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It was Thursday afternoon around 3:30pm both myself and Richard (Butch) Richard’s nickname were called into Mr. Murray’s office. He told us we were both booked for a flight this evening to Mississippi to meet with the chief CEO of the company, Mr. Jackson. He loved living down south and conducted most of his business from there. We both had paper work to finish up before we could leave. Mr. Jackson was a stern man and like his workers always to look neat and clean. I told Butch I should really get a haircut before we go I haven’t had one in I guess like eight weeks now. My hair was frizzy and on the long side. We didn’t finish up our work till 5:15pm. Butch said, “I think my barber maybe still opened lets take a ride there”. When we got the there the shop had a sign on the door “CLOSED”. Our flight was leaving at 7:25pm and we still had to pack and get to the airport. We decided we would wait till we got to Mississippi and hit the first barbershop we saw in the morning.

We just made it to the airport. Our flight landed at 9:10pm, we went to the car rental place were Mr. Murray reserved a car for us. We had about a 20 min ride to the hotel. I couldn’t believe how hot and muggy it was here. We got to the hotel and asked the desk man if he new if there was barbershop nearby, he said, “yes right in the center of town old man Johnson runs it and he is the only barber he opens up at 6:00am and closes at 2:00pm. Butch and I were sharing a room, when we got to our room we decided to get up like at 5:00am and get to the barber when he opens. Butch’s hair wasn’t too bad a little overcrown he usually had a crewcut. I told Butch I haven’t been in a barber for years usually go to a hair salon in town. Butch took his shower then I did. Before we knew it the alarm was going off. Boy it was so hot out already,you could feel the dampest in the air. We both showered again and just hung out in our briefs for awhile. He left our room like at 5:40am and headed right to the barbershop. We got there before Mr. Johnson did, we saw him pull up and get out of his car I said to Butch,” the guy looks like he is 80″. He saw us sitting there and came over to the car and asked if we were waiting for him, we answered yes. He told us to come in. Butch told him how we were from the North and we came down for a business meeting, Mr. Johnson asked who with and Butch told him Mr. Jackson. Mr. Johnson said, “I know him well nice man, stern but fair and I know he likes short hair. Butch said he couldn’t believe how hot is was. Mr. Johnson said yes this time of year gets real hot and humid and then said not a good time for my AC to breakdown, sorry. Then Mr. Johnson walked over to the door and locked it I thought this was a little strange, he turned to us and said, “why don’t you boys strip to your underpants will be cooler. Butch and I just kind of looked at each other Butch was a chubby guy and I was myself and felt somewhat uneasy. Then like if we were kids Mr. Johnson said, “come hurry up take your clothes off.” We both undid our ties and shirts and took them off, then unzipped our pants and let them fall. There we stood in white briefs socks and shoes. Butch walked up to the chair first when he sat down Mr. Johnson asked him how he usually get his haircut, Butch said, “well I usually get a crewcut, maybe just a trim up today.” Mr. Johnson said I can give you a nice short crewcut will be cooler for you. He put his hand on top of Butch’s head and pushed it down, then picked up a big black pair of clippers and started buzzing away. Butch was facing me and I could see all of Butch’s hair coming off right to the skin. In a strange kind of way I found this kind of cool to watch. He finished up Butch brushed his head off and said, “how ya like it, nice and short right?” Butch rubbed his head and said it sure is short. Butch walked over to me and said he was going to walk next door and get a cup of coffee and asked if I wanted one I said sure he then asked Mr. Johnson oh said that would be great. My turn now and Mr. Johnson called me to chair, I sat down and he asked if I wanted a crewcut also, I said, ” no thanks.” At that point Butch was dressed and ready to walk out the door, I said, “yea Butch and Mr. Johnson thought I said I wanted a Butch haircut. I asked Butch to bring me two cups of coffee. I was waiting for Mr. Mr. Johnson to ask me again about my haircut when I heard the clippers start up and he ran them up the back of my head. I said,” I think you are going too short just a trim. Mr. Johnson said,”you just said no to a crewcut but wanted a butch cut which is just about the same as a crewcut. I said, “no I was calling my friend Butch.” Mr. Johnson said, “well no turning back now he ran those clippers all over my head, he stood in front of me and asked if I still wanted the butch which meant some hair to brush up in front or should he just give me a all over buzz. Not know a heck of a lot about these short haircuts I said,” well I guess at this point just buzz me all over. Before I know it I was reduced to just stubble. I rubbed my head a few times and have to say it really did feel great. Butch walked back in and said,”wow man I can’t believe you got a buzzcut thought you were just going to trim it, then I told him what happened. It seemed like all day I couldn’t help but to rub my head. Our meeting with Mr. Jackson went really well and even told us he was glad to see how clean cut we were. He said, “I like that in a man”. Mr. Jackson himself had a crewcut. He invited us back to his house for dinner, his wife was away but he had a housekeeper who also cooked. He had a beautiful big home and a big built in pool in the back yard. He said, “why don’t you boys go for a swim.” We told him we would love to but had no swimsuits with us. He told us we could skinny dip, he said “you know go naked.” We both said what the heck and started to undress, we got down to our briefs when the housekeeper walked out. Butch already had his briefs down to his ankles and I just started to pull mine down. Mr, Jackson said, “its ok she could be your grandmother”, so we both finished taking our briefs off. I have to say it felt nice swimming nude and having my buzzed head, I think I will keep a buzzcut for the summer now.

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