and get our report cards. I heard her say, "Kelly Thompson, and walked up," I opened it up and my eyes were drawn to two F’s one in Math and one in History. I said," oh shit my Mom is going to kill me." Tammy asked if it was that bad, I told I had two F’s. Tammy said, "let’s go to my house and we will use my Dad’s typewriter and change to the two F’s into B’s. It sounded like a great idea and I agreed to do it. I told Tammy we would have to hurry because I had to meet Cindy at her school and walk home with her. We hurried to Tammy’s and she fixed the grades they didn’t look great but we thought they would pass as B’s. Tammy said, "Just tell your Mom it must have happened during the printing of the card. I hurried to get Cindy, and we walked home. When we got home my Mom wasn’t home yet so we just left our report cards on the kitchen table and went upstairs. About 15 minutes later we heard, "girls I am home." We went downstairs in just our underpants because we were going to jump into the pool. Seeing how I was only like a 24AA Mom still let me go topples. We said hello and she asked how the last day went we both said great and headed for the door to the pool. I heard the phone ring and my Mom say," Why hello how are you," so I just thought it was a friend of hers. About 20minutes went by and my Mom walked out to the patio and said, "girls may I see you please. First she said to Cindy, "good girl all A’s you did great, then she said to me, "you did very good Kelly, but why do these two grades look different from the others." I remembered what Tammy said and told her I guess it just happened with the printing. My Mom looked at me and said, "are you sure, you really did get a B each class." I told her yes honestly I did. Then My Mom said then why did Sister Kathleen just call me to let me know summer school would be starting in a week and will run for six weeks and I would need to take both Math and History. I just started to cry and said, "I am sorry Mom, but I do not want a pixie this summer I am too old for that now." My Mom said so you lied to me, I put my head down and said yes. She said well young lady you will be grounded for the six weeks of summer school, you will get a haircut and now pull your underpants down and get over my lap. I started to cry harder and said, "Please don’t spank me." She just ordered me again to get over her lap. She must of smacked my rear-end about twelve times and it did sting like hell, Cindy just stood there watched. I was sent to my room and Mom told she will call me when dinner was ready.

That night before bed I sat there brushing my hair, my last haircut was in August the year before so its been about ten months since its been cut and I would brush it about one hundred times a day. My hair was light brown with just a little curl to it. I thought well this maybe the last time for a while I will be doing this. My Mom came up and said lights out now and she would see me in the morning.

Cindy and I both got up at 7:00am,as we sat and eating breakfast my Mom said we have to be at Miss Sally’s beauty shop by 8:30 so we better hurry. I said to my Mom, "I am sorry please don’t make me get a pixie." She said back to me, "well Kelly if you had spent the same amount of time studying and on homework as you do on your hair we wouldn’t have to worry about your haircut would we." Once again on the ride over I tired to talk her out of the pixie but she just told me she did not want to hear another word about it. As we got to Miss Sally’s I saw two girls from school, I really didn’t like them at all they were kind of bully’s. We got out of the car and they said, "why hello Kelly, time for a haircut", and just started to laugh they knew my Mom had me get a pixie. We walked in and sat down, I could see Debbie a younger hairdresser and thought good maybe I will get her. Well, Debbie walked over and told Cindy to come with her and she will get her a smock to put on, Mom said, "Cindy give me your tee shirt so Cindy took it off and handed it to my Mom then went with Debbie. About three minutes later Miss Sally herself came out and said," come on Kelly ",my Mom said to me Kelly give me your tee shirt also, those two girls were sitting there and I said, "Mom I can’t do that and my Mom said just take it off and Miss Sally said the same. I pulled my tee shirt off and saw those two girls just look at me, I am sure they didn’t know I was so flat-chested but do now. I thought great this will be all over school in the fall, I walked topples to Miss Sally’s chair. My Mom walked over and Sally asked what she wanted me to have. My Mom told her something extremely short for summer, Sally said, "I can giver her a nice clippercut would be good and short and cool for summer." I said, "Mom I think that maybe too short." My Mom said, "that sounds good Sally good and short." Sally Combed my hair into a ponytail then took a pair of scissors and cut the ponytail off at the nape of my neck. Then I heard a buzzing type sound and my Mom said, "Sally will it be short ",Sally told her I will try this blade first but if you want it shorter I can go to the next blade. Sally pushed the clippers up the back of my head and I saw a lot of hair fall to the floor. My Mom said, ‘Let’s try the next shorter one" so Sally changed blades, I said, "Mom I think that maybe too short but Sally just pushed them up the back of head again. I said, "my god too much hair is coming off." My Mom told Sally that looked good and just buzz my head. I looked up and could see those two girls watching me. I heard one of them say," we are just waiting for my grandmother to finish." I guess someone asked if they were there for a haircut. Tears started to run down my face, all my beautiful hair was being buzzed off. Cindy looked over and said, "Kelly that looks cool," and she asked my Mom if she could be buzzed also. My Mom told Debbie sure give Cindy the same. Cindy was done first and as she walked back and sit next to my Mom she was rubbing her head and saying how great it felt. Sally finished me up and turned the chair towards the mirror, I was really crying now, I was bald. Sally said to my Mom," Now bring her back about every two weeks for a touch up." I walked towards my Mom bald and topples and could hear the girls say,"she looks just like a boy," and laugh. My Mom said, "there Kelly nice and cool for the summer and now you can spend the summer studying and not worry so much about your hair."

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